Best Walkie talkie apps for android and iOS

Updated on: March 2, 2022
walkie talkie apps

If you have already updated your apple watch to Watch OS 5, then walkie talkie is its inbuilt feature you can try. Users can also use an app as a walkie talkie to send and receive messages between channels & contacts. A few decades back, the first handset reciever was used in the World War two to communicating with authorities and leaders within a short-range.

Fast forward to now, we’ve more advanced handsets receivers with integration of apps. If not a physical device, you can also try any best walkie talkie app for iPhone, android, or even apple watch and virtually explore its features.

To use such apps, you need your friends to have same app on their device you send messages with, so they receive what you say or vice versa. 

Messaging app vs. Walkie talkie app.

Such apps mainly focuse on two-way communications and allow users to create and join channels or groups. Its simplicity and easy to use tools for sending ”Push to button” messages make such apps distinct from other messaging Apps. Also, you get a user friendly interface for a better virtual experience. Do you copy? That’s how you respond to your friends when using Such apps.

Best walkie talkie apps for iPhone, android & apple watch


best Walkie talkie app

NuovoTeam PTT is a reliable, effortless, and ultrafast communication and productivity suite designed to empower the on-field workforce with enhanced productivity, streamlined communication, and operational output. NuovoTeam walkie talkie mimics the cell phone devices deployed by the organization or the personal device into a modern walkie-talkie technology, making it an out-of-the-box and holistic solution to adapt.

The impulsive and clutter-free interface allows the participants to switch their cell phones from voice transmission to voice reception and initiate a PTT simultaneously. With the ultrafast communication technology, the participants can speak one at a time and the voice message will broadcast live on the other end, no matter if there is one participant or a group of participants.

Moreover, the PTT messages will be saved on the application for future playback with the ability to forward to any contact or delete it. All the PTT messages exchanged are encrypted end-to-end mitigating any contingent data breach. NuovoTeam push-to-talk also allows privacy-focused location tracking for on-field employees in real-time to ensure that the workforce is at the destined locations as expected by the organization.

NuovoTeam PTT also makes it easy for all the workforce within an organization to communicate by consolidating a unified corporate directory. All the employees working in the organization can be reached out either by searching them with their name, username, email, or phone number. Other bonus features in the productivity suite such as employee clock-in/clock-out, workforce task management, and location tracking make the NuovoTeam PTT app a must-have tool for your organization.

Key Features

  • End-to-end encrypted Instant Messaging
  • VoIP Calls
  • Real-time clock in/out of the workforce
  • Web-based Console
  • Unified corporate contact management
  • Workflow management
  • Location Tracking
  • Public and Private Channels

Free | 30 Day Free Trial then $3/month/device

Android | iPhone | Web


It’s the one-stop solution to turn your smartphone into a virtual handset receiver. It’s quite an intuitive app with a friendly user interface, allowing you to talk in two-way communication. With Voxer, you can create a team and send them a live voice, text, pictures, gifs, and location sharing. In case if anyone is unavailable to chat live, all messages are saved in the server for later sharing. Its end to end encrypted support for chat is what makes it stand apart from other relevant apps. 

Apart from creating private chats, it also lets you choose to talk over any 3G, 4G, or other networks. Voxer backs across platforms, as it’s active on the web, and allows users to chat from there endlessly with backing and synchronizing data. Not only has it an overflow of tools, but is also quite flexible – allowing users to add and remove unwanted recently sent messages with ease. To top things up, it has an extreme notification option when enabled, turns on repetitive alerts for messages when being in a noisy environment. 

Well, upgrading to a premium subscription will unwrap everything you need to have for a real experience. It’s not going to charge you more than $3.99/monthly or $29.99/yearly. Premium brings loads of on-sleazy features to the table, such as – unlimited storage for messages, high-quality audio, broadcast message, recall, download notes, and other admin support. To sum up, the app is undeniably the best walkie talkie app for iPhone, apple watch, and android that we can try for free.

Key Features –

  • Users can send end-to-end encryption messages in groups and with whoever they want to.
  • Lets users disable location and remove users from a list or group.
  • Using Listen live or Listen later, all message can be resent automatically to someone unable to respond. 
  • Allows sharing photos, videos, and gifs.
  • Backs up and syncs data to other devices.
  • Has the broadcast message option for experiencing a two-way talk.

Free | 14 days trial then $3.99/monthly or $29.99/yearly. 

Android | iPhone |Web

Walkie Talkie – By Money live Chat

As the name suggests, the app shares same functions and tools just like any two-way radio. Unlike any listed walkie talkie apps, its user interface is quite identical to any physical receiver. You see buttons, keys, connect, disconnect, receiver, channels, all the handset receiver features draped into the one place to give you a decent experience.

To use this app, all you need to do is press the shutdown button after selecting a channel by searching arrow keys, and to send a message, you’ve to hold press the “Push To Talk” button. Besides, you can connect your friends, create a global or secret channel, and block or mute users the way you want. Furthermore, there are many channels to join when there is no one to invite. 

The app has a host of theme colors which might flaunt your interest. Through settings you can enable “Push notifications” of various channels that you’re part of, along with managing contacts and other stuff. On the whole, it’s a freemium app that comes with a three-day trial for trying out premium features; No restrictions on chat, the unlimited group create, rights to block and mute users. This walkie talkie app is available on platforms like android, iPhone, and apple watch. 

