7 Best Loan Apps like Possible Finance

Updated: January 10, 2023
apps like possible finance

As people are ditching their old financial ways, we’re seeing more apps like Possible Finance enter the fray. Not only do such apps offer easy options to manage credit bills, but they also offer flexibility to automate payments.

And once approved by any cash advance app, you have access to the fund immediately without having to wait for the bank to approve the loan in months. Sounds great?

We have rounded up some of the best possible Finance alternatives that advance you up to $500 and allow you to pay over time with zero fees and interest. 

What is Possible Finance

Possible Finance is a financial technology company that offers a spectrum of financial products and services, including short-term loans and credit-building products.

Possible Finance aims to provide accessible and affordable financial solutions for people who may not have access to traditional financial products or who may have a limited credit history.

The company uses technology and data to assess creditworthiness and offer personalized loan terms to its customers. The company also focuses on providing education and resources to help its customers improve their financial well-being and achieve their financial goals.

Best Apps similar to Possible Finance (Top Alternatives)

Empower is an all-in-one financial company provided by the nbkc Bank and member FDIC. It saves your money, pays two days early, and offers instant cash of up to $250 with no interest or overdraft fee.

Founded in 2016, the platform has managed to garner over a million active users racking in cashback rewards and shopping with the Empower Visa debit card.

Unlike other apps like Possible Finance, it has no impact on your credit score, but late fees may affect your ability to take loans in the future. Whatsoever, it can be the best financial solution to monitor your spending habits and get an instant loan when in need. 

Just set up a paycheck deposit with Empower to get paid two days earlier than most standard banks.

There are certain criteria for cash advance qualification such as your account must be healthy and active for at least 60 days with a minimum $500 average monthly income and three recurring deposits of $200. That’s all that Empower requires. 

Once approved, it will float you up to a $250 instant cash advance that you can pay back on your next paycheck. Apart from that, you can save money automatically by setting up your savings goal, and the app takes care of the rest.

Its debit Visa card allows you to cash out from over 33000 ATMs and shop from in-stores for free. Here is the caveat, you have to unlock every feature for $8 a month.

  • Physical debit card
  • Monthly fee, Expensive.
  • Live chat support.
  • Sometimes Transfers take more time than usual.
  • Get up rewards on shopping from selected stores. 
  • Customer support could be more human.
  • Early paycheck.
  • Borrow up to $250 directly to your bank.
  • A high-yielding saving account with 2% APY
  • No minimums.

  • Brigit is one of the best apps to get your finances on track. With Brigit, you can get up to a $250 emergency fund straight to your bank account, with no interest, no credit check, or other lofty fees.

    Got trust issues? The app is backed by the celebrities Will Smith and Kevin Durant, and also it covers $1 million in insurance for pro members.

    For those who want to Keep tabs on bills or get a clear insight into spending habits, this app is the best option to go for.

    Monitoring accounts are free for basic use, but you have to shell out $9.99 per month to get full access, including $1 million in insurance. 

    Best of all, it predicts and auto advances your upcoming expenses when your balance is running out. The overdraft protection doesn’t cost a single cent or interest, as it deducts the sum from your Main direct deposit balance.

    Another feature it offers is credit protection, where you can get your credit score and full credit report, and also it provides you with premium tools to help you stay on top of your credit and identity.

    Unlike other apps like Possible Finance, Brigit aims at discovering new job opportunities for its members.

    It always keeps you in the loop by sending real-time alerts about important events such as delivery and advance dates. Since its launch, it claims to have saved its members over $250 million in fees, or it has saved each member $514 on average annually.

    To sum up, the app is a great platform to set real saving goals by understanding your budget and monitoring your account 24/7 with real-time notifications.

    • Instant advance up to $250.
    • Monitors & protects accounts.
    • Sends real-time event alerts.
    • Tracks savings and understands your spending.
    • Overdraft protection.
    • No minimum, interest, or credit check.
    • $9.99/month for full access, including up to $1 million insurance cover. 

