7 Best Piano Apps For kids (Free)

Updated: April 7, 2024
piano apps for kids

Looking for the best piano app for kids? We have your back. If your child wants to learn the keyboard or you want him/her to learn it, then don’t look any further, we have piled up some of the best piano apps Kids would love to enjoy. As we know, unlike grown-ups, most children have difficulty understanding musical notes, so they don’t enjoy playing any instrument. 

If we give them any gamelike app that is engaging and at the same time helps in learning piano, our job is over. At least children would get the idea of how the keyboard sounds or how they can play certain melodies on it. 

To make sure piano apps are Joyful and not boring, we’ve dug out some of the best apps.

Best Piano learning app for kids (Android & iOS)

Piano Kids by Orange Studio

It’s the ultimate piano app for kids. It has various instruments like saxophone, guitar, flute, and more. Every instrument sounds realistic, though looks phony. The keyboard is exactly what baby toys are supposed to be, having eight keys that include Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-T. On to that, there are musical tunes that can be played while playing the piano. All kinds of instruments have such melodies buttons to spice things up while playing an instrument. 

The app is more than instrumental, as it has a learning mode, music mode, and game mode too. Children can learn to play songs (like jingle bell) by following the tutorials. Besides, it has a host of educational games that fill the void of boredom in kids. To sum up, it’s a perfect free piano learning app for kids that also teaches music and has educational games to multiply the fun.  

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Piano Academy

As the name suggests, the application helps users learn the piano. It is free and intuitive and offers the digital grand piano with the signature 88 keys. You can sit by your kid’s side and guide him to play along the way to finish a song. It has hundreds of songs minors can learn to play, though a few of them are free. When paying a $3 yearly fee, you can access the VIP, and unlock every song.

However, It has coins that can be redeemed for unlocking songs. Best of all, The piano is always accessible to play. Here is the tip; You can search for any music notes online and practice on the app without interruption. You only need to pay to unlock VIP songs. 

Free | $3 / yearly for full access. 

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Kids Piano by Indocipta

This app is the perfect fit for kids up to 12 years of age. It is a free and joyful mobile application. All the instruments it offers are free. It has cool animal sounds that not only sound like animals but also instrumental when playing on the piano. Of course, the piano has an auto music option.

For kids to be able to learn music, it has interactive tutorials of various songs such as Twinkle Twinkle or Johnny Johnny. It boasts keys that minors need to tap to play and learn music melodies. The app has been featured in many notable publications. With more than 10 million downloads and an average of 4.3 ratings, it’s lurking at the Google Play Store.

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Kids Piano by Son Lam

This app is nothing sort of any revelation. It is completely free, intuitive, and has no ads. It has a grand piano that highlights eight keys at a time. You can increase the number of keys or switch to high notes or low notes keys at the tap of a button. The instrument sounds quite realistic as it doesn’t function like a kid’s instrument, adults can try it too. 

Best of all, it has a few themes that totally change the way the piano looks. Unlike other relevant apps, it displays music notes above when we tap keys, which would help anyone learn the keyboard. It has over 150 song lessons made for children. Also, there are animal sounds, guitars, and a host of other instruments that drape into the instrument. 

Free | no in-app purchases.

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Piano by Yokee

Another free piano app for kids with a slew of other instruments and games. It’s not a unique app, as we have seen similar apps here that share a common platform. However, it has two modes: instruments and sounds. In the instrument mode, it has different types of instruments lined up, while, in the sound mode, it has various kinds of sounds from animals to birds, or vehicles to fish. 

It also includes country flags, alphabets, numbers, colors, and shapes. Moving to the piano, it has the eight-key natural C D E F G A B C without the flat keys or black buttons. This application is free but contains ads. By paying a one-time $1.25, it removes ads forever. 

Marbel Music by Educa studio

This app is straightforward and well-built. It has a bunch of keyboard lessons kids would thoroughly enjoy playing. The app is as simple as it can be. Also, it houses a few other games that revolve around music, thus offering a joyful way to understand music sounds. It has six modes – the music parade, music nest, music house, frogs orchestra, instrument, and music note. 

All the games are unique and engaging in one way or another. One of our favorite games is a magic parade, where all characters play a chorus instrument, while one sings a song. Frogs Orchestra is a Kind of cool game, that is quite similar, but the only difference is we can tap on each frog to play an instrument for us. We bet this app is undeniably the best piano app for kids. 

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Dream Piano by Tap Lab

When it comes to piano apps, it takes a unique spin. This app allows users to play the latest songs but with a knack. Unlike other relevant apps, it is quite different and entertaining. It actually doesn’t teach the keyboard or have any piano in the first place. It’s just a perfect pastime that anybody can hook on to feel the sound of the piano on different songs. 

To play a song, you need to select a song and repeatedly Press down the thumb on the falling objects. You must not miss any falling object if you want to get rewarded or finish off a song. Every song starts slow but after the second round, it picks up pace, so more likely you will miss an object. However, if you miss out, you can always watch an ad to start from where you left off. After completing each song, coins are rewarded and a few songs get unlocked.

Free | In-app purchases (to get more coins to unlock songs)

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Wrapping Up

Here is the list of the best Piano learning apps for kids. After trying out several mobile applications, we’ve sorted out the apps that would definitely help children understand the sound of music. Playstore has a plethora of similar apps, but only a few are worth trying. Best of all, the mentioned apps are free and unique. Thanks for reading. We hope you share this article across social media to make kids fall in love with the piano. 

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