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Updated: January 25, 2023
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Greendot mobile banking is the new age banking app launched in 2011 for US emigrants. It allows users to manage their savings and checking accounts all in one place, without any fees or deposits. With the Greendot app, users can pay bills, transfer cash, lock/unlock cards, etc.

However, the app may not be flawless for everybody, as many users are nitpicking about its features, performance, failed transactions, and much more. So we’ve compiled a list of a few reasons and solutions you can follow if your Greendot app is not working or misbehaving. Let’s dive into the article.

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Reasons why your Greendot app is not working?

Green Dot mobile bank apps have cutting-edge features that make banking much easier. But you may face trouble using the app, as there could be a few crucial reasons why it may happen. It’s likely that the bank is facing server outrage or is in maintenance, so you can’t initiate any transfer at the moment. However, other causes may keep you from using the Greendot app.

  • You may have an unstable WiFi or Cellular connection.
  • You haven’t cleared your app cache, which may cause your app to misbehave.
  • Bank servers might be down, so you cannot make a transaction or access any of its features.
  • Your Greendot mobile banking app is not updated to the latest version.
  • Your device may be incompatible with the app.
  • Your device’s storage is full, so your app lags or crashes.

How to fix the Greendot app not working issues?

There are many ways to resolve your Greendot app not working issue. We’ve rounded up a few helpful tactics that you can follow to get rid of any issue you come across with your mobile application. Let’s barge forward.

Update your app

If your mobile app is not updated to its latest version, it may act up. For example, you may not be able to log in, or your transactions may be failed due to minor bugs and other technical factors. So it’s recommended to update your application to avoid such problems or to enhance the app’s security and features.

To update the app, simply go to the Playstore if you’re an Android user or the App store if you’re an iPhone user. Thereone, Search for the Greendot mobile banking app and see if any update is available. Once your update is complete, relaunch the application and see if it works properly.

Clean up your Greendot app cache

Your app piles up cache over time, slowing the overall smartphone performance. Caches or logs normally enhance the user experience by storing our activities and rendering files and data so that you experience a much quicker response when accessing the app the next time. However, too much cache can do more harm than good, making your app buggy and malfunctioning.

If you’re experiencing crashes, lags, glitches, black screen or freezing, your caches are causing a problem. So let’s know how to delete Cache.

On Android – 

  • Launch settings on your device.
  • Scroll down and click “Applications and Permissions.”
  • Tap App Manager.
  • Find and click on the Greendot app.
  • Tap Internal Storage.
  • Hit Clear Cache to clean up your cache.

On iOS

  • Launch Settings.
  • Tap the General tab.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Search and access the app.
  • Tap Storage and hit Offload data to remove cache and old data.

Restart your smartphone

If your device is heating up, it’s because your apps use a lot of RAM. There could be many applications running in the background that may make your device sluggish. So restarting a phone is important to fix minor bugs and boost performance.

There are no thumbs rules about how many times you can reboot your smartphone; just one time a day or two is quite efficient. You can skip this step if you do not experience slow loading or lags while using the Greendot app.

To restart, hold down the power button for a few seconds and opt for the Restart option display on the screen.

Force Quit the app

This step is a lifesaver when your app is stuck on the screen or not responding. By Force closing your application, you can resolve minor technical bugs caused by junk files and lack of disc space.

After Force quit, your app refreshes the sessions that help it load fresh, with bit-sized caches and ample RAM. Open up your recent apps tab, swipe up on the Greendot and release to force quit the app.

It could be a server issue.

Servers outrage is quite common among banks, especially on mobile banking applications. However, Some banks face many server outrage problems that certainly tick off users. So if you cannot land on the Greendot website or see any server error message, you’ve to wait for a while until the servers are up again.

You could experience similar issues with the app, so all you can do is wait.

In the meantime, you can follow the company’s social media pages for its latest updates, or you can check the Greendot servers at the

Check for stable Internet.

Poor internet may be why your Greendot mobile app is not working. If your Internet is breaking off, you may not be able to complete a transaction or use the application smoothly. Ensure your device is in the router’s range, so it doesn’t break the connection.

To fix the issue, try to switch on and off your WiFi, or you can switch between your WiFi and Cellular option and see if the internet is stable with more than four strings.

Contact Support

It’s quite normal for a bank app to act up or not work properly. That’s why there’s a support team to help you out. So if your problem seems more complex, you can reach out to the Greendot support team and have them look into it.

You can send them a mail, chat, or call daily from 5 am-9 pm PST.

Phone number – (866) 795-7597​

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I log into the Greendot app?

If you can’t access the Greendot app or website, make sure you’re entering the right username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click on Forgot password or User ID and reset your credential. Also, ensure you’re account is not compromised. In that case, contact the customer support team.

Why is the Greendot app not loading?

If you’re facing a loading problem, your app may be outdated. Update the application to the latest version and see if it resolves the problem. Also, try to clear the app cache and see if it does the trick. Most importantly, check your internet connection is stable.

Why my Green Dot Document upload not working?

Make sure you’re using the correct 16-digit card number and details. To upload your Greencard ID and details, visit and access your account. Now Go to Settings and edit your contact information and click save.

Wrapping it Up

That’s it. These workarounds will be quite helpful if your Greendot mobile bank app is not working. There could have been a few more ways to fix problems, but these steps are mainly used to fix any issue you may encounter in the app.

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