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We’ve seen many Blockchain companies come and go, but has never flinched in these years. It’s the most trusted yet secure Crypto exchange company that amasses millions of users across the globe. What if it is not working? Or go down for a while? Will you still be able to trade crypto or lose all your money?. 

There are a bunch of questions that users want to know, especially if they put their hard-earned money in blockchain currencies. However, in this article, we will answer some of your queries and resolve problems that caused the website or app not to work properly.

What is

As the name suggests, is the crypto trading platform where you can buy, hold and sell more than 250 Cryptocurrencies at standard prices. Besides, it offers a DeFi wallet, a non-custodial wallet that provides you with DeFi services in one place.

With a DeFi wallet, you can create your keys and manage over 100 coins. Best of all, you can earn interest rates on 35+ tokens, including CRO, ATOM, TUSD, KNC, and more, with no lock-up terms. The wallet is packed with on-sleazy tools and layers of security to provide you with an unparallel experience. 

On top of a wallet, it is also a Crypto bank that pays up to 14% p.a on your crypto stable coins and provides low-interest credit loans. If we sum up, it is a multi-functional cryptocurrency company that has a service for every Crypto lover. 

Why is not working?

The company has over 55 million users all around the world selling, holding, and buying more than 250+ cryptocurrencies. It works on cross-platforms: Android, iOS, and website. The most common problem users may face is the server problem that keeps them from temporarily accessing the site. There could also be other issues related to the website like cache, faulty DNS settings, e.t.c. 

Likewise, app users may also experience cache issues, server issues, network problems, and, to name a few. So we’ve crafted this article so you can know why your website/app is not working the way you temporarily. There could also be other issues related to the website like cache, faulty DNS settings, e.t.c. 

Likewise, app users may also experience cache issues, server issues, network problems, and, to name a few. So we’ve composed this article so you can know why your website/app is not working the way you want.

Clear cache and cookies. 

Caches are the logged files stored in your browser to give you an enhanced browsing experience. Whenever you revisit a page or website, these cache files restore everything for you, so you don’t have to re-enter your information and sign up again. 

However, this effect is removed as soon as you delete your cache and cookies from your browser. There are some downsides to how many of these log files are stacked up over a period of time. If you do not root out such files after they take a gigantic form, you may experience many browsing issues and bugs. So it is advisable to delete cache and cookies whenever you experience 

Deleting cookies and cache 

On Chrome browser

  • Launch Chrome on your desktop.
  • Tap the Settings icon, located in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • In the settings, tap history.
  • Navigate to the “Clear history and browsing data”.
  • Select from the options Cookies and cache. 
  • Hit the action button.

On Safari

  • Launch Safari on your Mac.
  • Select the Safari option which is located in the top bar icons. 
  • Select Preferences.
  • Now tap the Privacy tab, and go down and select “Manage Website Data“.
  • Select a website that is using cookies or select all websites and hit the Remove all button. 
  • That’s there to it. 

Flush DNS (Domain Name System)

If you’re unable to access the website or see a 404 error, the website has changed its name servers to different locations. Whether the site needs a DNS reset or a simple update could be uncertain. Still, you can perform this action to ensure the site’s servers are not changed.

A DNS reset is often not required until the site’s domain name is moved.

Resetting DNS settings. 

(Windows 10 and above)

  • On the home screen, Right-click the start button.
  • Search and open Command Prompt (CMD) (run as administrator)
  • In the CMD window, type ipconfig /flushdns.
  • Hit Enter

It should say that the DNS flush has been successful. 

Site is down

When we say the Site is down, it simply means it is not serviceable. This happens when the company is carrying out some sort of backend operation, or the site is facing a server problem. In any case, we have no control over the website’s server. 

Servers are generally handled at the company’s end, so we can only wait for the server to come fully up. However, To know if the servers are up and down, you can check servers online. 

If you find the site is down, you must wait for the servers, as there is no other option. You can also stumble upon the company’s Twitter to know the latest updates on the website. That’ll save time whenever you sense the servers are down. 

Reset Network Settings.

If this Crypto platform is not working on your desktop or smartphone, you may have a broken internet connection that needs to be fixed. If you cannot load the website properly, your WiFi is the reason behind it. A slower internet connection leads to poor performance, which might affect how you run apps or software.

If you have a sluggish internet connection, or it is just your device that is not working properly, You should reset your Network settings. All WiFi usernames and passwords, including linked devices, get wiped out whenever you reset your network settings on your device. This will root out all the network-related problems that are popping out to tick you off.

Resetting Network settings.

