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Updated: January 25, 2023
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U.S. Bancorpbank is the most prestigious bank in the U.S, with over 15.8 Million users across 26 states. The company racked in around $23 billion in annual revenue in 2021 alone, with most revenue coming from its smartphone apps. If you’re one of the bank’s consumers and facing trouble using the app, don’t worry; we’ve your back.

U.S bank app allows you to pay bills, lock & unlock your card, order/replace a card, Transfer funds, manage your accounts, and much more. So, it’s frustrating if the app is not working. Let’s fix it.

Reasons why your US bank app not working?

U.S bank apps could face technical or server issues on its end whenever you face trouble accessing the platform. However, there may be other problems that need to solve from your side. For example, an outdated app or software or unstable wifi can cause problems if not resolved. Besides, Inadequate storage in your device may be why your US bank app is not working. Likewise, there are a host of reasons that we’ve rounded up in this article. Let’s dive right in.

How to fix the US bank app not working problems?

Right below, we have put a few most crucial factors and solutions to resolve your app problems. If you’re having trouble logging in or accessing any of the U.S bank features, or if your app is stuck or frozen and not loading properly, these points will be helpful.

Force quit the app

Whenever your US bank app gets stuck on screen or during any activity, you can try to force close the app and relaunch it.

This tactic often works when an app is stuck and not responding properly. Also, if multiple apps are opened on your device’s screen, your app may behave sluggish or stuck, so consider closing all the tabs and then trying again.

To force quit, simply swipe up on your app from the opened apps tab, and it let go.

is the US bank app down?

Is the US bank app down? Yes, It could be – Reasons: poor servers or maintenance. However, if you cannot access the platform by any medium, whether it’s a website app or anything. In that case, it is possible that the servers are busy or there is maintenance going on.

To catch up on the right news, you can follow its social media pages before assuming if it’s a server issue or they’ve moved on from your city. Anyway, if the app is down, you’ve to wait for a while until they resolve the issue. So, if you encounter anything such as “We’re down for maintenance, check back later,” simply wait till everything is up and running again.

However, you can always check the site servers at If this doesn’t fix an issue, move to the next step.

Restart your smartphone

Restart is helpful if your smartphone is slow, frozen, and won’t load any applications. When you restart your device, you don’t actually fix your performance issue but also fix minor bugs that cause many problems you can’t ignore.

In general, Restart frees up your device’s RAM used by background apps. As a result, your device’s performance increases. So, if your smartphone is sluggish or lagging, it may be clamoring for a quick restart or reboot.

To restart a phone, simply press your power button for a few seconds and select “Restart or Reboot” from the Power options on your screen. Or you can ask Siri or Google Assitance to restart your smartphone.

Relaunch the app

Is your US bank app frozen? Why not restart it? This simple tactic can fix pesky technical errors. If you do not close the app for so long, the cache starts to pile up and get so large, making your app run slowly. However, if you’ve massive disc space and robust hardware, this problem is totally avoidable.

But still, it’s always a good idea to relaunch the app to refresh its session if it’s running for a long time. To restart, simply open the open tabs by swiping up (down, left, or right) from the bottom of the screen to the top and swipe up on the app to close it. (Note: Your smartphone may have a different user interface.)

Update your US bank app

Is your app outdated? If yes, you will miss upcoming features that come with updates. On top of that, your app may malfunction, and you may not be able to use it properly as you go on with an outdated version. So, updating your application to the latest version is crucial to avoid crashing, a blank screen, or any error.

Under the hood, your US bank app stacks the up cache to enhance the user experience and may take an adverse effect if not cleaned up after some time.

Here’s how to update the US app on

Android –

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Scroll down, and tap Applications and Permissions.
  • Access App manager and tap the US bank app.
  • Now click Storage and hit Clear Cache.

iOS –

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap General and access Apps.
  • Find and tap the US bank application.
  • Click Internal Storage and hit Offload data.

(This’ll clear out all the cache or log files of your US bank application.)

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Fix your Unstable Internet connection.

You may experience lags or loading issues if you have an unstable internet connection. Make sure you don’t have a poor internet connection that doesn’t break off or lose between any activity or making a transaction. Look for solid wifi or Cellular network strings before running the app or doing any primary task within the app, or you may experience an error due to slow or broken internet.

To fix your wifi, simply switch on and off your wifi and try to relaunch the app. Or you can also try to check your internet connection by switching between your wifi and Cellular network connection. Ensure you’re in close range with your router to avoid internet outrage issues.

Sync Time and date

Due to the wrong time and date, you might face issues with your U.S bank app. Make sure you’ve set up the correct Time & date in your smartphone to avoid any time zone-related problems. You can manually set time or sync it automatically according to your timezone.

Setting date and time


  • Launch settings.
  • Scroll down and tap General.
  • Navigate to the Date & Time option.
  • Check if your time zone is set to automatic.


  • Head over to the system Settings.
  • Search and Access Date & time and tap Automatic.

Uninstall and re-install your app

Sometimes, uninstalling and re-installing can fix many minor issues you’re facing with your US bank app. When you re-install your application, all the junk files get removed but keep all the data associated with the app.

If your smartphone is slow or lagging, you can consider uninstalling unwanted apps from your device.

To uninstall your US bank app, go to your home screen, search for the app and hold it down until options pop up – hit Uninstall, and you’re done. 

Install the app again by heading over to your Playstore or App store app and clicking on the Install button.

Contact support

If these solutions don’t move the needle, you can reach out to the US bank support team and put forward your query. You can ask questions regarding the app or its features through phone, email, live chat, or a branch.

Toll-Free number: 1 (800) 872-2657

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why US Bank app notifications not working?

If your US bank notifications not working?, check your settings on your smartphone if you’ve disabled notifications, or you can login into your US bank account and add alerts.

Why is my US bank deposit declined?

If your mobile deposit got declined, that means US bank couldn’t receive funds from the issuer due to any of the following reasons: Insufficient funds and stop payment. To resolve the issue, you can contact your check issuer and verify the cause of your check failure. However, if you see pending mobile deposits in your account, then you’ve to wait untill your check is approved or the payee receives the funds successfully.

why is my US Bank Reliacard app not working?

If you’ve recently received your Reliacard, ensure it’s activated before using it. Once it’s activated, you’ve to reload your card before you can use it. Also, ensure that your card is not blocked or disabled for transactions.

Why US Bank focus app not working?

Like any Reliacard prepaid card, the Focus card may not work if you have an insufficient balance or the card is blocked or deactivated.

Wrapping it up

Still, your US bank app is not working. We recommend you contact the support team to look into your issue. However, merely uninstalling and re-installing the app has often fixed many minor issues. You can try to turn off and turn on your smartphone as it will cool down your smartphone and free up Ram, which ultimately boosts the performance. However, if you do not want to reinstall the application, simply clean up the cache and see if it has resolved an issue.

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