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Updated: August 4, 2022
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You are making a payment or trying to open the Wells Fargo mobile app, and it is not responding, right?. Wells Fargo is one of the best online banks and services that garners over 10 million United States members. And the platform might likely be down for a moment, or some of its services are not working. 

So, we’ve crafted this article to assist you through any issue you face with Wells Fargo. Let’s get started.

What is Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is an American-based full-fledged bank with operations in multiple countries, including the U.S, Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada, India, and a few more. The company totals around 70 million users across the country with over 266,000 employees, making it America’s biggest bank. 

Founded in 1852 in New York, it has now several headquarters across the United States. Wells Fargo offers a great deal of financial services and tools to streamline your financial goals. For example, unlike other traditional banks, you can open a savings and checking account online and manage them through its all-in-one app. Even more, the platform lets you send and receive money instantly with Zelle using a U.S phone number. 

In addition, the company serves its customers with personal loans, credit cards, and investing options. There are many other services you can explore. 

Why is Wells Fargo not working on Android and iOS?

Something that users face quite frequently with the Wells Fargo app is slow loading and crashing. Also, many users may encounter trouble logging into the app, accessing services, or making payments. There could be several reasons why your Wells Fargo app is not working. However, if you can access the app and don’t experience loading issues or glitches, your account may have some problems. 

A lot of users face issues with their banks due to down servers or maintenance that can temporarily bring down services linked to banks. 

Delete cache (Fix: Lag, crash, or glitch).

You don’t want to bump into lags and glitches on your app, right? You should clear out the cache once in a while. Caches are the log files stacked on your smartphone as temporary files to provide an enhanced experience. Such files collect your login information and app activities, so you don’t have to re-enter details whenever you use the app manually. 

If you weed out your cache file that belongs to the Wells Fargo app, the app performance will dramatically increase, and you won’t face any crashes or glitches while using the app. In addition, when deleting the cache, you don’t have to be wary of losing the data or subscription, as such files only remove logged information.

Clearing cache on Android..

  • Navigate to the settings and access apps.
  • Select Wells Fargo mobile app and access Storage.
  • Hit Clear Cache and Clear Data. 

Clearing cache in iOS.

  • Head over to your iPhone or iPad Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap General.
  • Next, tap iPhone Storage.
  • Select the app, and tap Offload App to clear the cache.

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Update the app (Fix: Crash, load, app’s issues)

This is one of the most common reasons smartphone users experience slow loading or crashes even with the world’s fastest Internet. In addition, an outdated android or iOS application may throw unknown errors for various reasons. Merely by updating the application, you eliminate such pesky errors that don’t seem to go away easily. 

So you don’t have to come to his route, we suggest you set automatic updates with the apps if you don’t hit the update button whenever the new update surfaces. Then, to update the app, head over to the Playstore or AppStore, search Wells Fargo, and hit the Update button (If available).

Restart smartphone (Fix: Crash, load issue)

How often do you restart your smartphone? Not very frequent, right?. Many users don’t even shut down their phones for months unless a phone’s battery runs out. Like us, your smartphone is a machine that also needs a rest of at least a few minutes. The fragments of the applications you use daily still work in the background, wasting up the free RAM that causes loading issues or crashes. 

Therefore, rebooting the smartphone not only fixes loading issues but also amps up the app’s performance to some extent. 

Relaunch your app (Fix: Minor bugs, loading, crash, glitch)

Since your apps count on the RAM for performance, it is advisable to restart the app to clear out the RAM. However, your apps do not close out entirely as they require RAM needlessly to stick around in the background. So when you reboot your app or a phone, all the free RAM used by the background apps is cleared, making room for new apps to run smoothly. 

Restarting the app boosts performance by cleaning out the free wasted RAM. You can restart your Wells Fargo mobile app if running for a long time to free up the unnecessary RAM.

Check your WiFi connection. (Fix: loading)

Before running the app in full swing, ensure your Internet is functioning properly. If you’ve slow Internet, your smartphone apps will be dawdling. And if your WiFI connection is fast, apps run smoothly without any lag or loading problems. 

If you have the fastest Broadband and still are facing trouble loading the apps, check your WiFi connection on your smartphone.

Simply turn off your WiFi for a few seconds and then turn it on. Or you can try to switch between your WiFi and cellular networks to check if the Internet is fixed. 

Reset your Network Settings. (Fix: Loading)

Another thing you can do to fix up your internet or connectivity issues is to reset your network settings.

Your network includes everything from your WiFi passwords, Usernames to all the linked peripherals. When you reset your network settings, your network settings are set down to the default stats. 

Once your network is reset, you won’t face any issues caused by WiFi or other network data. So if your Wells Fargo app is loading slowly due to your Internet or other network-related stuff, resetting network settings will help.

You’re out of storage. (Fix: Loading)

We don’t consider our ROM or storage when it comes to the app’s performance. If your smartphone is loaded with tons of unnecessary files that make your space critically low, your smartphone won’t be able to function properly. 

You can weed out cache files or unwanted media from your library to ensure your apps run smoothly. There should be at least 2 GB left in your storage for the smartphone to run the software or apps properly. 

Factory reset. (Fix: Overall smartphone issues)

If your Wells Fargo app is not working after trying the above steps, you can give factory reset a go. It is the ultimate step that resets all the settings to the default and obliterates your software and application data to the original state. Before jumping to this step, back up your files in case things go wrong for you. 

However, if the issue lies on the company’s end, this method will not be so helpful. So attempt this step only if you’re sure that the problem persists on your end. 

Contact Support. 

Since Wells Fargo is an intuitive application packed with cutting-edge tools and features that are not easy to grasp, there is always a contact staff to help you with all the features and services you want to apprehend. In addition, the support team will answer all your queries related to Wells Fargo. 

Schedule a free call – 000 800 001 6090. OR

Schedule an appointment online with a banker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Wells Fargo not working with the cash app?

If you cannot use Wells Fargo with the Cash app, you must be entering the wrong bank details. In case your bank details are correct, it still seems to be not working. You can reach out to Cash app support or contact your card issuer about the issue.

Why is the Wells Fargo app not working on the iPhone?

If the app is not working on the iPhone, we suggest you Delete your smartphone’s cache, clear out your storage and restart your phone.

Is Wells Fargo down, how to check?

To check if Wells Fargo is down or not, go to

Why does my Wells Fargo app crash?

Your app may crash due to several reasons. But the leading cause of app crashing is low storage space. So make sure your smartphone has ample storage (at least 2 GB) and that not too many apps are running simultaneously. You can also try to relaunch your app to hammer out this issue. 

Why is my Wells Fargo app not loading?

Update your app. That’s our answer. If your app is outdated, it may run into a lot of problems. However, we have seen that merely updating an app can fix several minor bugs that give rise to loading issues, including other problems.

Apart from that, you can check your internet connection and also try to reboot your device.  

Wrapping it Up

This is all. We’ve rounded up some crucial reasons and fixes why the Wells Fargo mobile app is not working. If slow loading, crash, or bugs drive you up the wall, this article is just for you. No matter how badly you’re frustrated or how much time you’ve already lost, this article covers all the major problems that users face with the app or website. 

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