Yahoo Finance App Not Working? (Ways To Fix)

Updated: October 22, 2022
Yahoo Finance app not working

Yahoo Finance is one of the best go-to finance platforms, with more than 75 million active monthly users worldwide.

It allows you to track your investment portfolio, show stock market news, analyze market data, and more.

Not only is it a home for investors, but it also offers a wide range of financial content that helps readers make smart monetary decisions and retire early.

However, the Yahoo Finance app seems to be not working for many users. So we’ve rounded a few reasons and solutions to fix problems related to the app.

Why Yahoo Finance app is not working? Reasons

Just like any other app, the Yahoo Finance app may have problems. Because it is the most popular internet company, it doesn’t make it a perfect app. It may crash, lag and even go down for hours.

Your internet connection could be poor or unstable, so your mobile application is acting up. Or your app is outdated or cluttered with a cache. Likewise, there are several reasons, such as-

  • You haven’t updated the application, or your device’s software is outdated.
  • Your WiFi may be unstable or slow.
  • Caches may be causing a problem.
  • Your smartphone has insufficient memory space to run applications.
  • Maybe your device needs some rest to cool down its temperature.
  • Some malware or Virus could be the reason.
  • Your login credentials have been changed or updated.
  • The company servers could be down.

How to fix the Yahoo Finance app not working problem?

You might be having a totally different issue with your app, so It’s is highly likely that these fixes may or may not work for you.

However, most problems can be fixed by restarting a device or updating the app. If your app is crashing or loading slowly, try cleaning up your app cache to vacate some space to retain performance. Here’re all the possible fixes you can try.

Restart your smartphone

Is your Smartphone crashing whenever you try to launch your app? It’s a common response by a smartphone when it’s running nonstop for hours without any rest.

Junk files or heavy disc usage can cause crashing, so it’s quite crucial to restarting a device at least once a week.

When you restart or reboot your phone, you free up some disc space by decluttering your apps running in the background.

Simply hold down the power button seated on your device’s either side and select “restart” from the screen.

Update your app

Well, an outdated application can seed several issues, such as crashing, login problems, slow loading, and other internal issues.

So, in order to avoid such problems, you must update your app to the latest version by going to the Playstore or Appstore.

Due to outdated applications, you might miss new features and security improvements. Also, many times, it has been seen that an application doesn’t respond well if it’s not updated.

Here’s how to update –

  • Go to the homescreen of your smartphone.
  • Launch the Playstore or Appstore app.
  • Search and tap Yahoo Finance.
  • Now check if the “Update” is available. If there is no Update option, your app is already updated.

Clean Up Cache

Junk files or we can name them Cache, are a crucial part of apps. They reduce page load time by storing the page’s resources when you revisit a page.

Caches increase your page load time and save your internet data. However, a problem may arise if caches start to slow down your app instead of enhancing the experience.

This may occur due to over-accumulation of Cache, which makes your app buggy and sluggish. So it’s quite essential to clean up your app cache whenever you bump into any problems such as crashing, slow page loading, or lags.

Here’s how to delete the Cache – 

On Android – 

  • In your device’s Homescreen, Launch Settings.
  • In the Settings, Access Applications and Permissions.
  • Now tap Apps.
  • Find and tap “Yahoo Finance” from the list of shown applications.
  • Now tap Storage.
  • Next, hit Clear Cache or Data.

On iOS- 

  • Launch the settings of your device.
  • Tap the General tab.
  • On the right side of the screen, click iPhone Storage.
  • Now Search and access the application.
  • Click Offload Data.

Check your Internet

This is the most important step of all the steps listed here. A poor or unstable Internet connection can make things worse than they actually are.

If your WiFi or Cellular network is not stable or fast enough, you may bump into several problems within your app. So make sure you have stable and faster WiFi or any other network to run your application smoothly as butter.

A poor Internet connection will slow down your mobile applications and can’t let you access or login them.

However, we always suggest you keep a proper distance between your device and router, so your internet doesn’t break off frequently.

Here’s how to fix your Internet connection – 

  • Try to disable and enable your WiFi from your device to fix a broken internet connection.
  • Unplug all your WiFi cables and Plug them back in after a few seconds and check if it’s working properly or not.
  • Switch between your Cell or WiFi networks to know which network is slow or fast.
  • You can check your Current Internet speed In case you experience slow Internet.

Uninstall and Install

This is the ultimate way to fix minor technical problems and improve the app’s security. When you remove your application and then install back again, you’ll download the latest version of the app.

Also, there is no muddle of cleaning up the Cache. Therefore, Reinstalling is one of the best ways to resolve common app problems without dipping your hands in multiple things.

So, you can skip the Cache and Update step if you consider reinstalling your app again.

