Fix: BMO Harris digital bank app not working

Updated: August 4, 2022
bmo harris app not working

Unquestionably BMO Harris bank is one of the most reliable banks in the United States. It serves more than 12 million users with personal loans, banking, wealth management, and investment options. Despite being the 21st largest bank in North America, has 600 branches and more than 1200 ATMs in America, it has some flaws that users have already started noticing. 

If you’re using its bank application, you might bump into a host of problems, such as slow loading, lags, login access, and other minor bugs. The article, Why BMO harris bank app is not working sheds light on the issues that users face generally.  

Why is BMO Harris app not working?

There could be a couple of reasons for this. If you’ve recently installed the application, you may experience a login issue or crashing without any warning. All such problems may occur due to an outdated application or inadequate RAM or storage. 

If we dig a little deeper, the app might be in maintenance mode, or the servers are down, due to which you cannot access the features. Regardless, this article will help fix any issue pertinent to the BMO mobile banking.

How to fix the BMO Harris app not working?

#Fix 1: Update the app

It’s likely that you’ve not updated your app lately. It’s because either you’re busy doing your mundane things or have no time to look for an update. This work-shy nature may be the real reason why your BMO Harris app is crashing or having issues.

As we know, every time an update rolls out, it brings a slew of modifications to the application to improve the experience. Also, it eliminates noticeable bugs. So if you have an outdated application, we suggest you update it to elevate your app experience.

#Fix2: Clear cache

Your BMO app might not function correctly due to the cache piled up in your smartphone as log files. The application could be sluggish if the cache file is so large. However, there is always a way to clean up the cache on your smartphone to speed up the app’s performance and keep it from crashing. 

Depending on your smartphone, you may have different cache locations. If you’re using an Android phone, you see the exact “Clear cache” word for clearing cache, whereas iOS smartphones use the word “Purge” instead of the Cache. 

#Fix3: Relaunch the application

In case your BMO Harris mobile app is out of whack, restarting it can help. This is the most popular step to fix crashing and glitches. Restarting an application releases the RAM to the maximum output, resulting in a smooth app experience. 

You don’t need to relaunch the application every hour or two, as it is advisable to restart your application whenever you face any lag or slow loading while executing a task. 

#Fix3: Restart your smartphone

If you’re getting trouble accessing your account, you should try switching your smartphone on and off. Again, The RAM memory that is being used by the background applications is freed up to make room for the active applications. This speeds up your overall device’s performance, prevents crashing, and improves battery life by retaining memory. 

Clearing RAM will also cool down a device, allowing you to perform big tasks without lag and crash. 

#Fix3: Storage is not sufficient. 

Your device needs at least 2GB of Vacant RAM to run apps and software without any difficulty. However, if you’re running your apps with almost Full RAM usage, chances are you’ll experience extreme lags in the middle of your application. 

That said, your smartphone must have ample RAM for better performance of the app. Whenever you find files you no longer need, don’t hesitate to remove them until you have sufficient memory space in your phone. You can use any duplicate remover files or a cleaner application to manage your files and media better. 

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#Fix4: Reset network settings.

Poor internet keeps all things at bay. Your WiFi may be causing your app to load slowly. This may occur due to faulty network connections or settings. 

In order to resolve your Internet connection issue, you should consider resetting your network settings to default. 

Your network settings involve everything from your WiFi username and password to your Bluetooth devices or VPNs. You lose your custom network settings, including linked devices, when you hit the reset button. This would surely hammer out the loading problem if it occurs due to WiFi or other network settings. 

#Fix5: Contact support.

Last but not least. You must not disregard the contact support of the company. If you’ve any queries regarding the company’s services, tools, or general inquiries, reach out to the support team and ask your question or a doubt. 

Customer service number

00 1 847-238-2265

Get Online support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BMO Harris Zelle not working?

Make sure you’re connected to the internet before setting up Zelle. You need to enroll with Zelle via your U.S phone number or email address to send and receive money. If you’ve already enrolled, go to the option “Send money with Zelle, and follow the prompts to send cash to your friends or family. Please read the Zelle instruction about enrollment. 

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BMO debit card not working?

If your Mastercard card is being declined when making a payment at online stores or apps, you’ve to unblock the card via its mobile bank application or website to enable transactions. The company automatically disables your card to protect against unauthorized card usage, 

BMO you do not have access to this feature?

If you face trouble accessing company’s digital bank features or your account, you can contact the customer support team and fix this issue. This issue could occur due to bugs or technical faults. 

Wrapping it up 

That’s all. Read through the whole article and know why your BMO Harris digital bank app is not working and what you should do to fix slow loading, crashing, and errors and regain access to your account. This article is ready to serve you with all the necessary reasons and solutions. 

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