Turo Promo Codes 2023 (100% Working), Up to 30% off

Updated: January 4, 2023
Turo Promo codes

Finding your favorite car for rent has never been easier, thanks to Turo for launching such a platform where users can pick from a diverse range of cars and book their trip, all from a single source.

We all know how Turo works and how efficient it is compared to similar platforms like Uber or Lyft. Undoubtedly, Turo is the first choice among nomads for convenient travel.

Even if you don’t use any promo codes for your trip, Turo is a bang for the buck. However, if you use a promo code, you can slice the price by 50% and 15% for most trips. So let’s grab some codes and be more economical.

Promo Codes for Turo That Work

If you want to save money on Turo, you need promo codes, right? We’ve piled up a few coupon codes that will make your journey more frugal. You can use each code only once to save money on your car trip.

AFFVP30m – Use this promo code to get 30% off on Turo rentals.

TURO10 – Use this code on Turo to get 10% off storewide.

FLEETLOVE – Use it to get 15% off storewide.

EXTRA5 – Redeem it to slash 5% of your rental cost.

333FTJT – Redeem this code to get 15% off storewide.

other Turo promo codes to get 15% off storewide (for existing and new users).








Does Turo have promo codes?

Yes, you can use promo codes on Turo to get discounts of up to 50% off storewide. If you book a vehicle from Turo, which is quite simple, you get the option to enter the promo code that you can copy from this site.

Once you successfully apply any code listed on this site, you’ll get an instant discount on your car booking.

However, the platform only allows its users to use such codes once per user, and a few codes may not be working due to different reasons that we’ll quote later.

Hence, it’s clear that this car-sharing company lets you redeem coupon codes for some discounts on your favorite vehicle.

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How Do I Get A Turo Promo Code?

Getting a promo code is quite easy, as you won’t have to scour tons of websites, we’ve rounded them all up here. You can pick any code from this very article and put it into the promotional code box in Turo to cut down on your rent cost by 30% storewide.

However, some codes will only work for new users with great perks, while existing users may get up to 15–30% off storewide, but the reward potential won’t be as high as for new users.

Anyway, you can create a new Turo account with a different phone number and redeem a code. However, if you already have a Turo account, we do not recommend creating a second one.

If you try to grab some promotional codes from any other website, you may have to sign up to use a code, which can be quite tedious for some people, That’s why we’ve laid out the codes so you don’t have to go through any process.

How to Use Turo Promo Codes

Well, you won’t find this question anywhere online because it’s a no-brainer for most users. Copying and pasting a coupon or promotion code is a simple task.

But if you’re new to Turo and looking for a way to do that, we’ve got you covered.

Simply copy any code from here and follow the steps below –

  • Launch the Turo app or website.
  • Find and choose your favorite car, then proceed to the booking/payment page.
  • On the payment page, you’ll find the promotional box where you’ve got to paste the code you’ve copied from here or anywhere else.
  • Once it says, ‘Code has been successfully applied,” You’ll receive the benefits. Enjoy.

Note: You can paste a code only once, and make sure you’re using a valid code, or it will not be redeemed and you won’t get any reward. There are a host of promo texts that have the same perks; you can use all of them one by one for your every trip.

Why Can’t I Use Promo Codes On Turo?

There could be a few reasons why you’re unable to redeem these codes or any others on Turo. First off, make sure your device is connected to the internet and you’re not signed out.

Either you’re using expired codes or they’ve already been used by you in the past. In case, you don’t know if the promo text is expired or not, just type it on Google and check in which month of the year it was working.

And if you haven’t used a promo code and you’re certain that there is something wrong with your Turo account, wait, you might have corrupted cookies or cache—first clean them up and try again.

Also, update your app or browser (Chrome or Safari).

Can Turo Host Use These Codes?

There is no need for Turo hosts to lean on codes. Hosts usually receive 60–90% of the booked trip, including additional fees.

The promotion texts are meant for users who book trips for any amount of time or distance.

Final Note-

That’s it for now. We’ve piled up a few amazing promo codes to help you get some discounts when booking a rental car on Turo.

You can bookmark this page and grab a different code every time you book a car trip.

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