Winn Dixie Employee Login Portal

Updated: March 15, 2023
Winn Dixie employee login

Want to log in to My work Winn Dixie employee portal? You’ve stumbled upon the right place. This article will be helpful if you’re a retail associate at Southeastern Grocers. We’ve provided all the important links and guides to help you access your Kiosk.

What is Winn Dixie?

Winn Dixie is a supermarket retail chain serving primarily in the southeastern United States. Since 1925, it has provided customers with a wide range of high-quality products, including grocery stores, seafood, bakery items, and in-store pharmacies, for nearly a century.

Southeastern Grocers, the largest supermarket chain, acquired it in 2013; Winn Dixie now has become an integral part of the five southeastern states: Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Whether reserving groceries for the week or picking up a quick meal from the deli, Winn-Dixie is the best bet regarding customer service and quality.

As for employees, Winn-Dixie offers various job opportunities, from entry-level positions to management roles.

It provides its employees competitive pay, benefits packages, and career advancement opportunities that build their skills and advance their careers within the company.

How to log in to the Winn Dixie Enterprise portal?

The employee portal gives employees access to important company information, such as work schedules, pay stubs, benefits information, company news, and updates.

We’ve piled up all the portal details needed to access your account. These links are valid and secure.

To access your Self-Service Employee Kiosk or portal –

  • You’ll see the login box where you’ve to enter your retail associate ID/Employee ID and Password.
  • Once entered, hit the Sign in button.
  • If your entries are valid, you’ll be redirected to your Kiosk.

In case you’ve forgotten your ID or password, contact your Local IT or HR or email at hrforme@segrocers.com.

My Work Winn Dixie SSO or Single Sign-on System login

This portal allows users to authenticate multiple applications or websites with just one set of login credentials. Follow the instructions below –

Sso winn dixie min
  • Head over to Sso.segrocers.com.
  • Enter your Employee ID or retail email address and password.
  • Next, click Sign in to access.

If you’re an hourly associate trying to log in here, you must first be clocked in and approved to work.

Winn Dixie employee benefits

With Winn -Dixie, employers can receive a lot of benifits that may vary from position to location. Here are some of the employee benifits it includes –

  1. Health and wellness benefits.
  2. 401(k) retirement plan with company match.
  3. Paid time off (PTO) and paid holidays.
  4. Store discounts.
  5. Employee assistance programs for mental health and wellness.
  6. Robust pay.
  7. Employee recognition and rewards programs

Winn-Dixie employees will get benefits based on their job title, length of work, etc. To sum up, the platform strives to provide competitive and comprehensive employee benefits to reward top talent in the retail enterprise.

Winn Dixie employee Password reset

If you’re unable to access your employee portal due to an incorrect password, this link will help you recover your account. Simply open the link on a browser via your PC or smartphone.

  • Go to the Vendorpass.WinnDixie.com.
  • Enter your User ID, and the image code is shown on the screen.
  • Once entered the entries, click on Next.
  • On the next screen, enter your new password and hit Reset.

Alternatively, you can contact your Winn-Dixie HR or the IT department for further assistance.

How to view your Employee work schedule?

You can view your work schedule on your computer or smartphone through the company’s employee portal. Here are a few steps to navigate your schedule.

  • Go to the Winn-Dixie employee portal.
  • Log in using your associate ID and password.
  • Once you’re on the dashboard, click on the “My Schedule” or “Schedule” tab.
  • Next, pick the appropriate dates for the week you want to view your schedule.
  • Now, your work schedule for the selected dates should appear on the screen.

You can contact your HR or manager if you’re having trouble viewing your schedule or need help regarding your account.

The Southeastern Grocers (SEG) employee login

If you’re a Southeastern Grocers (SEG) employee and work in any of its companies, you can access your employee Kiosk through the Self-service link. You’ve to use your login credentials received by your HR or supervisor.

  • Hop over to the same SEG enterprise login portal.
  • Enter your User ID and password.
  • Tap “Login” to access your Kiosk.

Why can’t I log in to the My Work Winn-Dixie portal?

It’s quite common to face such issues when trying to access Kiosk or associate Kiosk. There could be several reasons you can’t access it, or the portal is not working.

One of the key reasons could be your incorrect login details or poor internet connection. Or it’s possible that the site is experiencing technical issues or traffic outrage.

And if you’re a former employee, your account may no longer be active. In this case, contact your HR and get your facts right.

In case you’ve tried too many failed sign-in attempts, your profile can be locked to protect you against cyber threats. In this case, wait for a few minutes before trying again.

Winn Dixie PaperLess Employee

Winn-Dixie offers a paperless payroll system to retail associates to access their W-2 documents online.

Through the paperless payroll, employees can access their pay stubs, W-2 forms, benefits information, work schedules, and other important documents online via phone or PC.

A paperless payroll system is designed to be convenient and user-friendly, remove paper works, and allow employees to access their documentation on the go.

New employees who haven’t registered for the paperless employee can now sign up. To access the Winn-Dixie Paperless portal, click the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I find my Winn Dixie Associate ID?

Your Associate ID at Winn-Dixie can typically be found on your employee badge or pay stub. If you do not have access to either of these, you can contact your supervisor or the human resources department for assistance in finding your Associate ID.

Alternatively, you can log in to the Winn-Dixie employee portal and look for your Associate ID in your account information. If you cannot access the employee portal or find your Associate ID, contact the SEG HR department for further assistance.

Do Winn Dixie employees get discounts?

Associates who are eligible for employee benefits can get discounts at Winn-Dixie stores. The discount amount may vary depending on the work and location of the employee and the store policies.

However, employees typically earn a discount of 5% and more off store purchases. So with this benefit, associates can save money on their grocery purchases, making it an attractive perk of working at Winn-Dixie

Login to your Winn Dixie employee portal through the valid links we’ve provided in this article. Also, learn to reset your password and more.

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