Zelle app not working? here is why (10 Fixes)

Updated: January 22, 2023
Why Zelle is not working

Is your Zelle app down or not working? you’ve landed in the right place. As we know, Zelle is one of the most popular payment apps that recorded $307 billion in transactions alone in 2020, edging out Venmo and Paypal.

Zelle is nothing sort of an incredible platform for sending and receiving money to family and friends. It is backed by many U.S banks like Ally, Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, and so on. So, it’s highly unlikely that the app will go down for a long without you knowing that. 

There could be a lot of other reasons why your Zelle app is not working on your device or with Well Fargo, Bank of amercia or other banks. We’ve listed a few easy fixes that can resolve this problem, so without any further ado, let’s get straight to the solutions. 

Why Zelle app not working? Ways to fic

Update required

One of the most common problems of an app’s errors is the outdated version. If your application is not running at the latest version, your device software may be incompatible with the app, which can cause several problems like crashing, glitches, bugs, etc. Before we head over to other solutions, make sure you have the latest version of Zelle installed on your device. 

In most cases, this tactic works. If the above step has resolved your problem, we suggest you set your active apps on auto-update so that you don’t run into any issues again. Still, Zelle not working? let’s head over to other ways. 

Your bank is not verified. 

With Zelle, you can send and receive money when you’ve added your US-based bank account or debit card. If your bank or credit union doesn’t offer this service, you should switch to any eligible bank. 

Double-check if your phone number or email address is linked to your bank account, or you can reach out to your financial institution with an issue you’re facing. Sometimes, bank servers may cause trouble, so wait a few hours to see if things fall back to normal. Once you’ve enrolled, you will see all your pending payments received successfully and be able to send cash. 

You are using a VPN.

A VPN, or virtual private network, keeps you anonymous by hiding your location, as banks like Zelle require to function properly. If you have a VPN enabled, you’ll likely face problems with any bank, so it’s advisable to never use a VPN to be able to use Zelle or other apps.

Here’s how to disable VPN

  • Go to settings and find the VPN option.
  • Disable or delete linked VPN networks.
  • Or open the VPN app you’ve installed on your smartphone and disable it.

Wrong phone number. 

First-time users may face difficulty accessing the app because of a lack of information. As we are already acquainted with the fact that you need a U.S based phone number or financial institution to use this app. It doesn’t support any other countries except the United States, not it is available abroad. 

Before you give out your phone number or bank account, you must check that it is registered to the right source—the U.S. However, in a rare case, your mobile number may throw an error while you try to enroll – weak networks are the main issue here. In this case, patience is the key. 

Your card is not supported. 

Zelle only accepts Visa and MasterCard debit cards from the participating banks. If your card is not eligible to enroll, you will get an error message. Ensure you’re using the right card before enrolling in the app. Debit cards issued to financial institutions outside of the Zelle Network won’t work. The app also does not support any prepaid or credit cards. 

It also has no support for debit cards linked to most U.S. territories, including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Marina islands, and a few more. Still, facing technical difficulties regarding a card? Ensure the card you’re using has your name on it, and also check the address and card details like CVV number or expiration date. 

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You’re trying to send money outside of Zelle.

The company accepts specific payment options even within the U.S. You have already enrolled and may have successfully transferred cash, but why now doesn’t it work? The answer is simple: you’re doing it wrong. The company doesn’t work outside of its family, meaning – to make payments using the app, your recipient must have the app installed to receive the cash. 

The person who receives the cash should have a verified account for larger transactions, or the transaction will decline if the amount exceeds the limitation. 

You used up your sending limit.

Another error or delay in payment processing users experience with Zelle because of the sending limit. Users with bank accounts or credit unions offering Zelle can transfer up to $5000 in a single week or $10000 every month. If your financial institution has not participated, you’re eligble to send up to $500 a week or $2000 a month. 

Note that there is no such limitation on requesting or accepting cash. Different banks offer different sending limits. For example, Wells Fargo and Bank of America let you send up to $20000 a month, whereas PNC Bank and Citizen Bank have a sending limit of $5000 per month, the lowest of all. 

So now if your payment gets declined, ensure you’re not transferring more than the allowed limit set by your financial institution or card union. 

Bank servers are down.

When everything seems to be working flawlessly, you might bump into another problem that is out of your control. While enrolling using a phone number or email address, your bank could be facing a server problem, which can halt your registration process. Your bank’s servers must be up and running to send and receive funds without any issues. Unfortunately, we cannot take any significant steps against down servers, as we can only wait till the bank responds correctly. 

Insufficient balance.

Is the cash running out of the account? Many times we overlook this. Sometimes, this type of trivial matter can ruin a mood. To avoid this, simply reload money into your account; otherwise, the app will refuse the transaction.

Unfriendly device

Last but not least, your smartphone is not compatible with your app. If you’re using any non-android or iOS device, you will not be able to download any Android or iOS apps from their marketplace. 

However, even if your smartphone is Android or iOS, it must be equipped with the latest software version for a smooth and better experience.

Summing it up,

Zelle is a safe and secure platform that strives to provide a better experience for its users. We have narrowed down a few reasons why your Zelle app is not working. Look through each point and try to resolve your issue. 

If the above solutions don’t fix the problem, try rebooting your smartphone or deleting caches to see if it moves the needle. However, on most occasions, merely a reboot can help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Zelle payment pending?

When making a transaction with Zelle, both the sender and the recipient’s account have to be enrolled via phone number or email for a successful transaction. However, if a sender sees a payment pending, then the recipient or the person you’re sending money to may not have enrolled with the app. 

Why I am not able to enroll with Zelle?

The app only accepts bank accounts or debit cards (Visa or MasterCard) that are issued in the United States. It states clearly that it doesn’t support business debit cards, credit cards, or prepaid cards. Also, ensure that your bank account or credit union is in the Zellepay network to enroll without fail.

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