Dollar Tree Employee Login – Portal Links A-Z

Updated: March 15, 2023
DollarTree Employee login

Are you a Dollar Tree associate? You’ve landed in the right place. We’ve rounded up all the important employee links that you need to view your schedule, enroll in benefits, access payroll, and more.

What is Dollar Tree

With over 17,000 stores across the United States and Canada, Dollar Tree has become one of the most successful retail chains that supplies a wide range of products for as little as $1. Some of the many items it includes are household goods, party supplies, toys, and food, to name a few.

In 2015, Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar, but the two chains continue to operate under separate brand names. Despite being owned by the same parent company, Family Dollar has different pricing strategies and product offerings. However, with the acquisition, Dollar Tree can now reach a wider audience and offer a wider range of products.

Dollar Tree Pay Stub Login

Employees can view their last four PayStubs, or access W-2s via the link below. To access the PayStub portal, all you need is your associate ID and password.

  • Head over to my.doculivery.com.
  • Enter your Associate ID and password in the Doculivery System.
  • Tap the blue Login button to access your PayStub.
  • Once you are in, click on the “Pay Stubs” tab to view your current and previous pay stubs.
  • From there you can then download or print your pay stubs as needed.

If you don’t know your password yet, you can ask your store manager or HR. New members can log in with 8-digit numbers, where the first four digits are your month, date, and year, and the other four digits are the last four digits of your SSN.

You’ll be prompted to create a new password if your entries are valid. To reset your password or unlock your account, shoot an email to paystub@dollartree.com with your legal name, User ID, and the last four digits of your SSN.

Requirements to become a Dollar Tree employee

To be eligible to work at Dollar Tree, you must meet certain requirements. These requirements may vary based on the position you are applying for and the store’s location. Here are some general requirements:

You don’t need to study in a university to work at Dollar Tree, as you only require the following grades

  • If you’re not at least 18 years old, you’re unlikely to work in this company or any company that involves some skills.
  • Even though your university degree is not required, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent to increase your approval chances.
  • You must be legally living in the United States or Canada and be able to work. During the hiring process, you may be asked to show proof of your eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • You must have some expertise in the role you’re applying for. For example, cashiers must have solid math skills and be comfortable working with customers, while stockers must be able to lift and carry heavy boxes and have good organizational skills.
  • The company may conduct a criminal background check, drug test, or other screening while hiring.

These are all the important requirements and guidelines you can follow before applying for a job at Dollar Tree. To know what exactly you need, you can directly reach out to the store and find out the specific requirements to be an associate. However, most of the time, your prior experience with some company or store adds a lot to your resume.

When do Dollar Tree Associates get Paid (Payroll)

The associates in the company are typically paid on a biweekly basis. However, the exact pay dates may vary depending on the store location and the employee’s position.

The employees can receive their paychecks via direct deposit or checks. With Direct Deposit, a paycheck goes straight to the employee’s bank account, while a paper check is a manual and slow process.

You can view every wage you’ve earned as a Dollar Tree associate in the Pay Stub, which is a web portal that displays all information about your salary, including deducted taxes.

Pay Stub is crucial for employees to make sure their paychecks are accurate and they’re getting paid on time.

How to access W-2s

Dollar Tree allows its employees to download and print a W-2 form. The W-2 form displays the annual salary of an employee as well as the amount of tax deducted in the prior year. The W-2 form is required for filing federal and state income tax returns.

If you’re an electric recipient, you can access W-2s via the information centre or the link below. If you’re an electric recipient, you can access W-2s via the given URL below.

Website: my.doculivery.com/External/DollarTree/Login.aspx (Copy and open it in URL)

You must enter the valid employee ID and password associated with your Dollar Tree account. In case, you don’t remember your user ID, you can find it on your pay statement.

For any further queries as to W-2s form, you can contact your store manger or HR.

Dollar Associate Paperless Employee login portal

Paperless employees who get payments through direct deposit can visit the below portal. Through this portal, store associates can update their tax withholdings, change addresses, or sign up for a direct deposit if they haven’t yet.


You must have your associate ID and password to access this portal. If you’re landing on this site for the first time, you’ve to create an account using your employee ID, social security number, and date of birth. Once the system validates and authenticates your personal details, you can log in to your account.

Dollar Tree’s Employee Benefits Portal

If you’re working at Dollar Tree, you may want to enroll in benefits. The platform provides a host of benefits, such as coverage, wellness, and insurance. To enroll for benefits, you need your associate ID and password. Simply head over to the link below and log in to the system.


Once you access it, you can see the “Benefits” option right in the dashboard. Follow the prompts to enroll for health care or other benefits.

Dollar Tree associates FAQs

What benefits do employees receive?

The company offers benefits such as health insurance, dental and vision coverage, a wellness program, a health savings account, disability coverage, paid life insurance for family members, virtual medical, and store discounts.

What is the pay rate for Dollar Tree employees?

It depends, If you’re a cashier or notetaker, you can earn an average of $15—$23 per hour, and if you’re a stock assistant, your earnings could be $7–$10 per hour.

Again, it’s quite uncertain that your earnings will be exactly like this, as it may depend on your store, location, and position in the company.

However, we can estimate the average annual earning of Dollar Tree associates is around $38,000.

What is the dress code for employees?

In general, employees are required to wear a unique uniform consisting of a white polo or green top and black or khaki pants.

What is the work schedule like for Dollar Tree employees?

Associates work at least 8 hours a day, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., with three different shifts: morning, midday, and night. You can also check your work schedule.

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How can I apply for a job at Dollar Tree?

Also, there is a career portal that allows you to browse hundreds of jobs across the company. So, either you can apply in person or online, depending on your convenience.

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