On windows 

  • Go to the Start Menu.
  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Access Network and Internet.
  • In the left panel, select Status.
  • Now go down and Tap ‘Network reset”.
  • In the Network reset window, hit the grey Reset now button. 

Restart your PC for the effects to kick in. 

On mac

  • Go to your mac’s home screen and tap the Apple icon located in the top left corner.
  • Tap System Preferences.
  • Tap Network.
  • Now, tap Wifi (From the list of network connections.)
  • Under the same network connections list, tap the minus icon and then tap Apply.
  • Next, click the add icon in the same panel, and re-add your WiFI. 

This should reset your network settings on Mac.

Restart your browser

If your Chrome browser keeps crashing or unresponsive whenever you open this or any other website, restarting it can help. When you re-open the browser, all the previous Browser memory gets purged, unlocking faster performance in the browser. 

You don’t have to bookmark the open tabs whenever you restart a browser because Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers do not remove open tabs after a restart or sudden shutdown of the device. So when you launch the browser, all the open tabs reappear.

Reboot your device

Similar to when you restart your browser, rebooting a device is quite helpful whenever you can’t access the site. Even though this method seems quite simple, it has proven to be the most effective step in fixing minor bugs and errors. However, you can’t expect much from this very step because restarting a device can resolve some minor problems but not the critical ones. 

So when you reboot a device, all your software that runs in the background gets wiped out, releasing your RAM for maximum potential performance. 

Due to the slowness of the RAM problem, applications throw errors and experience glitches, so it is necessary to restart a device whenever you experience any lag or glitches.

Why app not working?

If your app is crashing or not loading properly, you can get that fixed with the help of this article. There could be several reasons the app is not responding the way you want. Maybe your smartphone’s memory is exhausted, or you haven’t updated the app from a long time ago.

The most common cause could be your internet connection or Buggy applications that are eating up your device’s RAM. Below are a few reasons and solutions to resolve the app issues.

Restart your phone – As mentioned in this article, restarting a device is a game-changer. By rebooting your smartphone, you clear out all the possed RAM used by the apps, so you can get a faster speed performance whenever you open any app. 

This is helpful if the app is not loading properly or you experience lags or glitches while doing activities inside the app. 

Update the app – You might experience technical errors if the app is not updated to the latest version. An outdated app may be incompatible with your operating system. You must update the app to fix minor bugs and get design improvements and features. 

Check your WiFi- Your internet connection can play a major role in providing a smooth app performance. Poor internet slows down the app and causes loading issues that always ruin users’ moods. 

To fix your Internet issue, simply use a faster, stable broadband connection that does not drop or disconnect. Or, if you already have robust broadband or cellular connection, make sure you’re receiving full network signals. You can also switch between your WiFI and SIM to check the faster side. 

Delete cache- Your app piles up junk files or temporary files in the form of cached data. Such files eat up your storage, causing the performance issue. The cache will be productive if you want an enhanced experience within the app. 

However, a large cache file may slow down the application and could be counterproductive. So it’s necessary to weed out cache every now and then.  

Factory reset your device- If the above steps do not move the needle, you can think of resetting or formating your smartphone. This step is the ultimate antidote to resolve any issue inside the smartphone. It’s recommended to back up your data to the cloud services like Google Drive or iCloud before you factory reset your device. 

Contact support

If nothing works (It is very rare), you can reach out to the website’s contact support and submit a query about an issue. They should answer your question within 1-3 days in business days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is not letting me buy?

If you’re unable to purchase coins on the platform, the reason could be that On-chain transfer speeds are not fast enough to initiate the transaction. You have to wait unless the Blockchain upgrade or maintenance is underway.

Why is not letting me log in?

Maybe you’re using the wrong email or password. Also, make sure you have no duplicate accounts with the same phone number if you want to log in without any issue. 

Why is not accepting my card?

The most common reason the platform declines or doesn’t accept your card is the insufficient balance in your bank account. 

Why is not showing my balance?

If you’ve successfully transferred or received the crypto but are unable to view the balance, you’ve to refresh your wallet by pulling down the screen. As soon as it synchs the most recent information, your actual balance must be visible in the dashboard. 

Another reason could be that your crypto coins are still on confirmation by the blockchain network. You should receive your coins depending on the confirmation speed sender has paid for. Another reason could be that your crypto coins are still on confirmation by the blockchain network. You should receive your coins depending on the confirmation speed sender has paid for. 

Wrapping it up

We have cast around various solutions and reasons why is not working on Chrome, Safari, or android and iOS devices. You can follow any step that you think can resolve the issue. However, first, we advise our readers to follow the basic methods like restarting a smartphone or browser or clearing cache and cookies. These solutions work almost every time. Thanks for reading this article. 

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