Get Free Points On Fetch Rewards? – 5 Legit Hacks

Updated: October 28, 2022
Fetch Rewards free points hacks

Fetch Rewards is undoubtedly one of the best reward apps for a frugal person. It’s fast, easy, and the safest app out there.

Though it’s not the highest-paying reward app in its domain, it is still the best for many reasons.

It allows you to make unlimited referral points and turn your gift card into real cash without asking for your payment information. Besides, it has a stockpile of popular brands where you can discover tons of special offers and boost your rewards.

It may have many flaws, but eventually, it saves a few hundred dollars a year, which makes a lot of sense.

If you’re a new saver and want to maximize your rewards, we have a few Fetch Reward hacks to help you earn free points. So stick to the article till the end.

How to Get free points on Fetch Rewards?

You may find a lot of ways to boost your Fetch coins, as many users claim to have been earning over 10000 pts or more every month.

And after trying it out ourselves, we’ve found out that it’s entirely possible. What’s the catch? The more you indulge in buying rewarding items, the more points you can collect. That’s it? Well, this will make a one-third of your earnings with this platform – the real cash flows in getting referrals.

We’ve talked to a few Fetch Reward users and asked them how they make more points so everyone can know. The answer was the same “Referrals.”

And yes, there is another way to rack up points by generating fake receipts, which we don’t recommend, as it can permanently ban your account.

So, the best and the legit way to accumulate Fetch rewards points is through submitting rewarding receipts and gaining more referrals. Also, you can participate in its Giveaways and try your luck.

Here are all the possible ways to help you earn free Fetch Points. 

Invite People

Fetch Rewards offers 4000 bonus points which equal $4 for one referral. So if you want to earn free points, inviting people is one of the best strategies to accumulate more points on the flow.

In fact, it is the only legit way to make you more points than submitting receipts. So how much can you earn if we convert fetch points to cash? Well, it depends. If you manage to garner up at least 100 people every month, it will give you nearly 40,00000 pts or $400 when you redeem gift cards or Visa cash cards

Your earnings may go up all the way to $1000 if you get around 250 referrals each month. But is it possible? Yes, it is quite a viable task – all you need is a good strategy to connect with interested people looking for a simple money tool.

You can join any Facebook or Pinterest group or create a blog to promote Fetch Rewards as an affiliate. Many bloggers are already making a passive income out of it, and so can you.

How to Invite People to earn bonus points?

To invite people, you need the “Referral Code,” which you can get from the Fetch Rewards settings. You’ll get bonus points when somebody enters your code while signing up.

So your job is to spread or share your Referral code to as many people as you can through your blog or any medium to make money on a recurring basis.

Sign up with a referral code

We understand grabbing referrals is not for everyone as it is very time-consuming and requires a good marketing strategy that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

So, if you’re a new saver, you can enter your friend’s or family member’s referral code and earn some bonus pts, along with your referral friend.

This way, you can get in the groove of earning some points and get closer to your first gift card. However, this strategy could be more effective in the long haul.

Use Special offers

This may sound trivial, but it’s a great option to maximize your rewards on Fetch. You earn heaps of points from brands that offer a Special offer. If you submit receipts with no bonus items, you’ll make a minimum of 25 points per receipt, whereas special offers can reward you worth 10000 pts of gift cards and even more.

So whenever you’re planning to purchase multiple items from your favorite brands, invest some time with Fetch Rewards and add some bonus items to your list.

Earn Cash backs from third-party apps too

There are so many apps that offer cash back from your favorite retailers. Just look for the same special offer items on the Fetch Rewards and the other cashback app.

For instance, if you find a 35% cash back offer on Starbucks on the other reward app and see a special offer from Starbucks in your Fetch app, you’ll earn cashback from both apps. You can also utilize your cashback money to buy more items from Fetch.

This is a simple example of how you can save more by buying the same things. Best of all, it’s 100 % legit, as it won’t get your account banned.

Redeem Points to Cash

Instead of redeeming your points to gift cards in stores, you can also convert them to cash using the Visa gift card. This option allows you to turn your Fetch pts into real money.

Concerned about your payment details? The good news is that it doesn’t ask for or save your payment information.

Like any other gift card, the Visa gift card is a one-time prepaid card offered by Fetch Rewards to use online wherever Visa is accepted.

So, simply search for the “Visa Gift card” in the Reward tab of your app and select the amount in exchange for your points. There is a minimum cash out of 3000 pts or $3, and the maximum cash out is $50.

You get a virtual card and a Physical card option from Fetch. So, we recommend the Virtual Gift card for instant delivery, or you can go with the other card option that charges a 3$ fee and may take up to a week to reach your doorstep. 

(Tip: To avoid fees, you can link your Visa Gift card to your Paypal and transfer its money to your friend, family member, or your other Paypal account.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many points do you earn scanning Receipts?

Not enough if a receipt has no special offer items. You’ll collect 25 points per receipt, and if it has special bonus items, you may earn exclusive gift cards and thousands of points. You can see special offers from your favorite brands in the Discover tap of your Fetch app.

Can I submit fake receipts to Fetch?

Yes and No. You can upload fake or custom-made receipts, and it will scan them without any hurdles. But it’s something we don’t advise you to try, as it can get your account permanently suspended, and you’ll lose all your pts and referrals (if you’ve any).

Final Notes: 

This is how you can get free points on Fetch Rewards. We’ve piled up all the tactics to help you rack up more points and make ends meet.

If you’ve any further questions, contact us or drop us an email. Thanks for stopping by and reading this article.

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