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Updated: September 8, 2022
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Trying to order something off Waffle House and figuring out if you can use Apple Pay to make a payment? You’ve landed in the right place. Apple Pay makes your job much easier, whether you want to send instant cash to your friends or make an online payment.

It links your debit card and lets you pay instantly at online retailers that accept Apple Pay. So does Waffle House take Apple Pay? And what if it doesn’t? Should you be worried? Let’s know in this article.

What is Waffle House?

Waffle House is one of the oldest fast food restaurant chains serving waffles in 1900 locations across 25 states in the United States, where most of the locations are in the South. To find a store in your city, you can use its store finder and know if it delivers to your location.

Along with Waffles, you can order its hand-made stuff like beverages, pies, hashbrowns, Angus burgers, biscuits, and a few more items. Unlike other restaurant chains, it boasts the food nutrients value based on your order.

What forms of payments does Wafflehouse accept?

Waffle House accepts various payment options, including Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover debit and credit cards. You can pay in person by visiting the restaurant using your debit or credit card or placing orders online on your smartphone.

The company doesn’t store your payment information, so paying online with your debit card is hassle-free and secure.

Does Waffle House Take Apple Pay?

No, Waffle House doesn’t take Apple Pay. There is no direct way to use Apple Pay with Waffle, nor can you use similar money transfer platforms. However, there is a catch, it requires a little luck, patience, and endeavor to pay using Apple Pay.

Since there is no direct way to use any payment transfer service on its website or app, you won’t be able to add or link any third-party platform. We’ve figured out how to use Apple Pay with Waffle House, but it requires an Apple card.

Why doesn’t Waffle House accept Apple Pay?

There is no official explanation why Waffle House doesn’t take Apple Pay. Perhaps, the company is up to launch its own payment source down the line, or it is planning to add any other payment method.

One of the significant reasons could be its market, as most users order offline, so the decision to add Apple Pay is quite up in the air. However, its online business is gradually booming. Let’s agree to disagree here.

What is Apple Pay, and how does it work?

Apple Pay is the easiest way to pay on your iOS and mac devices across thousands of stores and apps and send cash to your friends or fam with a touch ID.

Add your debit or credit card to the wallet, and it replaces physical cards with a contactless or Apple Cash card. With Apple Cash, you can send and request cash to your family and friends. Also, you can pay online wherever you see Apple Pay accepted.

Add your cards to the Apple wallet is quite simple, as it just takes a few seconds to link and verify your cards.

The Problem with the Apple Cash card

If you notice, it only works at supported stores, and Waffle Pay doesn’t accept it. Apple Cash doesn’t provide unique card details; it’s just a virtual card linked to your debit or credit card. So it’s ignorable at stores where A Pay is not supported.

So, does Apple Pay offers a debit or credit card? The answer is yes. If you’re a U.S resident and above 18 years old with a salaried job or business, you can apply for the Apple titanium Mastercard credit card. If approved, you can pay anywhere where Mastercard is accepted. It’s a card with many perks.

Another way to use Apple Pay with Waffle House (Guides)

  • Go to the Waffle house app or website and select your location.
  • Browse and select the items you’d like to purchase.
  • Skip to the payment page and enter your Apple credit card details, such as Expiry date, Security code, name, and card number.
  • Review your menu details, and Confirm and Pay.

It is the indirect way to pay at Waffle House via Apple Pay card. Many iPhone users will likely get an Apple card or have a less approval odds. But without such a card, you can’t use Apple Pay with Waffle House.

Order waffles via Ubereats and pay with Apple Pay.

It’s a simple trick. You can find a Waffle store in Ubereats that delivers to your area. Once you find your store and pick up your items to purchase, select Apple Pay at checkout. So, instead of directly ordering Waffles from a store, you can use Ubereats.

The only caveat is that you may not find many Waffle stores that deliver to your location, and the price may differ in Ubereats.

Ordering Waffles from Ubereats

Make sure you’ve set up Apple Pay with Ubereats before paying for an order.

  • Browse and select your items and tap “Go to Checkout.”
  • Under the order details, choose your payment method and tap Next.
  • Now follow on-screen prompts and complete the order.

Many Food delivery platforms accept Apple Pay. Similarly, you can find a Waffle House store and place an order.

Wrapping Up

Putting in card details every time at check out is quite inconvenient. On the other hand, Apple pay is a fast and secure way to pay online. Unfortunately, Waffle House doesn’t accept any third-party services, but it’s quite possible to order its stuff from companies like Ubereats or Grubhub.

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