Best Cash Advance Apps like Dave you can’t ignore

Updated: December 23, 2022
apps like dave

Dave is the one-stop solution for our financial ability. Dave ticks all the boxes, whether it’s budgeting tools, savings, overdrafts protection, interest-free advance, or security.

One of its most standout features is Side Gigs which hooks you up with a side hustle. 

Despite offering a top-notch experience, it is not a perfect budgeting app that hits every ball. Dave requires a steady flow of income into your direct deposit that you set up with your bank account.

Also, the low withdrawal limit and Membership fee prompt users to switch to other cash advance apps like Dave that could offer more suitable finance options. We have compiled a list of the best Dave alternatives to help you with money management. 

Best Money Apps like Dave (Top Alternatives)

earnin app


Free to Join
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  • No monthly fee and interest fee.
  • Overdraft protection.
  • Users can draw every day up to $50-$500 before payday.
  • Available on Android and iOS.
  • Not for a bigger loan amount. 
  • Eligibility is limited.
  • Uses GPS to track your work. 

Earnin lets you borrow money against your paycheck, similar to any payday loan apps. For hourly workers, this is the most useful app to get paid daily.

With Earnin, you can lend up to $100 every day of your next paycheck and up to $500 per pay period.

There is no monthly fee or interest imposed on users to join Earnin, but you must be receiving $100 in monthly payroll before setting up a direct bank account. 

Besides, Earnin asks for a tip (if any) between transactions to keep the community running. For receiving daily pay from Earnin, you are required to submit an electronic timesheet at work.

It might come as a surprise that new members can only draw up to $100 per day of their paycheck. However, the daily withdrawals limit will increase over time if you meet its eligibility requirements. 

Despite no monthly fees or interest, the eligibility is limited – you need to have a steady pay period by the employer and submit electronic timesheets to Earning to inform working hours.

It has a balance shield feature that notifies you every time your balance is low to avoid overdraft fees.  

To sum up, it is one of the best loan apps like Dave to borrow a small loan amount without any monthly fee or interest.

moneylion app


$19.99 per month
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  • No interests and 0% APR cash advance. 
  • Builds credit.
  • No credit check.
  • Users can pay off the loan early without penalty. 
  • Free credit monitoring.
  • Optional Services are available in la carte or menu.
  • Reserves loan funds until you reimburse back the loan amount.
  • May impact credit if payments are not paid.
  • Monthly fees.

MoneyLion is a credit-builder cash advance app and banking service with the ability to offer flexible APR rates for a loan amount of up to $1000.

With this app, you can borrow a low-interest loan, build a credit score, save and invest money.

The app doesn’t perform a credit check when applying for a loan, also offers easy access to funds, unlike traditional banks.

After reviewing your finances and checking your account, it determines your interest rate or how much loan you can receive. Once approved, you can have immediate access to the funds in your bank account. 

MoneyLion is certainly not for people who are wary of monthly fees and credit building. Since MoneyLion is a credit builder app, it reports your payments to the three major credit bureaus that might impact your credit score.

The company also has a free basic plan that allows you to link your checking and investment account, giving access to cash advances of up to $250.

On top of its Credit builder plus membership that alone costs $19.99 a month, it has others services in la carte. – meaning you pay only for what you use. MonoyLion is very clear on its payment structure, as there are no hidden fees to tick you off. 

Its power-packed subscription service comes with many perks like cash back rewards, credit building, Auto investing, personal finance tracking, and much more.

However, out of all the other services on the menu, Credit builder plus is one of the most popular services you can use to request larger loans, access RoarMoney, and set up an investment account. 

Brigit app


$9.99 per month
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  • Budget tracking tools.
  • Automatic advance to avoid overdraft fees (Brigit Premium).
  • Flexible repayments with no penalty.
  • No interests or credit check.
  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • Users can only borrow up to $250.
  • No phone support.
  • Tracks bank account.
  • No Joint accounts.

Brigit is another Dave alternative or a fintech service that offers small loans up to $250, interest-free. Founded in 2017, the app has garnered over 250000 active users getting their finances on track.

Unlike other cash advance apps like Dave, it provides loans and other services with Brigit Plus, as it has no free plan to explore things out. You have to shell out $9.99 per month to ask for an advance up to $50 to $250. 

