7 Best Stop motion apps (Android & iOS)

Updated on: March 2, 2022
best stop motion apps

Want to make an animation film from pictures? Stop motion apps have your back. Using any best stop motion app, you can bring photos to life, without messing up with heavy tools. And unlike 2D cartoon animation apps, stop motion apps allows users to upload photos, background, and audio. Also, a few such apps offer time-lapse photography to capture slow processes of things like moving clouds, sunrise and sunset, or growing plants. However, shooting 30 secs of time-lapse requires more than one hour of work, making time-lapsing such a tedious job.

Stop motion is also a similar technique where a user gives animated figures the impression of movements. This process takes multiple sequences of still images that appear to be in motion when played at normal speed. Putting our unprofessional side aside, let’s cut to the chase. 

Best free stop motion apps 2021 (android & iOS)

Stop Motion Studio

stop motion studio

This app will help you build your very first stop motion movie. It’s intuitive, simple, and free. It provides you with tools like image imports, audio upload, frames rates, cut, paste, erase background image, and a few more. While the app creates a picture-based animation, you cannot make a drawing or use a vector in the process.

It has in-depth tools and tutorials to help you throughout the way. Akin to relevant apps, you need to capture still images and adjust them in a way that they look a part of a story. However, it needs a minimum of 160 pictures to create around 30 seconds videos. 

When creating an animation film, the app lets you edit every sequence like a pro, offering on-sleazy tools that are quite easy to try your hand at. Besides, its drag and drop feature, along with the separate moving tool, makes it stand out from the rest. Not only the app is loaded with tools, but it is also quite handy and secure. On the left side of the editing screen, you see options to add audio, image, title, credits, video clip, and file to a frame. 

Once you learn the ropes, it gets easier to make inerrant videos. Here is the caveat, many tools like reverse, merge, import photos, sound effects, visual effects, green screen, 4K ultra HD, face, and add draw are premium tools. To have access to every feature and tool it has to offer, you have to pay a one-time $4.99. To sum up, it is one of the best free stop motion apps to bring stationary pictures into life. 


  • Loaded with free tools. 
  • Easy to use and secure.
  • Supports jpg, jpeg, and png format.
  • Converts animated file into mp4 format and editable file. 
  • Supports ultra 4K HD (Premium).
  • Fully adjustable frame rates (fps). 


  • Import photos from the gallery. (Premium).
  • Many effective tools are premium.

Free | full access with one-time $4.99. 

Android | iOS



Picpac is quite a popular stop motion app with run of mill features. It is the simplest application compared to other relevant apps. Right after installing the app, you can start capturing photos or upload via a local drive to start a project. Also, it can extract images from a video with up to 1080p. Unlike relevant apps, it has no option for fps, as you can manage time intervals between pictures.

The interface certainly doesn’t inspire confidence; Not only it has got an imperfect look, but it also lacks tools that we’ve seen on the apps listed above. However, in a free version, you can import images, select, rotate, or duplicate, and set the duration between each image.

And with a pro version, you can draw on photos, merge, reorder, upload audio, mp3, remove the watermark, and generate high-quality videos. So, if you have already crafted a lego movie story, and looking for a mobile platform for the animation part, Give this app a try. 


  • Tons of tutorials on Youtube.
  • Allows clicking photos for free.
  • Draw on photos (Pro).
  • Export pictures from videos.
  • Straightforward to use. 
  • Can record your own video. 


  • Video ending watermark in a free version.
  • Can only generate 360p (free).
  • The professional side is weak. 

Android | Tutorials

Stop Motion Ajayukuna

stop motion apps

Another app for creating stop motion videos. This app is currently in beta version, so there are not any reviews related to it. We’ve done our testing, and found that it is another Picpac, but with a decent user interface. Since it’s in a beta version, we might see more features down the line. However, it has a camera capture feature equipped alone as you won’t find an option to import pictures or video. 

The app allows you to customize the frame rate from 0.5 to 30 seconds, choose image size, and save projects. Besides, you can delete, cut, paste, merge frames in the frame edit mode.

It has a slider to move from one image to another. And it has an automatic shooting mode that snaps pictures automatically in a given time interval between shots. In the beta version, though, we can see an audio option, but we can’t use it till the app goes live. To sum up, This app is a good starting point for beginners to make outlandish stop motion videos for free.


  • Easy to use.
  • Has an option to customize file size and frame rates.
  • Saves and converts projects to MP4.
  • Automatic shooting mode.


  • The user interface looks ordinary.
  •  No option to import videos.
  • No onion, grid, or other features.




