5 Best apps that pay free Bitcoin (Guaranteed)

Updated: March 2, 2022
free bitcoin apps

Who would have believed that bitcoin would worth more than thousands of dollars?. No doubt that Bitcoin took the world by storm, and positioned cryptocurrency as the most profitable investment.

However, with being a valuable asset, it is highly volatile. That said, we cannot rely on it totally. Despite your weak financial position, you can still earn free bitcoins using the best BTC apps. 

Playstore and Appstore have a bunch of bitcoin apps that lets you earn BTC instantly.

Not only will you earn real bitcoins, but also other cryptocurrencies like Ethrenium, Litecoin, or ripple. In exchange, you need to complete basic tasks or do nothing but download apps. Isn’t incredible?.

Now if your thinking to get rich quick with these free Bitcoin apps, then drop this idea. Such apps will only give you a fraction of bitcoin or satoshi. 

Best free cryptocurrency apps to earn free Bitcoin.

CryptoTab Browser Pro Level

Cryptobroswer is one of the best legitimate apps to earn free bitcoins (BTC) while surfing the browser.

It’s an intuitive and secure platform available for windows, android, and ios. To make Bitcoins with this app, you only need to enable mining and adjust mining speed.

It gradually mines bitcoins that may take up to a month to collect worth $1 of bitcoin. However, you can speed up the process by purchasing cloud boosters. It has a beautiful user interface designed with perfection.

If you want to make a good amount of bitcoins, you can invite friends to the platform. The more people you invite, the more BTC you collect from their mining and purchase.

While it’s a browser application with the ability to pay bitcoins, you should definitely try it out. 


  • No work is required to mine BTC.
  • Cloud boosters to increase hash rate speed (Paid).
  • Supports cross platforms.
  • Eye-catching user-interface.

Minimum Payout 0.00001 BTC (Straight to your wallet address). | 15% referral commission.

Download iOS | Also available on Windows

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Free Bitcoin Cash by bitcoin Aliens

This app is flooded with a lot of Satoshi, the smallest bitcoin unit. With this app, you can earn real bitcoins by doing simple tasks like answering surveys, registration, downloading e.t.c.

Also, it lets you claim hourly Satoshi in an interactive way. To get paid, you require at least 000001.00 BTC or 10000 satoshi. You can also set your minimum payment threshold in the settings.

So if you collect nearly 100000 Satoshi, that’s more than $50, and it’s worth your effort. However, to reach that level of Satoshi, you need to complete a lot of tasks daily and invite friends, there are no shortcut folks. 

Again, the app is legit, and it pays automatically every Tuesday once you reach a payment threshold.

To get paid, make sure you have a registered BCH wallet. And to grab thousands of Satoshi every day, you can look for the most payable offers across different offerwalls.

However, the app is not something you can make a living out of it, but it’s still a useful app to earn satoshi in your leisure time. 

Minimum payout 1000 Satoshi | pays every week. 


  • Pays for completing Simple tasks.
  • Users get a lot of offers on a daily basis. 

Free Bitcoin by Xbank

Another best app that pays free bitcoins by completing tasks. Unlike the above app, it pays out in points that you can later redeem to bitcoin.

There can be tasks like playing games, completing surveys, watching videos, and many more.

When you complete a task, you earn credits. You can participate in proposed tasks as many times as you wish, and earn credits.

The task list gets updated periodically, so you must check it often for new tasks. 

When you have enough credits to be redeemed to bitcoin, you can request a “Cashout” to receive payment to your BTC address.

It can take up to 3 days to reflect the balance in your account. Also, the app notifies you once the transaction is sent. 


  • Different types of offers.
  • Highly rewarded tasks (Unlimited).
  • Users get paid watching videos.
  • Profile task.
  • Invite friends.

Minimum Payout $10 or 0.00018400 BTC. (10000 credits). 


Want to earn cryptocurrency rewards? Cointply has your back. This app is the legitimate option to earn free bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies by completing simple tasks.

It pays you crypto rewards by completing tasks like viewing ads, playing games, filling out surveys, and more.

Apart from that, it has the daily coin spin that allows you to rack up coins for free. Also, you get a loyalty bonus of up to 100%.

If we calculate, then 10000 coins are equivalent to $1. You can withdraw coins to Dodge or Bitcoin when reaching a minimum of 30000 Dodge or 50000 bitcoin coins. 

Unlike relevant apps, it lets you connect with other crypto lovers in the Cointply chat, allowing you to earn coins from the rain pool simply by chatting.

What’s more? The app pays you a 5% annual interest if you maintain an average balance of over 35000 coins.

Not only is it one of the best apps to earn free bitcoins, but it also has robust support in place. 


  • Engaging user interface.
  • Flooded with offers.
  • Daily spin wheel.
  • Pays annual interest for maintaining over 35000 coins. 
  • Redeem promo codes.

Minimum Payout 30000 ($3) coins for Dodge and 50000 ($5) coins for Bitcoin.

Explore Website


Cryptorize is a decent app to earn cryptocurrency. It is a unique, and secure app that pays real cash.

With Cryptorize, you earn points by playing the game, filling out surveys, watching ads, and completing apps’ offers.

It has an engaging wall smash game, where you can earn points every day. The other ways to collect points are similar to the apps listed above.

However, this app pays way more than any app mentioned here, whether it’s an affiliate commission, completing tasks, or playing the game. 

Best of all, it lets you redeem your hard-earned points to USDC, Bitcoin, Ethrenium, XRP, and Litecoin. You need at least 11000 points to request a withdrawal. Note: points are different from Satoshi.


  • Has game to earn coins 24/7.
  • Supports multiple Cryptocurrency.
  • Interesting surveys, and highly rewarding offers.  
  • 5% referral commission. 

Minimum payout: 11000 points or around 3-5 dollars. 

Wrapping it up

We have rounded up the list of the best free Bitcoin (BTC) apps that pay you for real. As we know, many cryptocurrency apps are lurking in the Playstore, but only a few are legit, and others are just a dime in the dozen.

However, we have assorted every app after proper use, so that you can get genuine apps. In case you’re wondering if you have to pay to earn bitcoin, then you must be glad that every listed app is free to use.

Now enjoy making free crypto money. Thanks for reading, Please share this article and spread some love. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best app to earn free bitcoins instantly?

Cryptobrowser and Cointply pay bitcoins within 3 days or less, depending on the verification by a third-party source. 

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