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Why is Vanilla Gift Card Not Working? (Solved)

Updated: April 7, 2024
Vanilla Gift card not working

Is your Vanilla Visa Gift card not working? You shouldn’t be surprised. Getting a pre-paid card declined at stores is quite normal, and it happens to almost everybody. But is it really not annoying? You rush to a store, trying to pick discounted items, and when you check out, you realize that your card got declined.

If you’re a victim of such circumstances, we’ve your back. Sometimes, it’s not straightforward to know what is causing an issue. So we’ve crafted this article so you can get all your reasons and solutions for why your Vanilla Gift card is not working or declining. So without wasting any more time, let’s barge forward.

What is Vanilla Visa Gift Card?

Vanilla Visa Gift cards are fee-free plastic and digital Visa cards that can be used to make payments online and in-store wherever Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

The card is similar to a credit card but can only be refilled or loaded at the time of purchase, not later.

Since almost every merchant in the U.S. accepts Visa Gift cards, they are a popular gift option for people who want a gift but are still deciding what to give.

vanilla visa gift card design

Best of all, you can purchase this card from retail stores such as Amazon or eBay, apart from the standalone website, and reload it from a value ranging from $25 to $500.

Not only Vanilla Gift cards are designed to be easy to use, but it also has a wide range of designs for various occasions, including custom designs.

So when you choose a design, you can write a personalized message to make your card more thoughtful and stand out.

And unlike traditional debit or credit cards, it doesn’t waive any interest or other fees to manage your balance.

On top of convenience and flexibility, Vanilla Gift cards also provide security.

Some tips for using your Vanilla Gift card properly?

If you’ve received your Plastic gift card via mail or an e-gift card to your registered email and are looking forward to using it, follow these simple tips to use it properly.

  • Check the Balance: Has your card enough balance to cover the cost of a transaction? If yes, you can make a purchase. You can check your Vanilla gift card balance on the website or call the customer support team.
  •  Activate the Card: Some Vanilla Gift cards come activated, so you can use them directly without activating them. However, some may require activation before they can be used. Locate the phone number back of the card to activate it. Or visit the official website, enter your card information, and check your balance to activate your Vanilla Gift card.
  •  Use the Card Within the Expiration Date: This shouldn’t be the case if you’ve recently purchased the card. If your gift card is old, make sure you use it before you lose out on your remaining balance.
  •  Read the Terms: Before using your card, read the terms & conditions that come with the card. It’s important to know any costs or limitations linked to the card, such as expiration dates, inactivity fees, or activation fees.
  •  Use the Card at the right merchants: Vanilla Gift cards are usable at any store that accepts Visa or Mastercard, but some merchants may not accept gift cards or Visa. Before making a purchase, verify that the retailer accepts gift cards.
  •  Keep Track of Transactions: It’s crucial to keep tabs on your spending or transactions to keep a good record of your gift card. Doing so can avoid impulse buying or using the card for unauthorized purchases.
  •  Don’t shop at the wrong store – Gas, Restaurant, Salon, or (Therefore, the card that the users use at gas stations often has pre-authorization for $75 or more.) Avoid such stores if you don’t have enough funds on your card.

When you follow all the above tips, we assure you that you can handle your Vanilla Gift cards easily. However, contacting the customer support team is advisable if your problem still exists.

Why is Vanilla Gift Card not working? (How to Fix)

There could be several reasons why your Vanilla Gift card is not working or being declined. Lack of balance could be the primary cause of any payment card failure. However, if you enter the wrong credentials, your transaction will fail. Likewise, there are other reasons too that you’ll need to figure out where your problem is.

We will discuss some reasons why vanilla gift cards may not work and what actions you can take to hammer out your issue.

Insufficient Funds

It doesn’t matter which type of payment card you use; it won’t work with insufficient funds. In fact, one of the most known causes of card decline is insufficient funds. So ensure your gift card has enough credit to cover the purchase cost.

You must check the balance before using it online or in-store to avoid payment errors or transaction decline. To check the balance, you can head over to the Vanilla Balance website and access your account using your gift card details. The other way is to call the number on the back of the card.

