Are we in a pinnacle of digital technology in the world? Well, it doesn’t matter. Maths is around for years, began in 6 century BC when Phythogoreons, The ancient Greeks, formulated a systematic study of maths as a subject in their own rights. Since then, many mathematicians around the globe played a significant role in developing math as a full-fledged study that today we read as Geometry, Trignometry, differential, topology, e.t.c. Fast forward today, we now have a math solver app to solve any math word problems at a tap of a button.

Had we envisaged it coming?. Now an app take a picture of your homework, and get answers without having you to wrap your head around. This is nothing sort of a radical change in the system of education, but results can be dire if students only stick to math solver app and do not manually attempt to solve problems. However, A math solver app doesn’t only scan and show the best answer but solves a question with steps, so students can learn to solve problems too. Without any delay, let’s jump to the best math solving apps. 

Why are Maths Solver apps best?

  • Scan and Solve complex maths problems with steps.
  • Help you unstuck from a tricky question by highlighting errors.
  • Lets you explore other maths problems with a step by step solution. 
  • Has a built-in Smart calculator to help you calculate advanced maths calculations. 
  • Lets you choose between multiple methods to solving questions. 
  • Solve math problems in a snap. 

Best apps that solve any math problems (android, and iOS)


It is one of the best maths solver app you can use to shove your mathematics skills. If you want to take a picture of your homework and get answers, then Photomath is the solution. Throw at it any math problem, and it solves it in a fraction of seconds with an in-detail explanation. On top of all that, you find myriad of maths books covering lower grade students to university graduates. The text recognition is near perfect as you can even write lossy characters, and expect a precise solution. 

photomath math solver app

It gives a little edge for students who check their math work and see exactly where they went wrong in solving. Photomath has such a decent way of explaining calculation steps in animation, similar to a tutor would do on a chalkboard. Best of all, you will be able to solve graphs equations and use graphs to interpret solutions of any equation. Another funkiest feature it offers is the smart calculator that allows you to edit scanned maths problems, and see solution of any symbolic equation. 

Who’s Photomath for? 

  • Teachers who want to amplify their maths teaching skill.
  • Kids who want to learn syllabus mathematics with animations.
  • College students for elevating maths learning skills. 
  • Parents to teach their kids the basic mathematics like addition, subtraction e.t.c. 

Key Features 

  • Supports a wide range of syllabus questions.
  • Scan through a camera, and solves a question step by step.
  • Keeper of countable popular mathematics books with solved solutions
  • Brings mathematics to life with detailed animation of steps.
  • Inbuilt Intuitive smart calculator. 
  • Allows using graphics to interpret the system of equation and more. 

Freemium | One-Time $39 or $5/monthly |iOS here –

Microsoft Math SolverFree
Microsoft Math Solver

This app is nothing sort of your math buddy, helping you visualize and learn tricky maths problems on the go. Microsoft math has three ways to solve your problems: Scan, draw, and type. You to need to tell it a question you want it to solve step by step. The “Draw” feature is what makes it stand out in the crowd with its incredible accuracy to identify sloppy characters that are even hard to read in papers. 

microsoft maths solver app

Unlike Photomath, it doesn’t include paperbacks solved solutions, but it likely supports all sorts of mathematical problems such as algebra, pre-algebra, trigonometry, calculus, with steps. Not only has it the best way of explaining maths, but you can also learn more stuff through videos tutorial explaining everything maths. Since it has tutorials to get you through complex problems, it also has quizzes to keep you plugged in. 

No matter where you come from, it has support for various languages: Russian, Spanish, German, or Hindi. The app has been downloaded over a whopping 100 million times, and it runs on the web, iOS, and android.

Who’s Microsoft Math Solver for?

  • Teachers for interpreting graphs equations, and more.
  • Students who’re preparing for competitive exams.
  • Parents and kids can get the most out of it. 
  • Anyone who is a math quiz savvy. 