    Another alternative we adore is Earnin for getting your paycheck early. With Earnin, you can receive your paycheck two days earlier, protect overdraft fees, and cash out up to $500 daily during your paycheck period. 

    It also sends alerts when your balance falls below your set percentage in the Balance shield alert. Above all, it has no monthly fee, interest, or penalty to get full access to your hard-earned money. 

    So how does Earnin work? Just add your checking bank account to Earnin which gets steady income from an employer, and Earnin takes care of the rest. No credit check is performed, or an SSI number is required when linking a direct deposit account.

    Every Earnin community member starts with $100, and then depending on financial health and app usage duration, they can increase the pay period max up to $500. Max info is available on the home screen.

    On top of getting daily pay, saving a few bucks in the Tip Jar is another standout feature by Earnin that is also rewarding. By tipping yourself in the Tip Jar you can reward your everyday wins, like finishing up a keto diet.

    You can also Pay your tip forward to keep the Earnin community up and running. To sum up, it is the best platform to set real saving goals and get access to the money you have already earned.

    • Get up to $100 pay per day (up to $500 max).
    • Receive your paycheck two days early. 
    • Smart savings with Tip Jar.
    • No fees, interest, or credit checks.
    • Overdraft protection.
    • Community support.
    • Triggers poor spending habits. 
    • Controls how much you can withdraw.

    Floatme is the least pricey option on our list of the best apps like Possible Finance. It just takes 2 minutes to set up, allowing access to emergency funds, overdraft alerts, and smart savings. FloatMe is sort of your best friend that helps you get ahead with your finances.

    It floats you up to $100 when you need it most, with no interest and credit check. However, it requires verifying your linked account where you receive your recurring direct deposits from your company or employer. 

    It always alerts you when your account is at risk of overdraft fees; So you can add funds in the meantime to avoid overdraft fees.

    Besides, it has a feature called Floatme stack that allows you to set saving goals for holidays or emergency funds. It transfers stack balances each month that you can deposit or withdraw as they become available.

    The Stack feature is included in the premium membership, and it is FDIC insured for up to $250,000. Besides, it floats you up to $50 before your upcoming paycheck.

    However, new members don’t have access to the whole amount until they have a steady deposit history. 

    If we factor in its inexpensive monthly fee, FloatMe is the best hack. Apart from that, it does not charge interest or perform a credit check before advancing funds.

    Don’t take our word for it – you can try its 30 days free trial and have full access to every feature it has to offer.

    • Borrow up to $50 between paychecks.
    • Overdraft protection.
    • No interest and credit check.
    • Inexpensive monthly fee.
    • Smart saving (FloatMe Stack).
    • Up to $250000 insurance for a data breach or other issue. 
    • Tracks deposits and withdrawal history.
    • low advance fee.

    Dave is a one-stop solution for your banking needs, allowing Americans to get out of a tight financial spot. Launched in 2017, the company has already made its way to over 10 million active users.

    It has helped so many members avoid overdrafts by offering up to $250 in interest-free advances on the next paycheck. Beyond that, it is a complete package that provides essential banking tools to streamline finance. 

    With Dave, you can stretch your payday by up to two days when you set up your direct deposit account. Moreover, it will help you discover jobs that fit your schedule using a side-hustle feature.

    With a side hustle, you can make some money that you can use to pay off your overdraft fees instead of debiting out of your paycheck. 

    Dave banking allows you to monitor your account 24/7 and get access to over 33,000 Moneypass ATMs without any minimum balance or overdraft fees. Furthermore, it gives you insight into your spending and upcoming bills. 

    All of this package comes at an expense of $1 per month, which excludes the credit-building feature. 

    Dave users who want to dive into the credit-building opportunity need to pay up to a $100 per year service charge. However, users who are already enrolled in direct deposits can use this option for free. 

    Partnered with Levelcredit, the company reports your rent and utility payments to the major credit bureaus to build your credit history. The best part is that Dave reports only your on-time payments to sidestep any negative impact on your score. 

