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Updated: January 4, 2023
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Ubereats is a top online food delivery and takeout platform that was founded in 2014 in San Francisco, California, USA. It provides its services in over 6,000 cities across 65 countries.

In fact, Ubereats is the cheapest option out of the major food delivery apps, including, Doordash, Grubhub, and Postmates. However, that’s not completely true, as the company levies higher fees from customers in cities like California to benefit drivers more.

No matter which food delivery service you pick, if you don’t make use of deals and offers, your basket cost will be higher.

So we’ve rounded up a few promo codes for Uber Eats to help you get discounts and cashback on your food delivery orders. These codes can be equipped by both existing and new customers.

Ubereats Promo Codes That Work

Here are all the codes categorized for different customers. You can use one code at a time, and once it’s redeemed successfully, you cannot use it again on the same account. So use these coupons carefully to get discounts on your Ubereats orders.

For First Order Only

EATS10USNOV22 – $10 off when you spend $20 or more.

cfeatsusnov6j2l: Redeem this coupon to get 50% off your order when you spend $20 or more (for new customers).

WELCOME25 – New dinners can save up to 25% by using this code.

22EATSUS1192 – Get $30 Off your first order.

10% Off and Unlimited $0 delivery when you sign up for Uber One (Formerly Uber Eats Pass).

$150 voucher in your Uber wallet (guides)

If you’re not acquainted with this voucher, believe us, you’re going to be amazed. We’ve personally tried it, and it worked for you. With this voucher, you get $150 right in your Uber Wallet, which you can spend on free food or rentals. Here are the steps to follow –

  • Open Chrome or Safari and go to “applibrary.org”.
  • Once the website is loaded, scroll down and tap Uber Eats with $150 Coupon.
  • In this next tab, click on the orange button named “Download Needed.”
  • Now it will check your device to see if it’s compatible with the voucher or not. For device verification, you’ve got to complete three offers from the list below.
  • Once your verification is successful, you will have $150 in your Uber wallet. Enjoy.

Are There Any Uber Eats Promo Codes?

Yes, you can find promo codes or coupons for Ubereats here, and also scour other sites for more coupons or deals. Ubereats does support promotional codes to give discounts on food delivery orders.

All you need to do is find an active promo code and paste it into the promotional box while making a payment at Uber Eats.

We’ve compiled a list of codes that you can use to get up to 50% off your first order (conditions apply). Also, we’ve listed an amazing tactic to rack up a $150 Ubereats voucher. These codes are expiring soon, so hurry up.

Can You Use Two Promo Codes on Uber Eats?

No, you can’t use two coupons at the same time, but you can use them on two different orders. Also, jot down the fact that you can’t use the same code more than once.

However, if you have unique voucher codes, you can redeem them until they’re expired. Usually, you won’t find as many promo codes for existing users as you would for the first order.

How To Enter Promo Code Into UberEats?

Applying a promo code to UberEats is a straightforward process. For many other platforms, promo codes can go by the names of gift codes, coupons, or vouchers. Similarly, you’ll find the Promotions box in Ubereats.

You can add an Uber Eats coupon code to your account and enter it at checkout.

To your Account

  • Tap the Profile icon on the main screen. Tap the Profile icon on the main screen.
  • Tap Promotions and tap Enter Code.
  • Paste your code and hit “Add Promo.”

At Checkout –

  • After choosing your items, go to the cart.
  • Location Promotion tab at the bottom and click “View details.”
  • Add the promo code and tap “Apply Promo.”

How Do You Get A Promotion On Ubereats?

You can get up to $20 off your order when you invite people to UberEats. To get promotions, discounts, or coupon codes, all you need to do is refer people to UberEats, and when they order something for the first time, you’ll receive a promo code for your account.

You can find your invitation code in your UberEats profile. Simply share your code with your friends, and family, or on social media to get more rewards.

How Do You Get $20 Off Your First Uber Eats Order?

It’s quite possible to get a discount worth $20 off your first order. We’ve already piled up the code that offers up to 50% off for a new customer.

The code will reward you once you spend $20 or more after signing up for Uber Eats. Make sure it’s your first order when you apply the code.

However, if you’ve already ordered something, the voucher won’t be applied at checkout.

What Is The Eats Pass?

Eats Pass (now Uber One) is a membership program that allows customers to order food with up to a 5% discount and a $0 delivery fee when spending at least $35 at participating grocery stores. In Participating non-grocery stores, you will receive a 10% discount and a $0 delivery fee for orders of $35 or more.

Eat Pass is only available for U.S. members for $9.99 a month. Only eligible merchants support the Eats Pass, which you can find with the green tick underneath their name.

However, as the company claims, you can save up to $30 per month on average by becoming an Uber One member.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a $25 promo code for UberEats?

We don’t specifically have a $25 coupon code for Ubereats yet. However, you can find the $150 voucher, which can be applied automatically to your Uber Wallet when you complete a few questions.

Also, you’ll find here a promo code that offers you up to a $30 discount on your first order.

Why can’t I add a promo code to UberEats?

The key reason why a code is not working in UberEats is that it may be expired or invalid. Make sure, you’re using a voucher that still works and has no typos.

Other reasons could be that your webpage has expired sessions or your app is outdated. You can try to refresh your webpage, update your app, and check if your code works or not.

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