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As more and more people struggle with traditional banking, alternative banking methods are becoming increasingly popular to solve many banking problems, like high fees and lack of transparency.

Opening up an account with a bank is easy, and you won’t face problems with making payments either, but they charge you fees every time you use your bank account and limit how much money you can send out to others each month – unless you pay more.

Of course! is different because it doesn’t charge any transaction fees and offers a bunch of cutting-edge features.

What is Is it Legit? is a new-age spending unicorn Metal card, or many call it a “Tesla of banking,” that helps you build a credit score without interest or fees. Powered by the WSFS Bank, it provides a checking account and a Metal Visa credit card. It is 100% legit.

Besides, it makes paycheck available up to two days earlier than the average payday when you set up a direct deposit.

What sets it apart from traditional banking is that it doesn’t check a credit score or clamor for a monthly or annual fee.

The best part is that you don’t need a direct deposit account to unlock your credit balance, but you can’t get access to early paychecks and use a few optional features that offers.

At its core, is a credit card alternative that enables users to manage wealth through a mobile app and grants access to an interest-free credit builder loan of up to $1500. 

How does work?

Getting started with is super easy. First, you need to sign up from a website or app and fill out a form.

Cred makes a soft credit inquiry to approve your account and offer a credit tradeline. That means you don’t require a good credit or credit history to apply for the credit line.

Once approved, you will receive a Metal Unicorn credit card via postal mail within a few days. You can use the Unicorn card as you would a debit card.

So when you spend your Cred checking account’s balance, Cred will automatically report your On-time payments or credit utilization to the major credit bureaus.

Apart from that, it provides you with a Virtual StealthCard that you can use on shady websites to pay bills, sign up for trials, and do other stuff.

Here we advise you to keep your credit utilization low to optimize your credit score.

Also, the platform gives access to up to 2 days earlier paychecks for direct deposit members.

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What features does it have?

It has some cool features you typically don’t see in any other credit card. One of its best features is a Flux capacitor, which gives you access to early paychecks and the spending power for unclearing ACH deposits.

Another key feature it has is Friend & Foe List, which is quite similar to any lock/unlock feature but with a twist. It allows you to lock your friends and turn them into foes – Pretty cool, right?

Here are all the key features-

StealthCard – It’s a virtual card with cutting-edge features that works like any debit card. Unlike other virtual cards, it’s self-destructible. That means it has different numbers you can change at any time to protect yourself from identity theft.

The Stealthcard is basically used for sketch transactions like paying online bills over the phone, signing up for free trials, and more. You don’t need to apply for this separately, as it activates instantly upon approval.

Metal Unicorn Credit Card – It’s the one you carry with you. A metal card feels like a debit card that reports payments like a credit card. Best of all, it is a free credit builder card that levies no interest or fees.

You can use the Unicorn card at more than 55,000 fee-free ATMs, get early paychecks, and more. However, it has no perks like Cashbacks or rewards.

Flux Capacitor – As a whole, it makes your paychecks available up to two days earlier. Other than that, it allows you to control your future deposits, future withdrawals, and future transactions. It also prevents you from overspending. You must give it a spin.

Friend and Foe list – It’s a very effective feature, especially for those who often deal with vendors. It allows you to manage or restrict specific transactions in real time. This feature will work if you want to disable transactions for any specific vendor or merchant.

Instant Deposit – We should also take this feature into account. The instant deposit lets you cash a check instantly from your phone or reloading stations. However, Instant deposit is capped at only $100 per deposit, and regular deposit is capped at $500 at a time.

Credit Optimizer – It is a great feature that automatically manages your payment from your deposit account to your credit card and reports low credit utilization each time.

How to apply for a Metal Unicorn Credit card?

(You must be 18 years or older and a U.S resident to qualify for a Unicorn Credit card)

  • Go to the Website or download apps.
  • Sign up and follow the prompts (No hard credit check).
  • Once your account is approved, you’ll receive your card via postal mail within a few days.
  • Add some money to your Cred’s deposit account, and use your card to spend your available credit balance on building or rebuilding your credit score.

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The short answer is that traditional Credit cards levy hefty transaction charges and interest. Also, you don’t get an A.I do work for you. You may get more credit cards perks, such as rewards and various loan options, but it’s all effective when your credit score is good.

On the other hand, has some unique features that might enhance your spending experience. Its primary selling factor is a Metal credit card, which looks stylish and has many perks.

But the coolest thing about this system is that the credit score update and recommendations are live. That means as soon as you make changes to your monthly budget, they show up on your report immediately.

If your goal is to grow your credit score by 90 points without fees or interest, we prefer over traditional banking. If you already have a decent credit score and looking for better loan opportunities, traditional banks are not bad options. Credit card benefits

Since credit cards are subject to fees and interest when borrowing a loan or making a payment, the overuse of a credit card is not a wise decision.

However, waives no fees or interest simply for using its metal card or any other service.

With its metal card, you can shop like any debit card or withdraw cash from ATMs and reload it from any reloading station or mobile.

Besides, you’re granted up to a $1500 credit builder loan that you can spend on things and gradually grow your credit score.

The only caveat with its Metal card is that it doesn’t offer cashbacks or rewards for shopping.

Is a credit card?

It is a debit card with a checking account, but it builds a credit score as a credit card. Best of all, the Metal unicorn credit card doesn’t charge a fee or interest forever. You can use it as a cash advance or debit card. The choice is yours.

Does build credit? reports your positive payment history and low utilization to the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. It will help build your credit score slowly when you spend your credit line.

Your credit score lets lenders see a complete picture of you when deciding whether or not to approve you for credit, helping them make more informed decisions that are better for everyone in the long run.

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You never pay any monthly fee or interest rates with Metal Unicorn Card when you pay on time. If you pay after closing the billing cycle or after the due date, you may have to pay up to 17.76% interest rates for purchases and 24.99% for cash advances.

So there is a late and returning fees with the Unicorn cards, but only when you do not pay a due on time.

However, it may also charge a fee for using out-out-network ATMs, but there is no fee when you cash out from In-network ATMs. Pros and Cons


  • No fees or interest.
  • No hard credit check.
  • Up to $1500 credit tradeline.
  • Free Virtual and Metal debit card with over 55K fee-free ATM access.
  • Prevents impulsive spending.
  • Up to two days early paychecks for direct deposit users.
  • Instant Check deposit via phone.
  • Bank-issued and up to $250,000 FDIC covered.


  • No Physical branch.
  • Customer support could be better.
  • No Cash backs, rewards, or other perks.
  • Available to only US citizens.

Wrapping Up offers an innovative and effective service that tackles the problems in our current banking system, allowing people to take more control over their finances and better manage their money.

If you don’t want to be in the red for building a credit score, is quite helpful. Its easy approval process and no-fee structure make it stand out from the rest.

Above all, it’s backed by WSFS bank, which is more than 100 years in service, so security-wise, is one step further.

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