Best Spam call blocker apps for iphone and android

Updated on: March 2, 2022
spam call blocker apps

If you’re not the only person who finds unknown calls a bit bothersome, you’ve landed in the right place. We spend hours in a day answering spoof or fake calls, resulting in a waste of time, and a bad mood. To identify and block such calls, you can use any best spam call blocker app for iPhone and Android. On top of blocking calls, you’ll be able to look up every number’s details and report any number at a click. Such apps are loaded with millions of already identified numbers, so whenever a spam call tries to access, the app won’t let it past your phone. 

Best Spam call blocker apps for iphone and android (2020 edition)

1. Call Control – SMS/Call Blocker. Block Spam Calls!

call blocker app for iphone

It’s undoubtedly the best spam call blocker app for iPhone and Android. It’s free to use, secure, and stuffed with tons of features offering a hassle-free experience. You can use to for blocking extreme unwanted calls and SMS that is already known to the system – the app cancel out all the blacklist community calls from reaching your phone. On top of that, you can create a personal blacklist of the numbers and SMSs that harass you, or you’re unsure whether it’s a robocall or telemarketer. Best of all, you’ll see on your phone that who is calling you through a caller id, can also use this app as a phone dialer with the host of call screen colors.

The app has a vast community of over 12 million+ users around the globe and featured on several notable platforms like NBC news, Fox business e.t.c. To unlock every feature, you’ve got to frizzle out around $2.99-$29.99 per item.

Key features

  • Lets you look up the caller’s information or details. 
  • Allows you to block unknown calls and an extreme group of calls or SMS.
  • Users can quickly add a number to a personal blacklist. 
  • Lets you see, and dial numbers using caller id with the help of a smart dialer.
  • Allows importing contacts. 

2. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

call blacklist app

If you want to schedule calls for the anonymous numbers, this app has your back. It has a straightforward interface, making it super easy to manage contacts and settings. Using it, you can easily throw any number to blacklist from the call list, contacts, input numbers, and numbers. In addition to it, also you can stop messages containing specific texts. The has a log that displays all the recently blacklist numbers, making ensure you know which number you block. If you don’t want to block important contacts and messages accidentally, you can add those numbers to Whitelist. You might like its schedule option, where you allow blacklisted numbers to tinkle for the specific date and time. 

It’s a free app unloaded with loads of tools and features. You get many options to deal with unknown callers and SMS. All the history, contacts, and log can easily be imported to your phone or any third-party source. It has an upgrade version that removes ads for a one time $0.99.

Key features

  • Has a separate option to enable SMS or Calls.
  • Gives you a host of option to add spam calls, and SMS.
  • Lets you exclude calls, private numbers, unknown numbers, and SMS with unknown numbers, and non-numeric numbers.

3. Hiya – Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID

hiya spam call blocker app

Hiya is surely the best free call blocker app for iPhone and Android, both combined. With Hiya, you can block spam calls, look up phone numbers, get spam alerts, and manage contacts. Its spam protection engine detects and blocks all the spoof calls automatically, securing a phone from virus, and other robotic calls. You can see a caller id of any person in real-time and check if it’s a spam call or a real person. Moreover, the app can help you dig further into the caller’s number lookup, allowing you to know the caller’s real number and addresses. If you have contacts with unsaved names and addresses, you can add them from the app, and keep them accurate, and updated. 

It has a smart dialer that displays a name while dialing a number, so you can know the name of a person every time you call to. To sum up, it is free, intuitive, and has over 20 million downloads worldwide. 

  • Allow you to block and report spam numbers.
  • Has a robust virus, and phone security.
  • It’s equipped with an integrated smart dialer.

4. Call Blocker – Block & report unwanted calls

call blocker uk app

If you want to block any international, and unknown calls, then this app has got you covered. It’s a great tool to know and report any anonymous number that seems suspicious. You can warn other users about all the spoof calls, or dangerous numbers – A premium user can automatically block spam calls. The app claims to have the best phone scam directory in the U.K of above 4 million identified numbers. However, you can manually submit numbers to scam from the contacts or phone directory. You can also check owners number details, and know the time you last received a call. Getting all the numbers unlocked may cost you a $1.99 monthly subscription service. 

With optional subscription service, you can access to unlimited credit to check numbers, automatically block no-caller id number, international spam calls, and remove adverts. 

