Stash App not Working (How to Fix) Login, glitch, errors

Updated: October 5, 2022
Stash app not working

Stash is the go-to app for so many users across the United States. It’s fun, easy to use, and packed with innovative tools that make financing a breeze. What if it stops working or doesn’t load properly? There are some fixes up our sleeves.  

Whether your Stash app is throwing some sort of error, crashing, or unable to load, we are going to bust every problem out. 

What is Stash, and how does it work? 

We’ll not elaborate much about Stash. Instead, we want to keep it short. But, in a nutshell, Stash is a financial company that offers auto-investment, banking, insurance access, and expert advice for just 1$ per month. In addition, it has two more plans that provide you with more extensive insurance access and enhanced investing and banking access.

To get started, all you need to do is signup and opt for your first stock – enter some information about yourself, Such as your name, phone number, and residential address.

Now you’ve to choose your respective areas which you want to focus on, such as Earning stock rewards or budgeting habits. Next, pick a plan (first month free), and you’re ready to grab your $5 worth of stock. After the confirmation, you’ll have your personal portfolio designed based on your income and interests. 

Stash provides free access to all the plans if you’re a first-time user. In addition, there is no lock-in, as you can cancel or switch anytime you change your mood. 

(You can get access to your investment and retirement accounts if you are from other countries)

Why Stash app not working? What’s the fix?

If your Stash app is not working the way it should be, don’t lose your pecker up, there is something from your end that needs to be resolved. We’ve cast around a few reasons with fixes that you can follow to get past any issue that hits the app. Let’s dig in. 

Restart the smartphone.

As trivial a restart or reboot may sound, the more impact it has on your phone. When rebooting, you clear out all the fluff running in the background, but you also fire up your mobile speed to a lot. 

This is the first step you can try if your Stash app is stuck or not working correctly. After that, you need to tap on and off your power button for a few seconds to let the magic kick in. 

However, many times this method doesn’t go through.  

App requires Update 

Navigate to the Playstore, and ensure if Stash needs an update. Updating an app is crucial, as it eliminates bugs and improves your overall experience. Undoubtedly, an outdated application may clash with a smartphone’s software and may pop out many errors that you haven’t heard of. 

The simple solution to this chaos is just installing the current version or updating to the freshest version released by the developer. You can download it from any APK site or Update it through the Play store. 

Check your internet 

You might be amazed how many people get stuck because of their weak internet connection. Maybe you’re on a faster interest, but it’s worth checking out the strength of the signal when the app is taking forever to load.

As we know, The more network strength we receive, the faster we can run our applications. So make sure you have full internet access that allows you to run server-based apps with ease. 

If you’re not sure how to gauge your internet speed, you can head over to and have your WiFi speed checked.

Also, to fix the problem, you can try to turn your WiFi on and off from your smartphone settings. 

Reset Network Settings

When your internet has high-strength signals, but it can’t seem to work on your smartphone, you need a network reset. When you reset your network settings, you lose all the linked Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices that might be causing a problem with your internet. However, this tactic works most of the time, but it is avoidable when you’re not experiencing any network-related issues.

Reset Network settings on Android

  • Launch settings.
  • Tap System management.
  • Access Backup and Reset.
  • And tap Reset network settings.

On iOS

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Then General.
  • Tap on Transfer and Reset iPhone
  • Backup and confirm.

Clear up data and cache

Unable to load the Stash app? or facing a login problem? This is probably the case with your file storage. When not cleaning up the cache from to time, an app compiles junk files, so you need to wipe out the cache to keep things clean. 

You’ll have more free space and a better app performance than when you don’t delete the cache. However, once the data get removed, so your preferences Will. That means you have to log in to the Stash app once again. And if you forgot your email and password, even worse, you will lose your settings and everything – you get the fresh app as it was after installing. 

VPN is On

You may have the VPN enabled, which may be causing an issue. Stash is available only in the United States, and the VPN may be restricting you from accessing your account due to the location change. However, if you’re not in the United States, you can still log in and access some of its features. 

Double-check if you’re not running any VPN to bypass your proxy. Simply go to the source (app or site) and turn it off. Then, head back to the app and try it again. 

Outdated device.

So many Android tablets and smartphones are out there running on shoddy software. If you’re having one of those, kindly try another device. The device may be special for you, but some apps actually don’t like running on rusty software. 

You could face a host of problems with your outdated smartphone, such as glitches, black screen, slow loading, errors, and more.  

Contact Support

Why does everything yourself when experts are sitting to help 24/7? No matter how hard we try to locate problems and fix them, we won’t know any better than the Stash support team. 

Simply throw any problem at them, and you’ll get your app query answered in a few hours. Or, to save time, you can land on their FAQS page and navigate around to understand the app better. But, again, the idea is to have someone fix your problems.  

Factory Reset

After trying everything, if Stash still is not working, we suggest you do a factory reset of your smartphone. Unlike other fixes, it’s the most powerful fix that renews your smartphone and hammer out loads of major bugs and software issues. It deletes everything and makes your smartphone completely new as it was at the time of purchase.

Before resetting your smartphone, you must back up your data to the cloud servers, so you retrieve your data if this solution doesn’t work.

Here’s how to do a #Factory reset

On Android

Launch Settings>System Management>Backup & Reset> Erase all data.

On iOS

Settings>General>Transfer and Reset iphone

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why can’t I access my Stash account?

Take a deep breath. You may be using the wrong credentials or making typos errors while logging in. Double-check your email and password, and then try again. In many cases, you’re using the wrong login details. If you forgot your password, tap on “Forgot Password” from the login page, set up a new password, and log in again.

Why Stash is still charging me?

Is your auto-invest tool turned on? If yes, you’re still being charged a dollar or spare change money. To stop automatic deposits or investments, you have to turn off Smart-save or set a minimum balance to avoid Stash pulling your cash from your linked account. 

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