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Best All in one Bank Apps like Albert

No doubt that Albert is the best mobile banking solution to budgeting, borrow, save, invest, and get cash rewards on the go. Also, its unlimited real human support that lets us ask spontaneous questions about finance is just icing on the cake. And Albert cash is its latest addition to offer early paychecks when you set up a direct deposit account. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best geniuses solutions to budgeting. It has low fees, smart tools, and human support as its key ingredients. Still, want to switch over to other apps like Albert? well, we have got you covered. 

The only downside of the Albert app is its limited saving transaction for some users and lack of real-time support. So, we did all the heavy lifting for you to find a few better Albert alternatives. Take a look. 

Best Money management apps like Albert (Top Alternatives)

Most affordable money app
apps like albert


$1 per month
Get it on
“>;4.5 “>;4.8

A well-built application in the service to people who want to manage their finance like a pro. Founded in 2016, the company has managed to garner up over ten million active users merely in four years. Similar to Albert, Dave is an incredible platform that offers interest-free nano loans up to $250, automatic budgeting, and up to two early paychecks when you link your direct deposit account. 

There are no overdraft draft fees or any hidden fees once you roll in. However, to get access to its every, you have to shell out as low as $1 per month, which is inexpensive. Eligible customers may also receive the Dave card (MasterCard) to withdraw cash from over 32,000 MoneyPass ATMs and shop like any standard debit card.

Want to build credit? – well, the app has a build credit option for $100/year and is free if you have a direct deposit account setup. However, unlike many Albert Alternatives, Dave only offers checking accounts. 

  • Builds credit (Paid and free)
  • No overdraft fees or interests.
  • Automatic budgeting feature.
  • Get up to two days early paycheck. 
  • Access to over 32,000 MoneyPass networks.
  • Only offers a checking account.
  • $1 monthly fee (for mobile access only)
  • The approval process is not smooth. 

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Perfect mobile banking app
moneylion app


$19.99 monthly for full access
Get it on
“>;4.4 “>;4.7

MoneyLion is the perfect mobile app for your banking need. It allows you to invest, save, borrow and get early paychecks. Surprisingly, there is an interest charge or hidden fee involved when you request credit builder loans of up to $1000. But in the basic plan, there is no interest or monthly fee for requesting up to a $250 cash advance.

In premium, when spending over $10 using a Moneylion debit card, you unlock rewards every time on participating stores. In case you want to build credit, but you’re cuffing up to pay for the platinum plan, then we’ve glad tidings for you. The platinum plan also has a reward platform that rewards real cash simply for daily logins, paying off on time, including other things – So it’s easier to offset the membership fees.

Not only does the app lets you have access to up to $1000 with no credit check, but also it helps you build credit. The company reports your payment history to the three major credit bureaus, which in turn, can affect your credit score. However, the app does a soft credit check before offering a loan. To get access to its full features, you have to shell out $19.99 per month. To sum up, it is one of the best apps like Albert to invest, save and borrow cash without interest and overdraft fees. 

  • No interest and overdraft fee.
  • Offers rewards for shopping via its debit card.  
  • Reports payments history to the credit bureaus – Builds credit.
  • Large loans up to $1000.
  • Doesn’t perform hard credit check.
  • $19.99 monthly fee.
  • Keeps unpaid funds in the reserved account until it’s paid off. 
  • Highly competitive interests rate.
Doesn’t charge a dollar


Get it on
“>;4.5 “>;4.8

Chime is one of the best online banking apps that has your back. Launched in 2014, it has already reached over the 12 million customers mark, making it one of the most popular mobile banking app. 

With Chime, you can save money, borrow up to a $200 overdraft fee, and receive a paycheck two days earlier than most standard banks. There is no credit check, interest fee, monthly fees, or overdraft fee to hold you down. To become a Chime member, simply link your direct deposit account, and if you qualify, you may receive early paycheques, including other services.

Unlike Albert, it doesn’t include investment and a cash advance option, so it’s a big disparity if you prefer such options in other budgeting apps like Albert.

However, it also offers an opportunity to build credit when spending money using the Chime Visa credit card. 

It gives access to over 60k fee-free ATMs, so it’s easier to get cash while shopping. Don’t worry if your spending balance is low; you can still get cash using the SpotMe feature that advances up to $200 into your debit card to avoid an overdraft fee. Even more, with your debit card, you can get free cash withdrawals at many popular retailers. Undoubtedly, Chime is one of the best apps like Albert, especially to grab cash on the go. 

  • Two days early paychecks.
  • No interest, overdraft, or monthly fee.
  • Fee-free overdraft up to $200.
  • Build credit.
  • Pay and request cash.
  • Smart savings with competitive interest rates.
  • ATM locator to find over 60k+ ATMs, with cashback locations.
  • More flexibility over transactions.
  • Must have received at least $500 in your Chime spending account in the last 30 days. 
  • No investment and cash advance option.
  • Fund deposit may cost a fee.
  • Freezes account while investigating fraud. 
  • Chime transfers are limited to $200 per day. 

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Unique finance app
cleo app


$5.99 per month
Get it on
“>;4.3 “>;4.6

Cleo is the only budgeting app that serves its customers with A.I. It creates a personalized budget using A.I by breaking down your spendings, so you can have a better sense of your budget. With the app, you can save, budget, chat, and borrow cash on the flow. Besides, it will help your credit score grow when you spend money with its debit card. 

What we found more intriguing is its chat feature that is highly built on cutting-edge technology to answer all your queries regarding money management. To get insights on your weekly spending -Just type ” My weekly spending” or “rate my week”, or you can get roasted by typing “roast me Cleo” to understand what went wrong in your budget”. So its chat feature is just lit. 

It spots you up to $100 in salary advance to avoid any overdraft and interest fees that you can reimburse later between paychecks with no credit check and zero interest. However, newcomers usually qualify for $20-$70, but once they pay it back in time, they’ll unlock up to $100. The caveat is, you have to buy Cleo plus membership for just $5.99 per month to get salary advances, cashback, credit builder card, including other perks. 

  • Smart saving and budgeting tool equipped with AI.
  • No credit checks, interest fees.
  • Credit builder debit card with cashback (Premium).
  • Only up to $100 salary advance.
  • Lacks many features which are normally available in other premium banking tools.

Wrapping it up

These are the best apps like Albert to unchain your potential to streamline your finances. All the apps mentioned here have a basic plan to get you started with budgeting, among other things. You may have to pony up the little monthly fee to leverage cash advance and other premium features. However, Only the Chime doesn’t charge any fee, making it a solid choice for your banking need. 

Each listed application has its cons and pros, so it’s hard to assert which app stacks up best against Albert. However, you would like all the apps if you want an all-in-one banking app like Albert to manage your finance. 

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