Expired Card

Believe it or not, we’re not accustomed to Gift cards yet, as much as we use debit or credit cards. However, the expiration date is labeled on the front of the card. You may have to peel off the protective film to see your Vanilla Gift card number, expiry date, and security code.

If your card expires, you can issue a replacement card and use your left-out balance. You can only be able to make purchases once your gift card is active or not expired.

To avoid this issue, always check the expiration date before paying.

Wrong Credentials

Are you entering the correct gift card details at checkout? It would help if you rechecked it before trying to make a payment.

Your transaction will only be successful if the information provided during the transaction matches the information on your vanilla gift card.

So, ensure you enter the correct details, including the card number, expiration date, and CVC code.

Despite using the correct credentials, your transaction may decline. You can contact the customer support team – maybe they can resolve the issue for you.

Fraud Prevention

Your gift card has likely been blocked or declined due to fraud prevention measures put in place by the issuer.

If an issuer caught you using the card fraudulently, they might reject the transaction.

If this case, contact the issuer to verify the transaction and provide any additional information that may be required.

To avoid this, ensure that you don’t enter your card details multiple times in a row on the same website, and review all the details before hitting any button.

Merchant Restrictions

It’s worth noting that not all merchants in the U.S. and District of Columbia support Visa Gift cards due to their own policies or restrictions put in place by the issuer.

So, it’s crucial to check with merchants if they accept Visa before making a purchase.

If a merchant doesn’t accept Gift cards or Visa, you have to consider using a different form of payment that a merchant accepts.

Transaction limit exceeded

When you buy any item online, the available balance on your card must be equal to or more than the price of an item to make your payment successfully.

Your transaction will be declined if your item’s price exceeds your gift card balance. So, ensure that a product doesn’t cost you more than your card balance.

Unfortunately, you can’t reload your Vanilla Gift card once the balance is exhausted.

You’re purchasing abroad.

If you’re using your Vanilla Visa Gift card directly outside of the U.S. and District of Columbia, it won’t work. However, there could be other ways to redeem your Visa gift card and use it for international transactions.

To avoid system error or getting your card declined, always ensure that the merchant accepts payments in the U.S.

Contact customer support

Finally, if nothing moves the needle, you must contact the Vanilla customer service team for further assistance. Here is the toll-free number for existing customers – 1-833-322-6760.

Unfortunately, there is no live chat, email address, or Contact Us form where you can submit your query – all you can do is make a phone call.

Why can’t I check my Vanilla Gift card balance?

There may be a host of reasons why you’re unable to check your Vanilla gift card balance. If your card is expired, you can’t check its balance online or anywhere. If this happens, order a replacement card to use the available funds in your expired card.

Another reason is your poor internet connection. Make sure your WiFi or cellular network is not broken and has good speed. We also suggest you clear your browser cache if you encounter server errors while checking your balance. Lastly, enter your gift card details correctly with no typos.

Vanilla Gift card not working FAQs.

Why does it say my Gift card is invalid online?

Your gift card could have insufficient funds, expired, or you’re using the wrong credentials.

How can I check my Vanilla Gift card balance? 

To see your available balance, simply go to the enter your card details, and submit. Or you can call the toll-free number on the back of the card.

Can I use my Vanilla Gift card to make online purchases? 

Yes, you can use your card to pay online, like any debit or credit card.

Can I use my Vanilla Gift card to purchase outside the United States?

No, you cannot use Vanilla Gift cards abroad. Currently, they are functional in the U.S. and the District of Columbia.

Can I reload my Vanilla Gift card with additional funds? 

No, you cannot reload it with additional funds. Once the funds on the card are exhausted, the card can no longer be used.

Can I return items purchased with my Vanilla Gift card?

Yes, there shouldn’t be any issue returning an item purchased with any gift card and getting refunded to the same payment source.

Wrapping it up 

That’s there to it. We’ve rounded up all the possible reasons and solutions to resolve vanilla gift card issues. Read through the article to find out what is causing a problem and how to fix an issue.

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