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Top parental control apps for iphone and android

Updated on: September 23, 2022
Parental control apps

A smartphone with the internet is full of fancy stuff; even a one search narrows down a wide range of results without trimming down adults or explicit content that one may find unwelcoming. It’s not a very serious problem until your child gets into that trap. To enable safe search, you either have to tweak settings on a browser or install any best free parental control app for iPhone or android to manage kid’s device remotely. There are a host of things you can control on other devices like location, phonebook, camera, screen-time, apps, and more. 

Best parental control app for iphone

Google Family Link for parents

It’s a decent app by Google to supervise your children’s activity, and guide them through good content. It’s minimalistic, flexible, and .totally free to use. What it does is regulate other devices from your device, setting ground rules to help children explore online, play games, and install apps. It lets you create a google account for teenagers under 13, remotely controls their device, and every time they download something or visit an unfamiliar link, they gotta need your approval to get access. Apart from managing apps, you can know how much time your kid spends on the following app, or let them make healthy decisions with activity reports – You can set time limits and lock the phone as to how much the screen time he should be using +on a daily basis. Likely, children won’t be with you all the time; The family link also lets you locate children as long as they’re carrying an Android device.

With the only device (if you have the same Gmail id), you’ll supervise as many devices as you want. The only condition is a child must be carrying an Android device. It has been downloaded over 10 million times with impressive 4.3+ ratings. 

Key features:

  • Keeps eye on the screen-time.
  • Secure, stable, and easy to use.
  • Tracks the location of teens carrying android devices. 
  • Suggests teachers recommended apps for children to feed their curiosity. 


Parental Control Screen Time Website Blocker

Another best free parental control app for iPhone & android to install for tracking your kid’s screen time, and other activities. For parents who want to spy on their child devices, it’s one of the top parental control apps to have on the go. To use it, the email id and a Pin are required to manage a child device, whereas A child is required to submit the parent’s email id and PIN. Through this app, parents can lock apps that they don’t want for their children, schedule a daily screen time limit, and set up bedtime, homework, and playing time. On top of that, it also lets you know with whom your child is communicating with, sending you suspicious message alerts via keywords. If you want to filter inappropriate web content, it enables SafeSearch, so your child surfs safe web from sites like Google, yahoo, youtube & bing – also, you can block specific web from accessing them. 

All you need to do is set up four password digit or fingerprints to allow or disallow what is best for your kid. It’s a freemium app, but most of its features are free, except putting restrictions on a few features that one might find helpful. The app has already been racked up 4.5+ ratings and is swinging on over a hundred thousand downloads. 

Key features

  • Tracks the location of a child.
  • Allow you to block/unblock specific apps to your child.
  • Tracks, and set screen time of your kid, and also lets you determine the time of a day your child can access apps.
  • Filter unappropriated websites and contents. 


An intuitive app created by Kidslox is the best platform to set sensible boundaries, block distracting apps, monitor location, & filter inappropriate content. Unlike some relevant apps, it has a straightforward snazzy user interface decluttered with tools. Kidslox gives you pretty much flexibility in managing your kid’s device so that you’ll always be able to know and guide through everything they do. Kidslox allows you to set daily screen time limits, block third-party apps, schedule time for homework, dinner, and more. When it comes to manipulating security, it provides childproofing tools and unique Kidslox Pin that keeps your clever child from changing restrictions. Using it, you can also put a limit on up to 10 android devices with the help of the internet.

Besides, you can block different browsers, games, and other stuff, including a camera to put breaks on endless selfies and video chat. As to pricing, it’s free for basic features, but if you want to make use of unlimited features, you are required to pay around $3.45 monthly. 

Key features

  • Lets you set weekly schedules.
  • Backs content filtering & cross-platform coverage.
  • Keep tabs on location.
  • Analysis and set screen time for your child.


Parental Control : Screen Time & Location Tracker

It’s surely not the free, but the best parental control app for iPhone & android you can download right now. The user interface of this app might look like a bit off-trend, but it has features that can make phone monitoring for parents pretty much fun. You can track and control almost anything a child engages on a device, whether it’s downloading apps, monitoring location, filtering webs, or blocking specific apps. Akin to similar apps, you need to create a single account to control up to 10 devices, as your kids need to have one account each linked with your account so you can control their devices remotely. Whenever a child goes out of reach, carrying an android device up and running, the app tracks a current location through GPS and sends panic alerts to the parent device. 

It comes with a three-day trial subscription, where a user has to submit a credit card information to renew the trial and cancel the subscription within three days to avoid charges.  

Key features

  • Lets you enable and disable apps.
  • Has an Anti-theft feature to immediately track a location and send panic alerts.
  • Sets the time limit for apps.
  • Allows you to schedule bed, homework, games, and other time.

Parental Control Kroha

It’s a great tool for parental control as well as for eye protection. It’s one of the best phone monitoring app for parents that monitors the amount of time a child spends on screen, along with kid’s latest photos, battery life, and a phonebook. The safe search function lets kids browse reliable internet by blocking out any warning or unappropriated content – Parents can always view, and manage websites that a child visited. Apart from webs, you can keep eyes on youtube videos, and remotely control them. Using it, you can set a screen time, block any app, and schedule a certain time for breakfast, homework, games e.t.c. The night mode sets it apart from the rest, protecting the child’s eyes from harmful blue light, as a result, improving sleep quality.

It’s a premium app without a free trial. It comes with a 1-year subscription to unlock every feature that it has, allowing you to manage a whole family using one account.

Key features

  • Lets you block social media, games, and other applications.
  • Tracks the location of a kid.
  • Monitors phonebook, photos, and screen time. 
  • Enables night mode to protect eyes from intense blue light. 


Wrapping up

That’s there to it. We’ve rounded up some of the best apps for you to track kids activities, so that they won’t be able to access to no entry zone. Using any best parental control app, you can keep tabs on your kid’s device from your device on the go. However, an internet is required on both device in order to control, organize tasks and allow permission.

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