Key Features 

  • User Interface delivers a virtual experience similar to a handset receiver. 
  • Users can create groups and chat with friends privately.
  • Lets users block and mute anyone in the group
  • Supports ush notifications for invitations, messages, and other activities.

Free | 3 days trial | $3.99/ monthly or $12/yearly

Android | iPhone


Zello is a sort of a real deal when it comes to fast two-way communication apps. It’s been for around eight years, roping in about 50 million downloads alone at the play store. It is the most authentic, yet flexible app one can use. It pulls in your zello contacts, and allows you to start a conversation right off the bat. 

With Zello, you can create channels, scan QR code to connect to a channel or find a channel by typing its name. There is a “Contacts” tab that displays all the contacts you’ve made connections with, or you can talk to the echo bot to test your audio. Interestingly, it shows all the history or recent messages enabling you to share, play, and delete them. By clicking on a channel or contact, you can tap “echo” for longer messages, while hold down the mic to send shorter messages. Apart from that, setting a channel as default or adding a favorite track are two prominent features that this app offers for free.

The benefit of choosing Zello over other apps is that you can create your profile and add multiple profiles in the same account to manage all messages in one place. Also, it offers pretty solid support for audio quality, by reducing background noise and enabling users to enable automatic playback and recording amplifiers. To make sure your channels don’t get watched by other Zello members, you have to upgrade to ZelloWork. With securing your channels, you can have encrypted conversations, 99.99% uptime, record all messages for up to two years, and import over 1000 users fastly.  

Key Features 

  • Users can find more channels compared to any other relevant app.
  • Has high-quality audio support.
  • Users can link multiple profiles to a single app.
  • Imports over 1000 contacts under a minute (Premium).
  • Faster, secure, and accessible.


If you want an instant voice messenger and create unlimited multiple channels, Voiceping has your back. With this app, you hear voice even when the app is in the background or locked. Just join a channel using a four-digit id before or after creating an account, and you’re all set to go. You can also hear messages read to you with text to speech without having you to open Voiceping. Apart from that, it also lets you send and receive pictures, and auto-forward received images straight to your email. 

In case of urgency, make use of the “Phone alert” feature to continuously alert someone’s phone with an audible notification. After login or manually input channel id, you launch yourself into the main page, where you can join other people who’re using the same code.

Besides, it has given a host of options to tweak and explore in the settings – such as – noise suppressor, quick press PPT button, boost volume, Bluetooth priority, dark mode, and hard button. 

Best of all, this walkie talkie app is entirely free and is up for download for an iPhone, apple watch, and android, including the web. So far, it has notched up around a million downloads globally with 4.2+ ratings on average.  

Key Features –

  • Allows to send pictures from a camera roll and also auto-forward images to the email. 
  • Users can join any channel using a four-digit id. 
  • Synchs and backs up data for registered users.
  • Sends instant page alerts on needing someone urgently. 
  • Its text-to-speech feature reads texts loud right from your smartphone’s notification bar. 



It’s another decent app that doesn’t connect your phone to a handset receiver but can give a real walkie talkie two-way communication feel. Toki, previously named Tripogo, is a well-known walkie talkie app available for iPhone, android, and apple watch.

That’s how it works – you plan a trip name and invite others to join it just like you create a channel name. Once you set a trip, you can find all nearby users who have the app installed, or send a trip invitation to friends. You can also start a two-way communication chat by clicking on the add button.

Well, To get the hang of all the features, you may take the tutorial’s help and lay hands on the speaker volume slider. Unlike other similar apps, it doesn’t display trip names to random users, so it’s a bit secure if someone doesn’t want others to peep in their channels. Toki has garnered over 100 thousand downloads alone at the play store, with 4.3+ ratings. 

Key Features – 

  • Allows users to create as many channels as they want. 
  • Sends location to a team and invites them to join a trip.
  • Supports two-way communication chat using a push to talk button. 
  • Doesn’t reveal trip names to other random users.
  • Secure, and supports multiple platforms.



Well, it’s an official app for the Beartooth handset device that connects your phone to walkie talkie using Bluetooth. Sounds fair enough?. It works when no smartphone service comes in handy. So, how do you know who has a Beartooth handset device? The answer lies in the map. Through a topographic Beartooth map, you explore people’s locations with a Beartooth device and connect with them, either sending an invitation or manually typing their device id. 

Also, Beartooth automatically checks if someone is in close proximity when you open a conversation view. It lets you send texts in groups or one-on-one to any Beartooth user up to 10 miles away and voice up to 5 miles away. In addition, the device information such as battery life, firmware, sound information, device name, and signal strength are available for a glance. As it’s a Bluetooth app, you can pair it with your apple watch and have a short, expressive walkie talkie chitchat. 

Key Features

  • Backs push to talk button communication.
  • Automatically finds Beartooth contacts that are in range. 
  • Has a topographic map to explore Beartooth users around the world. 
  • Users can see their device’s information.
  • Users can pair it up with apple watch and connect seamlessly. 

Free | Beartooth device required. 


Wrapping up 

Finding the best walkie talkie apps for apple watch, android and iPhone was quite a tedious task, as we had to test and scrutinize each app before enlisting here. However, as to usability and trustworthiness, these walkie talkie apps may tick all the boxes but fail to fit everyone’s needs. However, all the apps are free to use and offer striking features that one can find in a physical handset receiver. Most importantly, most walkie talkie apps can connect to Android, iPhone, and apple watch. 

By ankit raghuwanshi