PlayStation Credit Card Review – No Fee, $75 Bonus – Is It For You?

Updated: April 20, 2024
PlayStation Visa Credit Card Review

We are all fans of the Sony PlayStation, especially its gaming consoles. There isn’t anyone who hasn’t played a game on a PlayStation gaming console when it was first released.

Now things have changed dramatically from poor graphics to the most realistic graphics on the PS5, and games have become more detailed and improved in every way.

Since the New Year is on the horizon and PlayStation sales will soon be thriving on Black Friday sales. Having said that, gamers will try to save more on Playstation products. 

With that in mind, Sony PlayStation has launched a Visa credit card that we will be talking about in this article. Here’s our review of the Playstation Visa Credit card.

What Is A Playstation Visa Credit Card?

It’s a plastic Visa credit card by PlayStation built for U.S. citizens who purchase Sony and PlayStation products frequently. The card accounts are issued by Comenity Bank and licensed by Visa U.S.A. Inc.

It’s similar to any other credit card that offers credit limits and reports your account and payment history to major credit bureaus, which, in turn, impacts your credit score.

What’s the catch? This PlayStation Visa Credit Card offers reward points for every dollar spent on Sony products or elsewhere.

You can use these rewards points or gift cards on PlayStation products and save some money.

Simply use the PlayStation card to make purchases on bills or at ATMs, if you don’t intend to shell out on Sony products.

Pros And Cons:

No Annual FeeRequires a Credit Score of 670 or more
0% Purchase APR (for six months)High APR Rates and Interest Charges.
Up to 5X points and up to $75 Gift codes for spending on PlayStation products.High penalty fees
A host of Card designs 

How Does It Work?

The card comes with extra benefits for PlayStation users, but it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. You’ll receive this card upon approval if you meet certain requirements.

Once you’ve received the PlayStation card with the offered limit, you can use it like any regular credit card for paying bills, making purchases, or getting cash advances.

There is no monthly or annual fee for using the card, but you get charged an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 22.99%, 25.74%, or 16.99% based on your credit profile. The better your creditworthiness, the better your APR will be.

Users who shop directly from the PlayStation Store will get 5X points, which is 5 points per dollar spent. But you need to submit the Sony Rewards Bonus Points form and download the Sony Rewards app to claim all your points.

It offers a $75 bonus to first-time users who spend $500 on the card outside of the PlayStation or Sony within 60 days of account opening.

Also, users earn a $50 store code when they make a purchase via the card within 60 days of opening the account.

How To Apply For A Playstation Visa Credit Card?

You’ve to apply for the PlayStation Visa Credit Card issued by Community Bank by filling out your personal information, including your phone number and SSN.

  • First, go to the application page and fill out the form.
  • Enter your email address, first name, last name, mailing address, city zip code, and state.
  • In the additional information, enter your SSN (Social Security Number), date of birth, total annual income, and mobile number.
  • Now select your preferred card design from the list of pre-made designs.
  • Finally, tick the box that says “Yes I Consent” and tap Submit Application.

If your application is approved, it will send you a card kit to your mailing address within a week or two. Once you receive the kit, you can use your card after activation.

How To Activate A PlayStation Visa Credit Card?

To activate your Visa card,

  • Head over to
  • Fill in your credit card number, SSN, Last 4 Numbers of Social Security, expiration date, and postal code. (See the kit for more information.)
  • Tap Continue and follow the prompts.

PlayStation Visa Credit Card Requirements

  • You must be a citizen of the United States, and be at least 18 years old (currently not available for U.S. territories).
  • Have a valid government-issued photo ID, and SSN or SIN.
  • Have an APO/FPO mailing address where your kit will be delivered.

Sony PlayStation Visa Credit Card Key Features

No annual Fee – The card doesn’t levy any monthly or annual maintenance fees. If you want to save some cash every year, you can go for this PlayStation Credit card.

Reward Points – Another selling factor that this card offers is reward points. It gives up to 5 points for purchasing PlayStation and Sony products from authorized retailers, as well as up to 3X points for paying bills with mobile phones. To earn all points, you must first join the Sony Rewards program and download the Sony Rewards app.

Build Credit – This card by Comenity Bank does report your account and payment history to the three major credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. It helps you build your credit history and score if you make your payments on time.

