Webtoon Promo Codes (Nov 2023) Free coins, 50% Off

Updated: January 4, 2023
Webtoon promo codes

Looking for the Webtoon Promo Codes to get free coins? You’ve landed in the right place. If you want to quench your thirst for webcomics on the Webtoon, you need a fast pass or coins to access the last three episodes.

Webtoon is one of the best platforms for comic readers and creators. It allows you to read free comics and make money creating your own. Since 2020, it has paid its creators over $27,000,000 through ad revenue-sharing programs, rewards, and Patreon.

But as a reader, you may get free access to all the listed ongoing or completed comic series of any genre. However, the caveat is that you need to have a daily pass or coins to unlock the remaining episodes of each comic.

Why Do You Need Webtoon Promo Codes?

You don’t need Promo codes to access the comic library because everything is free on Webtoon, including the work of great creators.

You can redeem promo codes for coins and get a fast pass to access locked episodes. Some comic episodes will only be unlocked with a Fast pass or coins, as you can’t unlock them with your daily fast pass.

So with the help of Promo codes, you can read such episodes after buying coins.

Also, Coins are not cheaper either, only 10 Webtoon coins cost around $0.99, and if you’re planning to buy a bundle of 1000 coins, it will cost you $99.99.

In case you want to purchase a coin pack, we suggest you buy a Starter Pack, which will cost you half the original price. You can see the Starter pack option in the Coin shop of your app.

Webtoon Promo Codes to get free coins

These are all the Webtoon promo codes you need to get some coins to unlock enough webcomics. Simply use them one by one and enjoy free coins.

You may find these codes expired or inactive, so try them out and check which code is still working. We used these codes, and they are working perfectly. However, these codes may only work for some people who have used them before, or their browser or app has any technical issues.

Also, it is possible that these codes are not valid. Before using any promo code, we suggest you clean up your browser’s cache or update your app.

Here’s the codes –

  1. YUKCUCITANGAN2020 : Redeem it for 6 free coins.
  2. K3PINWEBTOON : Redeem it for 6 free coins.
  3. WEBTOON_YUNITA :Redeem it for 6 free coins.
  4. NESSIEJUDGE7 : Redeem it to get 6 free coins.
  5. WEBTOON_KESHYA : Redeem it to get 6 free coins.
  6. CIMON99 : Acquire 6 free coins.
  7. GRITTELOVE9 : Acquire 6 free coins.
  8. JINJJACHA – Redeem it and get 50% Off on Webtoons.
  9. OE7KQB – Redeem it to get free gifts.

How to Use Promocodes on Webtoon?

If you’re new to Webtoon, you might need help finding the box where you’ve to put the code. You can expedite the process by following the steps below.

  • Launch the app.
  • Tap on the More tab located at the bottom right of the screen.
Coin shop Webtoon
  • In the more tab, click on the Buy Coins button.
  • It will land you on the Coin Shop page, Scroll down, and you’ll find the “Promotion Code” option.
Promo code box Webtoon
  • Now, copy one of our Promo codes and paste it into the box. That’s it.
  • Once the code is redeemed, you’ll get free coins.

(Note: Make sure there are no typos or spaces between a code)

How To Get Free Webcomics?

Webtoon is free, so you don’t need to buy a monthly or yearly subscription to start experiencing your first comic online. The whole idea of the Webtoon is to provide access to a diverse range of comics across different categories and support creators all around the world.

However, to keep the momentum going, it asks for you to purchase coins to unlock the most recently listed episodes of any comic.

Well, some comics’ episodes can be unlocked with a free pass that you get every day, while others can only be unlocked with a fast pass or coins. You need to spend nearly 3-7 coins per premium episode.

Remember, the episodes you unlock with a free pass will get locked out after certain days, but the episodes you unlock with fast coins will be accessible until a comic is deleted. 

Since you get only one free pass every day, not more, you need to have coins to read more webcomics. Apart from promo codes, the legit way to rack up coins is by inviting your friends, which in itself is an arduous task because you will find fewer comics lovers than you may find movie fanatics.

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Inviting Friends to Webtoon

The option is greyed out for new users. If you want to earn some coins by inviting your friends, you have to explore the app first and then come back later to see the Invite option enabled.

Once you can use the Share Referral code, you can invite friends and get some points after they redeem your code within 7 days of creating an account.

Either you can share your code via the app or manually. It depends on you.

  • Follow the above steps and navigate to the Coin store.
Webtoon referral option
  • Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see the Referral text link.

Things you need to know

You can avoid it if you already know the nature of the Webtoon Promo codes. These codes can be used only once by every user. Also, jot down the fact that coins are not interchangeable.

That means you can’t use the coins on Android if you’ve purchased them on iOS or vice versa. Also, you cannot interchange coins with languages. So make sure you use your coins carefully.

Should you buy coins on Webtoon?

It depends. If you can binge-read webcomics, you can buy some coins and unlock more episodes. But, if you’re a casual reader, an everyday free pass is enough to indulge in a comic episode every day.

If you can fork out at least $10-100 monthly on coins, you can unlock more webcomics than you can read.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to see my coins in Webtoon?

To see your coins, go to the app and tap the More menu icon on the bottom right of the screen. From there, you can see all your free and paid coins.

How to see my unlocked series in the Webtoon app?

To see your unlocked series, tap on the My Series Profile icon. You’ll find all the subscribed, downloaded, created, or unlocked series.

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