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Updated: January 10, 2023
apple watch water tracking app

In this fast-paced world, we frequently fail to consume enough water to help our bodies maintain temperature and fight off dangerous bacteria and viruses.

That said, if you want to get water reminders straight to your Apple Watch and don’t want to miss the daily requirements for water intake, keep reading this article.

To keep our bodies hydrated, all we require is to drink at least 3 litres of water throughout the day. If we consume enough water, our body flushes out toxins through urine or sweat. As a result, the immune system becomes healthier and so does our overall quality of life.

Keeping your body dehydrated or not having enough water is not only bad for you, but it is also not witty. As our overall body is made up of over 70% fluid, regulating the proper functions of organs.

However, you don’t need to note down water durations manually when you can easily track them on smartphones, smartwatches, or other devices. After digging a lot, we have found that a few water reminder apps in the app store have Apple Watch support.

The AppStore has a few hydration apps for iOS wear that send reminders and track activities but do not back up and synch data. We’ve rounded up the best water reminder apps for the Apple Watch to organise fluid reminders and monitor progress.

Best apps to track water intakes for apple watch.

Drink water reminder app

apple watch water app

It’s a one-stop solution for tracking fluid intakes in the flow. With a host of intuitive features and an eye-catching design, it is the best fit for your Apple Watch.

It recommends hydration based on age, sex, weight, and the country’s temperature. It lets you set reminders throughout the day and skip bed rest using the automatic bed timer feature.

Besides, it has exceptionally cool graphics that are well-illustrated, helping measure H2O amounts in oz and ml with the example of a bottle, so that users can understand how much water they’re ingesting in quantity. 

At the tap of a button, it tracks down a history of fluid logs, displays previous fluid consumption and remaining H2O schedules for the day. 

So now you have more information about your hydration level and overall activities. Just integrate this app with any of your Apple devices, and you’re ready to rev up your metabolism. 

Key Features

  1. recommends the amount of fluid to be taken.
  2. They have intuitive layouts and graphics.
  3. It integrates with the iPhone, iPads, and Apple wear.
  4. Backs up and synchronises data across devices.
  5. Sets reminders only when you’re active.


Water reminder daily tracker

water tracker apple watch

It’s another decent water reminder app for the Apple Watch, with an intuitive design and comprehensive features. Just choose your goals to stay hydrated, lose weight, and get fit before taking a plunge.

The app asks for parameters like unit, age, gender, weight, and height to get a personalized fluid plan you should take in a day in oz or ML. No matter what, you can change the quantity to any value that fits your needs. 

It’s not limited to H2O, as it measures all sorts of beverages to keep tabs on your calories, protein, fat, and carbs. You can glance at all the daily values and maximum daily intakes for any given day in the Nutrition tab. On top of that, the History tab displays weekly and monthly fluid intakes in the graph. 

If you have parameters set and know how much hydration is available to consume, you can tap on the ‘Add Drink” button to add water, tea, milk, or whatever supplement you take.

Not only does it track daily H2O intake, but it also does the best job of counting nutrients and alarming sugar, caffeine, and alcohol levels. 

As to reminders, it notifies you every 2 hours, or you can set it for 20 minutes to up to 5 hours after each drink. However, the hydration reminder feature for Apple Watch is only available for premium users.

Key features

  1. Users can manually set the daily H2O intake quantity.
  2. Count calories, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol.
  3. Having multiple types of drinks helps to get precise results.
  4. It customizes notification sounds with a random message (premium).
  5. Can record your drink and track progress straight from your apple wear (premium).


H2O tracker and reminder – By Air Apps

H2o tacker

When it comes to the best Apple Watch water tracker and reminder app, H2O ticks all the boxes. It is quite easy to use, intuitive, and a free water reminder app for your Apple smart wear.

It’s compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, bringing some of the best possible experiences for hydration tracking.

Using this app is as straightforward as walking on a chalkboard, as it just takes a tap on “Add water” to add your hydration intake.

It has various drinking sources to choose from, such as a cup, bottle, and glass, and all range from 0.1 L to 0.5 L, which you can change later in settings. 

In the top right corner of the settings, you can change your daily fluid intake size, set reminders that fit your criteria, and create Siri shortcuts so you can make it more reachable.

Other options like widgets, Apple Watch reminders, and managing water may or may not be available for free, depending on the location.

However, if you find a way to set water reminders for your Apple Watch, you will be able to view all of the app’s history and performance.

H2O by Air costs you around $20 a year, followed by $9.99/monthly and $4.55/weekly plans. We want to inform you that it’s an entirely free application, only charging when you unlock a widget and Apple Wear support. 

Key Features – 

  1. Users can view stats, add H2O, and set reminders from their Apple Watch (Premium).
  2. It has different types of fluid sources for better precision. 
  3. It lets you change the quantity of fluid through the setting.
  4. Users can have a widget displayed on a smartphone’s home screen. 
  5. Users can use it in messenger to send stickers and more.


My Water – hydration tracker

My Water tracker

It’s another great offering to organize water intakes using an Apple Watch. If you’re looking for an H2O tracker app with an appealing user interface and intuitive tools, don’t look any further than this.

It focuses on the most important aspect: ensuring that you drink enough water and keep your body hydrated while on the move.At its core, the tools do a fine job of reminding you to drink fluid on time, prompting you to take one glass of H2O at a time so you can build a healthy habit of drinking water.

The only downside is that it’s the premium app that comes with a three-day free trial. In the trial period, you can have full access to its features. Once you set your mood to premium, you’ll be able to leverage its every feature—be it organizing fluids from an Apple Watch, setting up notifications, or monitoring progress. 

The app has multiple fee structures, starting from around $2 weekly to $12 yearly. To sum up, you may try its three days trial before sprinting onto a premium plan right after installing it.

Key features

  1. For precise understanding, users get various shapes and sizes of containers to measure the quantity.
  2. It sends H2O notifications to your Apple Watch.
  3. It has a widget for adjusting and monitoring hydration intake.
  4. Secure, quirky, and easy to use. 


Wrapping up

Based on our research, we have outlined all the best water reminder apps for an Apple Watch. Most of them are freemium apps, meaning you will have to subscribe to a plan to use every feature.

On the whole, these are easy-to-use applications equipped with cool features. Undoubtedly, these all-rounder water reminder apps can be your go-to Apple watch apps.

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