Multiple designs – While signing up, you get several card designs to choose from. Simply select the style you want to see on your PlayStation card, and it will be delivered to your mailing address inside the kit. Best of all, you don’t pay an extra fee for it.

How To Use PlayStation Visa Credit Card?

You can use the PlayStation Visa credit card to build your credit score while purchasing Sony products at discounted prices. It’s akin to any other Visa credit card that lets you make purchases, transfer money, pay bills, or pull out cash from an ATM.

You can use the PlayStation card to make purchases outside of the PlayStation and rack up reward points. What sets this card apart from the rest is that it offers up to 5X points on the purchase of PlayStation or Sony products, and it has no monthly or annual fee.

Upon approval, you’ll receive the credit card kit with a credit limit based on your creditworthiness. To use the card, you’ll have to activate it.

How do you earn reward points?

PlayStation card reward points

You earn up to 5X points for every $1 spent via the PlayStation Visa Credit Card. If you pay bills on mobile, you earn 3X points, and you get 2X points on restaurant takeout and delivery services. while you rack up 1X points on other purchases.

However, the only caveat is that you’ve to apply for the Sony rewards program and download the app to get 5X points for every dollar spent on Sony and PlayStation services or products. If you don’t submit a Sony Rewards Bonus Points form, you’ll still receive 1 point automatically for purchasing PlayStation and Sony products at authorized sellers.

The Card Fees?

Even though it has no annual fee, you can be charged up to 25.74% interest on your total balance every year, which is quite reasonable for personal loans. However, if you have a decent credit score—say, 700 or more—you could get a 16.99% APR.

And there is up to a $41 penalty fee for late and returned payments, which is another downside if you fail to pay on time or by your due date.

You can pay your debt at least 25 days after the close of your billing cycle (the grace period). You won’t be charged any interest on balance transfers and cash advances until your grace period is over.

If you don’t pay by the grace period, you won’t get another one, and you’ll have to pay interest.

Annual feeNone
Balance Transfer5% or $10 of the total amount, which is greater.
Cash Advance5% or $10 of each amount, which is greater.
Foreign Transaction3% per transaction.
Late payment$30 minimum or up to $41
Return Payment$30 minimum or up to $41
NameAnnual Percentage Rate (APR) & interest charges.
APR for purchases22.99%25.74%, or 16.99% May vary with market current rate.
APR for Cash Advances26.74% (May Vary).
Minimum interest charge$2

Who Is It For? Should You Open An Account?

It depends. If you’re a gamer, then you should take the plunge; otherwise, it might not be the best credit card for daily use.

To pay bills and purchase Sony products, it is the best bet. However, you cannot get away with the fees and interest rate it charges.

If you’re good at handling credit card interest by paying on time, then you can think of opening an account. But if you’re extravagant and often miss paying on time, this card will do more harm than good.

Well, if an annual fee is something that ticks you off, you can consider applying for this card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use my credit outside of the PlayStation?

Yes, you can use your PlayStation Visa credit card anywhere outside of the PlayStation. You can get up to 5X points when using your card to purchase any PlayStation products.

How do I rack up Rewards points for PlayStation?

You have to spend on your PlayStation Visa Credit Card to rack up points.

You can get up to 5 points per dollar spent for purchasing PlayStation or Sony products, 3 points for paying bills via mobile, and 2X points for restaurant delivery and takeout.

You’ve to be part of the Sony Rewards program in order to receive and redeem all points.

Is there any monthly or yearly fee for using the card?

No, you don’t have to pay any monthly or annual fee to use the card.

What’s the minimum Credit score required for the PlayStation Card?

For some, it worked for 670. However, you should apply for a PlayStation credit card if your credit score is 670 or more. Your odds of approval increase if you have a decent credit score.

Does PlayStation Card affect credit score?

Yes, Comenity Bank does share your payment history and account history with the three major credit bureaus. So it does impact your credit score.

Final Note

It’s time to wrap it up. We’ve piled up all the crucial points on the PlayStation Credit Card that you should review. It’s not much like any regular credit card that you can use to make payments and earn rewards on hotels, travel, restaurants, and more.

In our opinion, it could be the best deal for PlayStation lovers who spend cash regularly on games and products. There are other credit cards in the market that offer cashback and rewards and also have lower APR rates.

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