    The platform is free from any hidden fees, credit checks, or late fees-all all you need is a bank account to get started. However, unlike other mobile banks, it doesn’t offer an APY on your savings. To sum up, it is one of the best apps like Possible Finance to manage your wealth.


  • No interest, late fees, credit checks, overdraft fees, or minimum balance requirement.
  • Doesn’t give interest benefits to your savings account. 
  • Credit-building option.
  • Its services cost $1 per month.
  • Overdraft-protection alerts
  • .
  • Automatically deducts money from your paycheck or bank account for repayments. 

  • You can receive paychecks up to two days early.

  • Only a $250 maxed-out cash advance limit. 

  • Budgeting and 24/7 account monitoring.

  • Fee-free ATMs access.

  • Offers side hustles.
  • Klover is the ultimate financial platform to streamline your wealth. It offers a suite of cutting-edge tools to help you monitor spending, set saving goals, borrow cash and receive early paychecks. With Klover, you can borrow up to $500 in advance on your next paycheck to cover your expenses till payday.

    To get started, link your checking account to keep tabs on your spending habits and overall monthly outlook all within the app. When adding a direct deposit, you get access to early paychecks with other perks like Klover points and sweepstakes, which is a ticket to rack up more points. 

    To be eligible for cash advances and other benefits linked to direct deposit, you need to have at least three consecutive payments to your bank account within the last two months. There is no interest, fees, or credit check required. 

    When you sign up for Klover+, a $2.49 per month membership program, you gain access to all of the financial tools, giveaways, credit monitoring, and more.

    • No credit check, interest, or fees.
    • Saving goals, credit monitoring, and tracking spending and earning. 
    • Borrow up to $100-$500 instantly.
    • Points and rewards. 
    • Membership fees.
    • Requires two steady direct deposits from the same employer.
    • Doesn’t build credit. 
    • No repayment flexibility. 

    Moneylion, as the name suggests, is a digital banking app that strives towards lending and basic banking solutions. Founded in 2013, the company has managed to garner over 8.5 million Americans who are experiencing state-of-the-art digital banking. 

    Apart from banking, the Moneylion app allows members to borrow, invest, and grow money. Besides, users can participate in cash giveaways and win real cash. 

    Akin to apps like Possible Finance, it offers a cash advance of up to $250 at zero interest with its Instacash feature. Even more, members with solid recurring direct deposits can borrow up to $1,000 in cash advance without paying any interest. 

    Unlike Klover, it accepts savings accounts with RoarMoney, its banking service backed by Metabank. 

    RoarMoney provides you with a physical Mastercard debit card with other options like early pay and up to a $1,000 cash advance.

    For eligible recurring direct deposit members, it has an auto-investment account starting at just $5. With the round-up feature enabled, it automatically rounds up $1 or more from each eligible transaction to your investment account. 

    Moneylion not only has top-notch banking tools but also has real-time customer service that helps you with most of your questions. 

    • No credit check, no interest, or minimum balance.
    • Get up to two early paychecks.
    • Auto-investment with as low as $5.
    • Lends Up to $250, or up to $1,000 (for eligible direct deposit users).
    • Credit Builder Account (Paid).
    • Free checking and savings accounts.
    • $19.99 monthly membership fee (unlocks credit monitoring, loans, and other services).
    • 5%-29% APR.

    Wrapping it up

    If you want to keep tabs on your spending, avoid overdraft fees, borrow funds, or monitor bank accounts, these apps like Possible Finance can help.

    Brigit has a basic and Premium plan, so you can try it first and pay monthly for full access. FloatMe offers a 30-day free trial, then clamors for $1.99 per month, being the most affordable app on the list.

    In terms of fraud protection or security, these apps have the best weapons to tackle swindling. 

    If you are into shopping, you can receive cashback offers and rewards with Empower. To reap in advance benefits, you need to link your active deposit account to any following app that gets recurring deposits direct from your employer. Thanks for reading this article. Share it and spread the love. 

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