Taz Visa Credit Card Review – Is it Worth it?

Updated: March 22, 2024
Taz Credit Card Review

Building a credit score is not a joke. It needs a lot of money and time to rebuild a credit history.

If your credit score is terrible, you’ll not get many lenders to offer you loan opportunities. Lenders only offer loans to people with a good FICO score and credit history so they can pay off the loan on time.

Plenty of credit cards make the job easier by offering a line of credit to improve a credit score, and the Taz credit card is one of them.

There are few reviews and information about Taz Visa Card, so we have taken the plunge and done our homework to help you know more about Taz. Let’s dig deep into the article.

What is Taz Credit Card?

Taz is the Visa credit card issued by First National Bank that offers up to a $1500 credit line for everyday purchases.

It reports all your payments and low credit utilization to all three major credit buries Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

As it claims, Credit line increases opportunities or attracts lenders to provide better loan opportunities.

It’s one of the best options to rebuild credit history with a poor credit score.

It is very new in the credit card domain, and a few people use it. So it still has a long way to go.

Once you receive your Taz card, you can access it via the Website or mobile apps.

How do I get the Taz Credit card?

To apply for the Taz credit card, you must enrol by filling in your personal information such as Credit Card number, SSN, expiry date, CVV code, email address, and phone number.

You’ll receive a code to activate your mobile number to receive bank alerts. If you Don’t Want SMS alerts, you can Block this feature later on.

So once you have put in your information, Taz will approve your account and send a Taz Visa Card via mail after checking your credit history. It qualifies your credit limit based on your credit history and other factors.

So if you get qualified for a limit with a poor credit score, say 450, your starting limit will be $350. But only a credit score doesn’t predict a limit, as there could be other factors such as your debt ratio and average income.

Anyway, If you want a higher credit limit, you must have at least a 640+ credit score.

Taz Visa Credit card benefits

The core offering of this card is a $1500 credit line which is very helpful in building and rebuilding a credit score.

Apart from that, it allows users to make payments via websites and apps. Compared to secured Credit cards, it doesn’t require a security deposit to approve your account.

It’s basically a card that zeroes in improving your credit score so you can get more lender opportunities.

However, the caveat is that there are no cashback rewards for using the Taz Visa card; you just get a Credit Line and the opportunity to optimize your financial score.

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Taz Visa Credit Card Fee

Interest Rates APR29%
Minimum Interest Charge NoneNone
Annual Fee$75
Authorized User Fee $20 (Optional)
Cash Advance Fee 2% Per cash advance
Late & Returned Fee Up to $25 each

Unlike other Credit cards, Taz charges its users a $49 or $75 annual fee after the first year, depending on your offer. That said, you don’t have to deposit a security fee to be able to get a line of credit.

The platform also levies up to 29% interest rates, which is unreasonably high compared to the others.

And since it’s a Credit card, you will have to pay a 3-4% transaction fee every time you use this plastic card.

Apart from High APR rates, it’s a great deal for money since it doesn’t waive a monthly fee that many companies do.

Also, it levies late fees when you do not pay off your payments on time.

Is Taz a Metal card?

No, it’s a Plastic Visa credit card issued by First National bank for U.S citizens. A credit builder card primarily emphasizes rebuilding or building credit history to seek better loan opportunities.

If you’re looking to boost your FICO score by skimming unwanted monthly fees, the Taz card is undoubtedly for you.

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Is Taz Visa a good credit card? Should use it?

As we’ve already mentioned, people who want to rebuild their credit score can use it.

You may use any other credit builder card if you don’t want to pay lofty APR rates. It doesn’t seem to be the best credit card in the market, as it has no perks like cashback and rewards you may get with other cards.

However, if you’re new to credit building with a poor credit score and have no direct deposit account, you can start with the Taz – it will do the job.

If high APR and fees bother you – other cards like Chime and do not charge any fee or interest to grow a credit score. Check Chime builder –

How do you Pay Your Taz Credit Card bill?

You need to pay within 25 days after the closing of a billing cycle. You won’t be charged any interest or penalty fee monthly if your entire payment is made within your due date.

You can go to the online website or download the apps to pay for your card. Or you can mail your Taz credit payment to this address:

Taz Visa

PO Box 2876

Omaha, NE 68103

Note: When using mail to pay your credit card bill, ensure to use only a check or money order, as the Issuer won’t accept cash.

Also, the check deposit likely won’t arrive on time, so mail your check early enough to avoid any late fee or interest.

How do you increase your Taz credit card limit?

As we know, Your credit limit is assigned by a few factors such as your Income, credit history, transaction, and payment history.
If your credit score is on par or more than 640, you’re more likely to get a higher credit limit, and vice-versa.

You must pay your bills on time if you’re already a cardholder and want to raise your limit. Once your account shows on-time payment and low debt for at least six months, the Issuer will increase your limit automatically.

Or you call the customer service number at (888) 803-6634 and ask the Issuer to raise your credit limit. The Issuer can perform a hard check on your credit report, which can dip your credit score temporarily if you allow them to fetch.

Tazcc Visa: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Credit boost opportunityPoor customer service
No origination and maintenance fee.$350 minimum limit
Doesn’t show the credit limit before opening the account.

Final Note:

Here’s our review or opinion on the Taz Visa Credit card. It’s quite an average-looking card that provides a Credit Line of up $1500 that you can use for everyday purchases.

It has a high APR rate, so this is probably not the best option if you’re looking for low APR rate cards.

Despite having no perks like Cashbacks and Rewards, it’s a decent option for rebuilding your financial history.

Even though it seems legit, we don’t recommend it because so many consumers are dissatisfied and never received their cards in the first place. It’s also a fact that many consumers find it a decent option. So it depends on whether you want to take a chance or avoid it.

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