Experian app not working? (9 Ways to Fix)

Updated: October 6, 2022
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For a few days, users have been facing problems with the Experian app, making them lose the plot. Experian is a credit monitoring firm among the top three credit bureaus, monitoring billions of accounts globally.

It is quite helpful for people who want to understand and build their credit Score. With the app alone, you can fulfill your credit needs and access all the features of the website.

However, accessing the app is way more hassle-free than landing on the web page. So If your Experian app is not working, this article is for you.

Why is the Experian app not working? Reasons

It depends on many factors. Your app may be outdated or not installed properly. The Internet often causes issues, so check your WiFi or Cellular network before trying anything else.

However, the most common reason could be a cache that makes your app sluggish or performs slowly. There could be other factors too, such as –

  • You haven’t cleared your cache for too long.
  • Your device is heating up due to internal issues.
  • Your device is not in the proper range with your router.
  • Your device has insufficient storage to run the app smoothly.
  • The app may be outdated or corrupted.
  • You’re entering your Password or Username wrong.

Why is Experian app not working? Fix

If you figure out where the problem is, you can easily hammer out your issue. For example, if your device is crashing or lagging a lot, your device is likely full of storage, or your app is outdated. So you need to free up some space and update your application to fix this issue.

Likewise, there are other solutions to fix your problems. Let’s dig in.

Restart your device

It’s one of the simplest suggestions anyone can give you to fix your smartphone issues. When your app is misbehaving or not responding, just give it a restart.

When you reboot your phone, all your disc space is freed up that is used by the background apps, which as a result, improves your overall smartphone performance.

It’s quite important to restart your smartphone when you’re experiencing lagging and heating issues.

To restart, simply tap your Power button for a few seconds until Power options pop up on your device’s screen. Select “Restart” to reboot your device. Note: Your device may have different settings, but the process is the same.

Update the App

An outdated app often causes so many problems that go away only by updating the app. If your Experian app is crashing when accessing the features or performing any operation, it could be outdated.

However, a dated version may impact how you use the app, but you lose new features and security enhancements. Apart from that, a developer may cut the ongoing support in the previous version, so you bump into errors.

The solution is straightforward- update your application. You don’t need to delete or re-install it; simply go to your Playstore or AppStore and check if any updates are available.

Clean up Cache

If you’re experiencing lags and crashes between the app, it’s because of the cache. Log files or Cache makes your job easier by downloading your files, data, or HTML and saving them into a log file, so the page could load much faster when you return.

However, your app may act up if a log file is big in size. Ensure cleaning up the cache once in a while to speed up the performance of your device, not just the app.

You can download any Cleaner application and set a schedule for cleaning unwanted data. To delete Cache manually –


  • Head over to the Settings
  • Access “Applications and Permissions.”
  • Tap Apps.
  • Search for the Experian app and tap it.
  • Access “Storage.”
  • Clear Cache and Data


  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Find and access the app.
  • Click Offload Data, and you’re done.

Note: After deleting the cache, you have to sign in again – Don’t worry – your data will be safe

Fix your Internet

Facing no internet problem issue? Maybe your WiFi is unstable or weak. If your internet connection has issues, you might face difficulties loading your app.

Make sure your WiFi is stable and faster to support the app. If your WiFi is already faster, you can confirm its current speed at

To fix your internet problems –

  • Turn off and On the WiFi on your phone to reestablish the Internet connection.
  • Plug out all router cables and plugin them in after 10 seconds.
  • Shift between your WiFi to the Cellular network to check which is faster.

Uninstall and Install the app

If the above methods don’t move the needles, consider uninstalling and installing your Experian app. By doing this, you weed out all the temporary files associated with the application and download the original files once again. Reinstalling will fix minor bugs and technical issues.

You don’t need to mess with cleaning up the cache or updating when you reinstall the app.

  • Hold down the app until you see a pop-up with a list of options.
  • Select Uninstall.
  • Now, Go to your App store or Playstore, and download Experian again.

Disable VPN

Your device might have this option turned on. VPN or Virtual Proxy network is a great feature that keeps you from sneakers and allows you to access Unsolicited networks.

VPN comes turned off by default because it’s not something we consider a must-have feature for everyday browsing, as it can slow down the internet and disables us from using certain apps.

To Turn off your VPN on Android and iOS

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Search and access your VPN settings.
  • Look for any linked VPN service and turn it off.

Sync Time and Date

You might be wondering how come time & date can cause problems. But it can. You might face problems using the app if your device is set in the wrong time zone.

Some apps do need a correct time zone to function. Therefore, a problem may arise if your time zone is not precise or according to your exact location.

Syncing Time Zone on Android and iOS

  • Go to the settings.
  • Find and tap Time settings.
  • Make sure the automatic Time-Zone is enabled.

Empty your device Storage

If your Experian app is sluggish, your device is coping with inadequate disc space to run the application. If your remaining storage is at least 2 GB, the odds of such issues are less.

To free up unwanted space off your phone, you can download any file cleaner application to make your job easier.

Contact the Customer team.

Still facing issues? Don’t worry; you can contact Experian Customer support for more inquiries and identity theft.

Phone number: +1-888-397-3742

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Experian password reset not working?

Make sure you’re using the correct password or not making any typos. If you don’t receive any password reset email, maybe your email is blocked by the company’s servers due to a security firewall. Or your emails are being filed as spam, so check your Spam folder too. You can reach out to the support team and have them resolve this issue.

Why is my Experian Boost not working?

Experian Boost mainly works for people with less than five accounts, and not all payments support Boosts. It uses the FICO Score 8 model to measure your credit score, and your card issuer may use a different Score model altogether. Your lender must be using Experian Credit files to see any Boost impact on your Credit score.

Are you getting Experian error code 200?

The error code 200 defines an invalid subscriber code. Users may encounter such errors while logging in or launching any service within the app. To fix this issue, ensure you’ve allowed all the permissions to this app. Sometimes, you need to re-authorize to resolve such issues.

Why can’t Experian verify my identity?

If Experian is not verifying your identity, you’re entering the wrong information. Ensure your personal information like SSN, Address, or name is correct as per the document. You can also try to Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Wrapping it Up

This article is dedicated to the people whose Experian app is not working. Read through the points listed on this page to resolve any technical issue you face with the application.

We first suggest you restart your smartphone, as it can fix minor bugs that cause lags and crashes. Besides, cleaning up the cache will also do wonders. 

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