7 Best free math apps for kids (android & iOS)

Updated: January 19, 2024
best math apps for kids

Math is fun right? but do kids actually enjoy it?. Research has shown that children learn better and much faster when things are laid out for them in a simple and fun manner. As mathematics is not just about numbers, it includes patterns, logical expressions, diagrams, graphs that minors tend to understand better when they’re relaxed and convivial. 

With the advent of technology, now it’s possible for parents to give their children the kind of education they wanted to have for themselves. After all, it’s not just about getting good grades, as kids must enjoy when learning. Now encourage your kids to practice math homework with any of the best apps we’ve rounded up here. Let’s get started. 

Best free Math apps for kids that parents must be aware of (android and iOS) 


Launched in 2018, to offer a free education set of tools for kids up to age eight so they become better learners for life. Khan kids have interactive character guide math tutorials, books, songs, and games for toddlers, kindergarteners, preschoolers, and first grade. Apart from that, it zeros in kids’ social-emotional intelligence, reading, language, and more. Games like drawing and coloring are another way for kids it has to encourage creativity and self-expression. 

Candidly, it has more to offer than any other maths apps for kids. New content is added every weekend after tested by experts at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. The robust curriculum and joyful reading aids children in so many ways. And despite comprising a plethora of contents, the app is free, with no subscription at all. 

For remote learning, teachers can use tools to set up class easily, assign lessons, view reports, and more. Khan Academy has so many awards under its belt for its non-profit, award-winning content. 

What this math app offer for kids?

  • An interactive character guide teaching for Age up to 8.
  • Includes Games, books, songs, and much more. 
  • Tools for teachers to set up classes remotely. 
  • Intuitive user-interface built specifically for kids.
  • Teacher-assured content.

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It’s one of the best math apps for kindergarten and classes up to 12th. It offers interactive maths tutorials in games that make learning fun and engaging. On top of math, teenagers can also learn and practice coding. 

To start, just tell the class you are in, and the app suggests some tutorial for maths, allowing you to learn the smart way. As you unlock a chapter by solving problems, you’ll rack up points that will indicate your strength. You need to practice daily math gym session to increase progress. A session has 5 sets of math games that have to be completed before jumping into the next.  

You can also set a preferred time for math sessions and other training so you can also be able to finish other curriculum activities. Akin to the khan app, Cuemath is fully equipped with free content: that is math and coding. 

This math app offers for kids – 

  • wide range of math syllabus of primary to high school.
  • Grown-up calculations games for effective learning.
  • Online coursed designed by professionals for Kindergarten, class 1 to class 10. 
  • Live online classes.
  • Simple counting games like multiplication, division, subtraction. 
  • Advance math games on reasoning, algebra, aptitude, geometry, coding, data-ai, e.t.c. 

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Math Kids – Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn

It’s another free math app for preschoolars, designed to teach numbers and elementary mathematics with fun. It has easy to use user interface with not so many tools around, helping juniors focus on math at ease. This app has various mini-games for learning addition, subtraction, division, tables, puzzles that even toddlers would love to play. 

To solve a puzzle, a kid will need to drag and drop the correct answer to where it belongs. There are other activities too, like counting objects and comparing groups of objects to see which is smaller and bigger. Best of all, stickers and other rewards get unlocked as you finish off a level. As we know, rewards kind of reinforces lads to play more math games. 

This free math app for kids offers –

  • Hundreds of math games for kids ranging from subtraction, division, multiplication, tables, comparison, counting, and more.
  • Virtual Rewards for completing exercises. 
  • Children-friendly user-interface.

Math Doors

Math door is a fun math app designed for kindergarten and high school students. It has amazing math questions that juniors solve to unlock a door. It is not only as entertaining as it seems, but it also does a pretty good job of teaching calculations in a simple yet effective manner. Whether it is geometry, algebra, counting, division, or multiplication, children get to solve different types of questions.

To top things off, connect your account to Google play games and keep track of your progress, unlock achievements, and more. The app doesn’t require a login to have access to an array of games. Kids only need to unlock a door with the code or by answering a question. 

This free math app for kids offers

  • Miscellaneous mathematical questions for classes up to 10.
  • The interactive door lock games that involves unlocking doors with every right answer or code.
  • Play games achievements, back up, and sync.

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Math Land

It’s a free math game for primary schoolers with adventurous islands journey. It has a collection of fun activities for solving subtraction, multiplication, division, counting table, and comparison. Besides,children land on islands to solve riddles and collect gems by solving math questions. Every island is fun to walk, allowing pirate kids to explore the symmetry of coins splattered all over the surface. 

The gems, therefore embody on the surface of mathematical symbols, as a way to display one’s proficiency. However, The gamely structure and the story plot this app offers help lads learn joyfully. The animated characters surely do a fine job of engaging toddlers, kindergartens, and primary schoolers for taking part in a world of figures and calculations. 

This free math app for kids offers – 

  • Island journey games that nudge minors to answer questions correctly in order to collect gems, and unlock islands. 
  • Activities like addition, subtraction, comparisons, division, and negatives. 

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Matura Matematyka (Removed)

For your kids to exercise brain muscles, this app has a whole lot of mathematics questions to practice. This app is designed by experts for primary students, kindergarten, grade 3-10, and university students. Also, it includes basic mathematics questions to complex problems that will help students who study at the university. Unlike other relevant apps, it shows a step by step solution to a question. Moreover, students can create a set of questions and give a test whenever they like. 

On the other hand, Its user interface is quite straightforward that even a toddler can lay his hands on it and end up learning subtraction and addition. Besides, For grown-up kids, it includes percentages, powers, and roots, subtracting fractions, algebra, equations, basic geometry figures, logarithms, sequences, polynomials, and much more. Basically, it’s a free app, but it unlocks more content with premium. 

This math app for kids offers – 

  • Tons of questions for primary to kindergarten students. 
  • Brainy mathematics questions for university students with step by step solution.
  • tools to create a mathematics test by selecting problems.

Toon math

You got away, and your friends have been kidnapped and stuck in the Halloween town, so you need to use your math magic and escape them out before midnight, or they’ll become scarecrows. Sounds challenging?. Toon math is one of the best math apps for kids to increase math skills and enjoy at the same time. To release your allies, you need to earn coins and diamonds with every level, or you can purchase diamonds for releasing them right away. 

So how it starts. The toon, the escaped out friend, dashes for coins and bumps into basic math questions along the way to the finish. So, by Answering the right question, a protective layer surrounds the toon from obstacles. And As the toon reaches ahead the difficulty level increases. Toon can also be upgraded for its maximum potential, so does the other characters.  

Toon math rides kids and adults through the lanes of Halloween night, throwing math questions to answer, and it’s all seems like a pleasant passage. 

This math app offers for kids –

  • Elementary calculation questions that anybody would love to play.
  • Amazing pastime with learning.

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Wrapping up

We’ve rounded up some of the best free math apps and games for kids studying in primary schools, kindergartens, and even adults can exercise math. All the listed apps embody subtraction, division, addition, and comparison. Also, a few apps even include content for high schools and the university. We’d love to know your feedback on this article. 

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