Why is Chime direct deposit late? Reasons & Fixes

Updated: January 13, 2024
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Is your paycheck didn’t arrive? We’ve your back. With Chime, you get your paycheck up to two days earlier than your normal payday, but sometimes it usually doesn’t happen.

There could be various reasons why your direct deposit didn’t hit yet. It’s quite nerve-wracking when we don’t receive our paycheck on time, even after following all the guidance. So, in this article, we’ll know why this happens and how to resolve this issue, so it doesn’t occur next time.

Reasons why your Chime direct deposit is taking so long?

It’s normal for early deposits to show up at any time throughout the day. If it’s taking longer than usual, or if you haven’t received your payment two days early, there may be some problem.

Chime processes thousands of paychecks at a time and posts them instantly to the user’s accounts as it doesn’t hold any deposits. In the process, some paychecks may have been bounced or are still in the queue. However, if your benefits provider or employer has already paid you, chances are your fund is still not cleared by the bank.

Let’s know all the possible reasons why your direct deposit didn’t arrive.

  • Your direct deposit may be bounced because the sender has insufficient funds in the bank account to pay you.
  • Chime observes federal and bank holidays, so it cannot process paychecks during that period.
  • Employers’ payroll processing could be slow or face some technical difficulties, so Chime didn’t receive the payment instructions.
  • Your routing number may be incorrect in the direct deposit form given to your Payroll manager.
  • Your account is still not verified.
  • Money may not appear in your account due to glitches or technical difficulties.
  • It could be a causal delay.

How to fix when your direct deposit is late?

Your direct deposit may not arrive due to various reasons. We’ve laid out a few reasons and fixes to help you navigate your issue. Before you delve in, make sure your Chime account is active. So here are the fixes to resolve your problem.

Contact your Employer or sender.

Before it’s too late for your paycheck to land in your account, it’s better to contact your employer and ask if the fund has been paid or not and know the exact timing of your paycheck. If your employer has paid your fund, it means that the payroll processing is slow or it is yet to be cleared by the bank. So, once it’s clear that your direct deposit is on the way, it will be funded into your Chime account on any business day.

As we know Chime doesn’t post a fund on holidays, so if your paycheck is lurking, wait until the next business.

Check your account information.

Your routing or account number may be invalid, so your direct deposit didn’t arrive. Ensure your employer sends funds to the correct deposit form or Chime has received a payment instruction from your benefits provider.

In case your account information is incorrect, you can update it in your payroll provider portal and confirm with your payer.

However, it’s rare to see any mistake in account details once your payroll manager confirms everything was set up correctly. Still, it is one of the many reasons your paycheck didn’t arrive or is late.

Wait for the next business day.

If your sender already initiated your payment but didn’t arrive at Chime, you must wait until the next business day. Since Chime observes all the federal and bank holidays in the U.S., your payment is likely to hit Chime as soon as the financial institution process and clear it. However, there could be other reasons your payment is taking too long.

The bank system may be facing technical issues in processing payments or is undergoing maintenance. So, before resigning yourself, know if there is any holiday or if the system is facing some issue, so it wasn’t able to process your payment.

Enable your transaction notification

You must set up push notifications to know your transaction activity when your payment is on the way to your checking account.

Chime doesn’t send text messages but sends push notifications on your phone for your every account activity. However, if your notifications option is disabled, you may not know of any activity unless you access the app and check yourself. So, turning on notifications is a must-move to know when your direct deposit arrives in the Chime app.

Enable Chime Push notifications on your phone –

Android –

  • Launch Settings on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the Applications and Permissions.
  • Tap App Manager.
  • Select Chime Banking.
  • Tap Permissions.
  • Enable Push notifications.

On iOS

  • Open the Settings of your device.
  • Tap Notifications.
  • Navigate to the Chime app.
  • Toggle on Notifications and Sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be worried if my direct deposit is late?

No, if you’ve set up your direct deposit correctly and have already received your first paycheck with Chime, there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes, Direct deposits may take time to be posted to your Chime checking account due to bank holidays or off days. Also, There could be any technical issues on the sender’s and bank’s end.

Is Chime holding my direct deposit?

No, Chime doesn’t hold your funds like Cash App. It posts your fund to your checking account as soon as it receives it from your benefits provider.

Wrapping it Up

We hope this article will help you know and fix your problem on why your Chime Direct deposit is late. If you’re aware of the federal or bank holidays, waiting is only the option. However, reach out to your payroll manager and confirm your payment and account information.

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