Why is Zillow app not working? (Fix) crash, glitch.

Updated on: March 17, 2022
Zillow app not working

Is Zillow not working? Maybe you’re stuck logging in or not able to see listings-don’t lose your pecker up, we’ve got your back. 

No matter which problem you’re currently dealing with, this article will definitely assist you in getting through all the issues related to Zillow. Let’s cut to the chase. 

What is Zillow?

If you’re new to Zillow, you must know what it is and how it works. In a nutshell, Zillow is a marketplace for real-estate homes that allows users to sell, buy, and rent homes. It has an extensive filter to search for properties of different sizes, types, locations, and budgets. 

All you need to do is type in a location, and it will display all the on-market and off-market listings linked to that specific location. With all the detailed information about a home, it makes house-hunting a cinch. 

From searching for your dream house to the closing date, Zillow manages everything. You can list your house for free, know estimates for your home using its Zestimate tool, or hire an elite agent to get the job done for you. Furthermore, it offers mortgage loans based on your expenses and income. 

Why is Zillow not working?

There can be a lot of reasons why Zillow is not working. 

If you’re using a smartphone, you might not be able to access it for so many reasons that we’ll discuss later in the article. Or if you’re unable to land on the website or see some kind of error while accessing the site, listing a property, or using a mortgage tool, it may be caused by other factors that we’ve outlined below. 

The site is down –

This happens very often when a site faces a server problem. To know if a site is down or up, you can take the help of any popular server checker website that will immediately show you all the servers with details. Anyway, if a site is down, we cannot access it until the servers respond correctly. In such a case, wait a while or contact Zillow’s customer support for more information. 

bad internet connection. 

We are all acquainted with the internet provider these days; it is totally unpredictable. Due to poor internet connection, sites take time to load properly, or they may never be loaded fully. A weak network causes some sites to not load at all. 

The only way to get rid of this is to replace a weak internet with a strong one that has at least 50mbps speed, less network congestion, and good ping. Already got the best? Let’s fix your internet connection problem.

  • Reboot your device (it alone should solve a bad connection).
  • Launch the control centre and switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data to see which one works.
  • Or turn on aeroplane mode for 10 seconds and turn it off again to check if this solves the problem. 

Make sure your device is using and showing high-strength signals like 4G or 5G, not 2G or 3G. 

Clear the cache and cookies.

Almost every website uses cookies to store your information and load content faster for return visitors. Cookies play an important role for websites and third-party advertisers in tracking users’ information so they can serve ads according to their interests and searches. Clearing cookies and cache not only thwart your searches trails but also delete all your browsing history and other data like Username and passwords. Until you have a saved username and password, you have to log in again on Chrome websites. 

So, rooting out your cache and cookies will certainly let you access the Zillow app or website without any errors.

Deleting the Zillow cache on Android

  • Launch settings and search for applications and permissions.
  • Navigate to the App Manager.
  • Search Zillow and enter “internal storage.”
  • Clear cache.

On iOS

  • Tap the settings icon and tap General.
  • Go to iPhone storage.
  • Trawl through the apps and find Zillow.
  • Delete data.

Why is Zillow not working on Chrome or Safari?

If Zillow is crashing or not loading properly in the Chrome browser, we have a fix. It’s the most common problem with browsers like Chrome or Safari that users encounter. This may happen for a host of reasons, such as outdated apps or changes in network settings. 

However, we suggest you clear your browser cookies and caches first before updating an app. Many times, merely deleting caches solves such problems. You can also try to restart your device or check your network connection to see if the site is responding correctly. This tactic works on almost every URL that keeps crashing or throwing some kind of error.

Why is Zillow not listing my house?

Hundreds of homes are added every single day to Zillow, directly through MLS or agents. If your listing doesn’t show up within 72 hours, then it has yet to be activated at the listing source. For a listing to be displayed on Zillow, it must be syndicated, as it cannot draw listings from other sources. 

You don’t need to wait to see your listing active if you submit it directly. Once your listing provider or agent sends your listing to Zillow, it should go live in no time. To see your listing for sale by owner, just go to the search results page and tap on the other listing tab.

Why are Zillow filters not working?

It may be a glitch or a cache problem. Even though mobile applications are assessed by professionals every now and then, it is likely that you may experience a bug in some way.

However, we can fix such issues by simply reinstalling or updating the app. Also, clearing the cache and cookies can iron out many issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Is Zillow down?

A. Whether it is down or not, you can check at 


Why is Zillow not showing estimates for a home?

A. Due to insufficient transactional data, it doesn’t calculate a Zestimate for some properties.

By ankit raghuwanshi