On top of that, it fuels up your account automatically to keep it from overdrawing, so you can avoid overdraft fees. What’s more? – you may repay early or extend your due date to pay off loans without any late penalty. 

The company doesn’t report your payments to credit bureaus, which is quite helpful for people who don’t want to build credit. Everything aside, you must have a Brigit score of at least 70 for qualifying for a cash advance.

In addition, there are other certain criteria to get qualified for a Brigit loan – your account must be 60 days old and have received at least three recurring deposits from the employer or other source – and not have a balance less than $1. The company imposes no surprising charges other than a $9.99 monthly fee. 

cash advance apps like dave


$1.99 per month
“> “>path> “>;4.6 “>;4.8
  • Instant floats (As they call it) up to $50.
  • Budgeting tools.
  • Inexpensive at as low as $1.99 per month.
  • 256 bit-encryption secured.
  • Overdraft protection.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Only offers nano advances.
  • Tracks bank account.
  • No Joint account.
  • Require minimum balance.
  • Must have a steady paycheck of at least $200 for three consecutive pay per period.

In a time of emergency, this app can float you up to $50 with no interest, for $1.99 a month. Float me provides emergency cash, saves money, and offers overdraft protection.

As with other money apps like Dave, $50 is its max-out advance, so users basically start with $10-$30 based on their financial ability and health.

To get your first float, just connect your checking account that receives steady paychecks from the employer or any organization, and your qualified loan will be approved once the company verifies your income.

And with a debit card linked to your checking account, you can receive nano advances instantly.

Here is the Caveat, the company only offers nano loans to W-2 employers who have a paycheck of at least $200 pay per period for three consecutive pay periods. Plus, you need to answer a few prompts on Pay Frequency and Pay Type.

However, if your account balance is not above $0, you can’t take a Float out, even though, your account is in good standing in other areas. 

Floatme works with more than 9,6000 banks or credit unions, securing your bank information like routing or account numbers using the Plaid (a third-party system that uses 256 bit-encryption to store data).

Currently, Floatme doesn’t work with online banks like Chime, Netsped, Cash App, or Venmo, so are other cash advance apps like Dave we have mentioned so far.

Create your FloatMe account here

apps like dave

Possible Finance

Free to Join
“>path> “>;4.8
  • No monthly and prepayment fees. 
  • No bad credit history check. 
  • Reports payments to all major credit companies
  • Users can delay payment date up to 29 days with no extra fee.
  • Immediate access to the loan amount. 
  • High approval chance. 
  • Higher interest rates.
  • No phone support.
  • May charge an additional loan origination fee.
  • Require at least $750 per month in the last three months period.
  • Repayments term is less.

If you have tried every other Dave alternative, Possible Finance is the last option you may try. Unlike most similar loan apps like Dave, it gives instant access to funds up to $500 with no monthly fee.

Best of all, it doesn’t consider a bad credit history or credit score before lending a loan.

However, the app is not interest-free, as it has high-interest rates ranging from 151.00 – 257.00%, and it’s limited to only seven states. So, if cuffing up an additional $15 – $18 for every $100 borrowed doesn’t scare you, then Possible Finance is certainly for you. 

Since it doesn’t require good credit history, the approval odds for a loan are higher. You only need to link a checking account receiving at least $750 from the last three months.

Deposits don’t need to be from any specific employer, as they can be from any side gig or bi-weekly job. Once approved, you will see the expected date to pay off the loan with interest.

In addition, the app lets users change the funding time by 29 days without any additional fee. To sum up, there are many cheap payday loan alternatives, but Possible finance may be the right choice if you want to build credit and borrow emergency cash up to $500 as a side gig employer.  

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Wrapping Up

These are the best cash advance apps like Dave that lend you emergency cash in need. Each app is different in terms of loan and payment structure.

There are apps you can try to track budget, get larger loans, save money and avoid overdraft risk. Almost every app listed here requires users to have a steady fund or paycheck directly to their checking accounts.

If you want to go for an instant nano loan, Floatme is the best option, and if you prefer to pay for what you use, then MoneyLion is the way to go. Possible Finance is the only platform that charges interests rates but has a high approval odds compared to other loan apps.

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