3 Best Finance Apps Like Cleo you must Try

Updated: December 26, 2022
apps like cleo

Getting wealth management features and tools all in one app is not easy. Cleo, on the other hand, has it all, making the money part a little easier.

It is a unique, compact, and straightforward platform that takes the worry out of our money. However, there are other apps like Cleo that are quite similar in many ways.

Whether you want to work on a credit score, track spending, or create a personal investment portfolio, these Cleo alternatives have got you covered.

Best apps similar to Cleo (Top alternatives)

Apps like one finance



Albert is one of the best personal finance apps we can have right now. It’s smart, unique, and packed with crazy features to streamline your finance effortlessly.

It offers a budgeting and savings option for free, while you can get everything unlocked for $4 a month, and that includes its mainstream feature called Genius, an expert advice option 7 days a week.

Plus, it has an auto investment option that lets you invest commission-free without even realizing you are investing.

And when setting up a direct deposit account with Albert Cash, you are likely to receive exciting rewards when you purchase from its debit card. 

Also, you receive your paychecks up to two days earlier than most standard banks. Besides, the app spots you up to $250 depending on your cash flow. On the whole, Albert is one of the best Cleo alternatives you can bank on.

Key Features

  • No credit check, miniumum, or interest.
  • Up to days early paychecks.
  • Weekly one-on-one expert advice.
  • Access to over 55k+ fee-free ATMs.
  • Create personal investment portfolio, and auto-invest from $1.

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apps like cleo


Free Trial, $5/Month

Digit is another app that improves financial health. Launched in 2013, with a goal to help people hit their financial goals, it is now a go-to app for so many people who want to manage finances.

For as low as $5 a month, you get access to the budgeting, savings, and investment features.

You just need to set your short or long-term goals, and it does all the hard work in saving you a small amount of money each day.

More briefly, it analyzes your spending patterns and cash flow to find the right amount for you.

Best of all, you can create as many savings goals as you want – there is no minimum, credit check, interest, or hidden fees.

It offers full flexibility as to your cash, allowing you to withdraw funds anytime and choose a risk level for your investment so you can trade with a break or full throttle.

Key Features

  • No interest, and no hidden fees.
  • Overdraft proctection.
  • Unlimited money goals.
  • Auto-invest based on personal portfolio.
  • Risk-level investments.
apps like cleo


$1, $3, $9/Month

Stash, another popular app to fast-track the financial future, is worth an investment. Much like Cleo, it offers great tools and features helping users build healthy financial habits.

As we know, lack of Financial literacy is the biggest barrier to building wealth for regular Americans, so Stash came up with an unlimited Financial Education that may pave a way for great wealth.

Why Stash? It lets you invest in popular fractional stocks, bonds, and ETFs without limits or any add-on fees. Besides, it invests automatically based on your personal investment portfolio or how you tell it to do so.

With Stash Bank, you get a stock-based card when you link your direct deposit account. Also, it gives access to early payday, creates budgets you can stick to, including other benefits.

Its Plans start at just $1 for beginners, 3$ for growth stashers, and $9 for members who want to get the most out of Stash.

Key Features

  • No minimum, no overdraft, no interest, or hidden fees.
  • Take control of your spending.
  • Up to $10k life insurance.
  • Save automatically with round-ups and auto-invest tools.
  • Stock-back card with added perks.
  • Get Up to two days early paycheck.

Wrapping Up

If lack of financial education and tools keeps you at bay, we’ve piled up the best apps like Cleo that’ll help you streamline your wealth. The listed applications have one thing in common – they are inexpensive for the service they’re offering.

However, Unlike Cleo, these apps have no AI to entertain you, but you get one-on-one expert advice with almost all the listed platforms.

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