This app is the best bet when it comes to the 2d animation app. It is intuitive and loaded with on-sleazy tools wrapped up in a beautiful interface.

The app allows users to create stop motion professionally, with no skills necessary. However, it has drawing tools that pave the way for artists to design characters. Also, it has an option to upload an image, while skipping a camera part that lets you shoot pictures straight from your camera. 

Unlike Picapack, its animation looks quite smooth as if everything is draped into a single layer. Best of all, it provides you with options like onion and grid so that you can draw and arrange elements precisely. The shiny feature it has is a Frame view that enables you to look at the elements of every layer in one single screen. On top of that, it creates layers for paint, highlights, ink, image, audio, rough, or whatever your design is made of. You can merge, hide, or delete parts of layers separately. 

FlipaClip has a host of audio clips for free and also allows you to record voice. When done making a movie, you can choose a format and export it to MP4. However, there is more to it in premium than a free plan. By going premium, you can add your own audio, add longer videos, remove watermark, add more layers, customize onion & grid settings, backup projects, customize canvas size, and export image sequence.


  • Lets users upload images and videos.
  • Records audio
  • Customizable grid and onion settings (Paid)
  • Professional drawing tools like brush, pen, pencil.
  • Decent layer system.


  • A lot of features are premium.
  • No custom format in a free plan.
  • Watermark.

Android | iOS


best stop motion app

It’s a one-stop solution to making perfect stop motion videos. It’s a beautiful and secure app equipped with shiny new features like boomerang and filters. To start, just make use of its inbuilt camera feature, or upload pictures straight from your gallery. You can edit each image layer by layer, instill with music, set speed, filters, size, and adjust brightness. Besides, to make sure that everything is in an infinite loop, enable boomerang to make it happen.

This app has no drawing tools, or any option to draw on photos. It only lets you upload or snap pictures. Besides, you can’t import or record audio. It has its own music melodies that you can use between layers. However, there are a few features it doesn’t offer, including record audio, grid and onion, import videos, and a few more. Despite missing such features, it is one of the best free stop motion apps you can use to broaden your creative horizons.

When switching to a premium plan, you get a lot of tutorials to watch and unlock features like crop & boomerang, full access to camera, brightness control, tilt & zoom, filters, import songs, import photos, unlimited projects, and royally free music. That means, with premium, you have full access to its features so you can unlock your full potential. 

Free | $19/ yearly | $6.99/ monthly. 

Android | iOS

Stopmo bro

stopmo bo

As the name suggests, it’s a stop motion app. This application is in early access, so there is not much of it on the internet. It allows users to create animated videos out of pictures. Either you can use its inbuilt camera feature or import unlimited gallery pictures; you won’t be charged. It has a nice-looking user interface decluttered with an overwhelming of tools. Apart from that, it has straighforward controls allowing users to make picturized motion films quite effortlessly. 

Its inbuilt camera offers tools like overlay, voice shutter, flash, and timer. Apart from that, it lets you reorder, duplicate or hide frames. Also, in the frame editing zone, you can set duration time and apply playback type to a boomerang or reverse at a click of a button.

And unlike other stop motion apps, it lets users save captured pictures to the gallery. However, you can only use limited frames in a demo plan, and there are a couple of other restrictions too. It comes with a one-time $9.99 to unlock full HD quality & video shutter, remove watermark & ads, and get unlimited frames.

$9.99 one-time purchase.


  • Camera shutter, flash, timer, overlay.
  • Boomerang.
  • Inbuilt camera & import photos.
  • Duplicates and hide layers. 


  • Bit expensive.
  • watermark & ads.




Whether you want to make a gif or stop motion, this app is the best option to go for. When it comes to such apps, it is a bit short of the tools required to make professional motion videos. However, it might be a great starting point to delve into making picture motion films. Best of all, you won’t have to unlock tools, because there is no restriction on using any feature. But, you may consider purchasing ads removal if ads seem to tick you off. 

Usually, the apps listed above have an audio import feature, this app missing it. Still, it has an inbuilt camera, and import photos option to be categorized in the stop motion apps. It lets you set the duration between frames, and has a cool slider to sprint between frames. 


  • Easy to use features.
  • Unlimited frames (Free).
  • Imports pictures.
  • No premium plans. 


  • No video and audio import feature.
  • Ads

Android | iOS

Wrapping it Up

This is the list of the best free stop motion apps for Android and iOS. We have done the heavy lifting for you and come up with Awesome apps that bring photos to life. These are the paid and free apps, with different features and user experiences. However, which app works out for you is heavily depends on what type of project you want, or what fits your need. Thanks for reading this article. 

By ankit raghuwanshi