Current bank app not working (7 Fixes) 2024

Updated: January 19, 2024
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The current mobile is the fintech company, not a bank, powered by Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC. 

Founded in 2015 to give its users access to modern banking tools and features that traditional banks lack. It provides a bevy of cutting-edge banking tools like savings pods that boosts your savings account balance by 4% per year, and it makes your paycheck available Up to two days earlier. 

Since it’s an app-based company, users might bump into technical difficulties and other problems when using its services and tools. In case your Current banking app is not working, we’ve compiled a list of a few reasons and solutions to help you resolve your issues. Let’s barge forward. 

How to fix the Current bank app not working problems?

App is outdated

You might wonder why your current banking app is suddenly out of whack. If you have not updated your app to the latest version, the app may crash or not load properly when you try to log in or access the features. So before jumping into other reasons, you must ensure that your app is updated to the most recent version. 

It is also not certain that an outdated version will cause problems, but it is always a good practice to keep your applications in the freshest version to elevate your experience. 

Another advantage to updating the app is that it fixes pesky errors or technical bugs and adds feature enhancements that add up to your experience. 

Restart the app. 

It is a very popular way to resolve common smartphone issues. However, when your app runs continuously for hours, it may pile up unnecessary memory space that heats your device and downgrade the performance of apps. 

So if you notice any sign of lag, glitch, or slow loading in your Current app, rebooting can help. Not only is it a straightforward solution to fix common issues, but also it is advisable to shut down your device when not in use to avoid battery drain and technical difficulties. 

Flush cache.

Is your Current finance app buggy? Maybe it sizes around 20MB, but it can get really buggy over time. This is because your activities, data, and login details are stored in a cache file to enhance your experience. However, a cache file can slow down your app if you do not clean it up for a long time. 

Depending on how the app functions, you should clean up your cache every month or two. Then, if you notice any lag or technical bugs, you can consider removing the cache files of your Current app. 

To remove cache, we recommend you download any good Cleaner app, or you can head over to the settings of your smartphone and get the job done.


  • Open up settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Find and tap the Current banking app.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Hit Clear cache and data.


  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Access iPhone storage.
  • Find and click Current.
  • Tap the Offload app to free up storage. 

(It won’t delete your documents and data.)

Servers are down

Since banks need web servers to operate their tasks, such as login or flow of transactions, whenever any server goes down, you may not be able to log in or perform any activity within the app. This Server outrage is very common among banks since all the banks have servers, and they cannot be serviceable without them.

So how to know if the Current app servers are down? These days it’s quite easy to detect if a website is facing server outrage or it’s under maintenance. You can head over to any Server checker website and check the servers. Apart from down servers, the website may get buggy due to the overloading of traffic. 

Reboot your smartphone.

Another no-brainer tip to resolve your Current mobile bank issues is to restart. Simply by restarting a smartphone, you can hammer out a lot of technical problems like lag, glitches, blank screen, slow loading, and more. It is the ultimate way to resolve lags in applications. 

Rebooting a smartphone frees up your memory space used by the applications running in the background. 

When such cluttered RAM is cleared out, the smartphone performs much more smoothly as it gets unused RAM to run applications. So if your Current mobile banking app is not working, restart your smartphone and feel the difference.

Fix Network issues. 

There is nothing more vexing than slow Internet. You may face a network issue, albeit you have a strong internet connection. However, your smartphone is already aware of such problems, so it has provided an option called Network reset.

Network Settings includes all your linked peripherals, WiFi credentials, and VPN settings. So Network reset just sets your settings to default. That means your old settings, which were faulty, are now no longer in effect and swapped by the default settings. 

Another way to resolve network issues is via switching your WiFi on and off. Also, you can switch between your WiFi and cellular network whenever your experience slow loading or errors while logging in to the app. 

Contact support.

If you’re still stuck, we suggest you contact the support team and submit your request. Simply ask any question regarding the platform. You send an email or chat with them in the Current app. They will respond to your query as soon as they receive your email. 

Email at –

Toll-Free – (888) 851-1172

Wrapping it up.

That’s it. Follow the steps listed in this article and fix your problems like slow loading, lags, crashes, and other technical bugs. Read through the whole article to know why your Current mobile bank app is not working and how you can fix it. 

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