  • To Uninstall your mobile application, first, go to your Homescreen.
  • Hold down your app for a few seconds until it starts shaking and shows a delete symbol.
  • Now tap the Cross or delete icon, and tap Uninstall option.
  • Next, Go to the Playstore or AppStore, and download the app again.

Note: You may have different options and styles on your device, but the process will be the same.

Check Servers

If you encounter any server error or message, it could be the server’s outrage problem or the company is in maintenance mode.

In such a case, try to access the web version of the Yahoo Finance and check if it’s working fine or not.

Sometimes, both platforms can be inaccessible, so it’s advisable to keep a little patience while the company hammers out the problem.

In the meantime, you can check the servers or catch up with its Social Media pages for updates.

Normally, the Server outrage issue is rarely seen with this platform, but it also cannot be completely avoidable.

Sync Time & Date

Is the Time zone of your device set up correctly? If not, set it up precisely. An inaccurate time and date may cause problems when accessing an app.

Even if your application works perfectly, we advise you to keep your timezone accurate or according to your current location.

Here’s how to synch time & date on Android and iPhone

  • Navigate to your Settings.
  • Search and access Time settings.
  • Turn on automatic TimeZone (It will ask for your location access).

Free Up Some Space

Is your smartphone have enough Memory storage to run and load apps? This is the real concern. If your device has no ample storage, it will load applications slowly and affect the overall performance.

Ensure your device has at least 2GB of free space to retain its performance. In case your storage is running out, and it’s the only storage option out there, you can consider unclogging some memory of your smartphone.

You can eliminate unwanted data that adds no value to your storage. To remove junk files or unnecessary data much faster, download any decent File cleaner.

Contact the Support Staff

Still stuck? Then reach out to the support team – maybe they can get you out of trouble. If your problem is related to your Yahoo Finance account, the support team will try to resolve your query. For example, if you want to find quotes, market info, or know about investments or portfolios, the Yahoo help page is the best option.

Unfortunately, there is no phone number, but you can send an email to a Yahoo specialist or see related articles.

Why is not working? Fix

There could be several reasons why the site is acting up. The problem might be on the company’s end or yours. If the servers are down, it’s probably the company’s turn to resolve an issue.

And when you can access the site from a different device or browser, a problem is on your side. Here are all the possible ways to fix this-

Clear Browser Caches & Cookies

This step is crucial to fix minor bugs and technical issues in your browser. Try cleaning up your browser’s cache and cookies and then refresh the page to check if it solved the problem.

Whether you’re using Chrome or Safari on Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, you’ve to root out the cache and cookies associated with the site.

Relaunch your browser

If your browser software is crashing or not responding, you must restart it. Relaunching a browser will resolve pesky technical errors and declutter disc space.

Restart your device

If the problem is worse, and the above steps couldn’t move the needles, rebooting your laptop or phone can fix the problem. A reboot will wind down your device by reducing your applications’ heavy CPU usage, improving your device’s performance.

Update your browser

Although, this is the very first thing you should do to fix your issue. If your browser is outdated, it may or may not work properly. Make sure it’s updated to its recent version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Yahoo finance streaming quotes not working?

Maybe your app is fully loading. Try to relaunch your app and if you’re using a web, refresh your page or relaunch your browser. It’s also possible that you’ve disabled your streaming quotes.

In order to enable your streaming quotes.

  • Go to your Yahoo Finance settings.
  • Access My Portfolio and select your list.
  • Navigate to Settings, and check if streaming Quotes are ON or OFF.

Why is Yahoo finance not updating in real-time?

If your streaming quotes are not showing real-time market data during an exchange’s market hours or pre and post-market hours, it probably means the market is not streaming in real-time, not Yahoo. You just need to make sure your Streaming Quotes option is enabled to get real-time data.

Also, make sure that your Internet is capable of streaming quotes.

Why is my Yahoo Finance portfolio not working?

If your portfolio is not updated, you have to refresh the page in order to update your portfolio. To do so –

  • Login to your dashboard.
  • Click My Portfolio.
  • Reorder icon by moving it up and down in the list.
  • Refresh the page to update the order in your My Portfolio.

Why My Yahoo Finance app is crashing or loading slowly?

Your app may be crashing because it’s outdated or has corrupted caches. To fix crashing or loading problems, we suggest you restart your device, or you can update your application. It should resolve your issue.

Why can’t I log in to My Yahoo Finance app?

Ensure you’re using the correct Login information before jumping to the solution. Try to log in after updating your app or cleaning up your Cache. In case you don’t remember your Username or Password, Tap Forgot Password and generate a new one.

Wrapping it Up

Still, your Yahoo Finance app is not working. Well, it’s quite possible because not everything is under our control – The customer service team is for something good.

However, if your app is crashing, lagging, not loading, or having any technical issues, read through this article and know why you’re facing such a problem and how you can fix it.


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