Key Features –

  • Smart calculator to tackling with various mathematics problems.
  • Scans a question straight from a smartphone, and displays a step-by-step solution.
  • ”Draw” Feature enables you to write a question manually. 
  • Users can check the history of their problems, and also solve quizzes.
  • Video tutorials for help.

Free | No ads | iOS here | Web

Brainly – The Homework AppFree
Brainly – The Homework App

brainly app for math solving

Brainly is another intuitive yet productive app that solves any maths word problems. If you haven’t heard about it before, then you’re missing on its offbeat features. At its best, Brainly has a large community around the world, helping each other out. Besides Maths, it includes a various curriculum of subjects like science, Geology, Botany, and to name a few. Ask a question either through typing, scanning or asking it aloud; it makes it easier.

It’s not only math centred, so you are unlikely to get every type of mathematical solution, but the community has your back. By asking a question in the community, you can get much clear explanation of a problem; therefore, Brainly has the edge over other relevant apps. At a lower note, only members with enough points can ask questions, so while answering questions often will help you retain your points. 

After gaining enough points, tap on the “ASK QUESTION” button to ask your question manually, using smart calculator, files and speech to text button. When it comes to the best free math word solver app, Brainly is the best option to go for. 

Who’s Brainly for – 

  • Students of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and other subjects.
  • Kids for learning basic mathematical expressions with steps.
  • Any competitive aspirant.

Key Features – 

  • Has an enormous community of around 20 million people worldwide.
  • Lets you ask a different type of subjective questions. 
  • Answers a question likely in two minutes (not for most problems). 
  • Shows other methods of solving problems, thank goes to the community. 
  • Smart calculator. 

Free | No ads | Requires points to ask questions | iOS

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By: Mathway

It’s more of a smart calculator than a community app. It claims to have solved over five billion math problems and still counting. With MathWay, you can learn to solve Graphing, chemistry, finite math, calculus, precalculus, algebra, pre-algebra, statistics and more. Under the hood, it uses A. I bot to help you find answers with steps. You can look at examples of different mathematical problems laid out for you with detailed explanation using the smart calculator.

This math solver app enables you to snap a picture of your math question and get answers instantly. Being a basic member, you have access to all of its content, except allowing for viewing steps only when upgrading for a premium. The premium will cost around $1.55/monthly, and $5/yearly.

Who’s MathWay for 

  • Students to check homework with steps.
  • Anyone for calculating complex maths questions.
  • Teachers to learn all kind of syllabus questions.

Key features – 

  • Artificial intelligence bot to help you with math problems.
  • Solve questions step by step at a tap of a button.
  • Has the capacious amount of solved queries.

Freemium | $1.55/monthly or $5/yearly |Download iphone

Cymath - Math Problem SolverFreePremium
Cymath - Math Problem Solver

Cymath is another funky app that solves any maths problems and gives step by step solution. Just hop a question in the smart calculator, and tap to get an answer, it works flawlessly. You can also use your camera to scan a question and get an answer or manually create a problem using a calculator. Apart from the solver, it has the reference covering almost everything from algebra: common logarithms to Calculus: Integration.

math solver app

All in a while, you can check history, explore the blog, and practice many questions in your language. However, upgrading to a premium may dramatically improve your ability to learn and solve problems with “why a step is taken” detailed steps. Apart from that, it removes ads, personalizes your questions, unlocks reference material, and offers robust support 24/7.

Who’s Cymath for 

  • Beginners and elites who want a thorough explanation of solutions. 
  • School or college aspirants for practising syllabus questions.

Key Features – 

  • The app takes a picture of your homework and gets answers.
  • In-built calculator for solving out different maths problems.
  • Reference for knowledge. 
  • Users can practice questions.
  • Bookmark material.

Freemium | Download iphone

Wrapping Up

We’ve compiled the list of apps to help you solve any math word problems. To get the best experience out of these apps, you may consider trying out free trials or a premium subscription they have to offer. All these apps have the best smart calculator in common, to solve all sort of math problems such as trigonometry, integral, algebra e.t.c. If you’re a college student, teacher, kid, or parent, then any best math solver app can be a great aid to your math solving skills.