Key features

  • Blocks global spam numbers that are not in your contact list. 
  • Blocks hidden/no-caller id numbers.
  • Has over 4 million lists of known spoof numbers. 
  • Lets you report any suspicious number. 

5. Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

mr number app

A well-built app by Hiya to block spam calls, and report unwanted numbers. It’s surely the best spam call blocker app for iPhone and Android, helping you intercept all the telemarketers/spam/scam calls that waste your time and to lookup whois of every number. The best part is that you can block calls from area Pincode, a country, or any number. Whether you dial out a person, or another person dial to you, you’ll always see who is calling. If a call seems dubious, then you can slide press your finger to the right to cancel a call as it does not support automatic call canceling. On top of that, it’s a minimalist app with a straightforward dialer and intuitive numbers lookup. 

The app has several titles under its belt, making it one of the most powerful call-blocking apps for the iPhone with over 10 million installs. Best of all it’s free and has no ads to trickle your mind away. 

Key features

  • Allows blocking numbers via area Pincode, and country. 
  • Displays names in the dialer. 
  • Cancels out all the private or unknown numbers and send to voicemail. 
  • Lets you check unlimited numbers without any further limitation. 

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6. Should I Answer?

should I answer app

Should I answer is nothing kind of an innovative app that blocks unsolicited calls from your smartphone. When any unknown number hits your phone, you can check its history of real reviews, and then decide to answer if a number appears to be genuine. The app has three ways to help you against spam calls, allowing you to choose the level of protection. Users can choose to go with no protection or let the app shield spam calls with and without warning. Best of all, it doesn’t require the internet to make and block calls, as it only needs it to update the local numbers database. The app uploads over 30,000 numbers each day that you can benefit from. To top things up, it also works as a fully functional dialer app enabling us to find contacts, favorite contacts, and a history of calls. 

This app is unquestionably the best spam call blocker app for iPhone and Android with millions of downloads. To stop unknown numbers accessing your phone, it’s the perfect tool you can have. 

Key features

  • Prevent unrequested numbers from penetrating to your phone.
  • Has a large number of databases.
  • It never shares your data with any third party.
  • Lets you block foreign/spoof/hidden numbers with your own list of numbers. 

7. RoboKiller – Spam and Robocall Blocker

robokiller block spammer app

If robocalls tick you off, Robokiller comes to rescue. It’s one of the best spam call blocker apps with such amazing features and robust support. What sets it apart from all the other relevant apps is its answer bot feature that fights spam by answering spammers the bot style way. Using an app, you can blacklist any unknown number or add any new number to the safe list. It temporarily also allows you to pause blacklisted numbers if expecting an urgent call from an unknown number. For the best part, it automatically blocks 90% of sneaky numbers reaching your phone, stopping a phone from constant ringing. With reporting a spammer to block an unknown id, Robokiller is a perfect choice.

You can try out completely free for 7 days. Afterward, a subscription is required to continue the service further. It has been featured on The New York Times, Wired, Vice, and other prominent publications. 

Key Features

  • Lets you send a lengthy recorded Bots messages to spammers. 
  • Temporary Pauses unknown numbers.
  • Allow you to add, block, and view recently missed numbers. 

8. Nomorobo robocall blocking

nomorobo robocall blocking app

Wondering which is the best spam call blocker app for the iPhone? Well, Nomorobo has just chimed in. From filtering out spoof calls to check every number details, it’s the best bet. It updates blocklist every 15 minutes, giving real-time protections from over 2 billion robocalls. You can use it to block almost any type of robocall, and allow to get through important calls from weather alerts, or school closings. Moreover, it helps you block text spams, and also keep your phone safe from any phishing attempts. Apart from impeding unknown calls, it can block annoying web ads, social widgets, and unwelcomed trackers. Akin to other call blocker apps, it also displays a name for every caller, helping us identify between a real person and bot. 

It’s lurking at the App Store from a long haul and has been featured on top publications, and apple’s best apps a few times. It’s currently being used by 2.5 million people around the world. It comes with a 14 days free trial, then you need to pony up $1.99 a month or $19 a year to use its service. 

Key features

  • Prevents anonymous calls along with text spams. 
  • Has a collection of thousands of robocalls messages in its database.
  • Allows you to lookup caller information. 
  • Enables you to block web ads and trackers. 

Call Protect: Robo Blocker 4+

spam blocker app

Not sure which numbers to block completely, or send to the warning? Well, Call Protect: Robo Blocker may be what you’re looking for. It is a well-known app for its run of the mill features, offering a slew of features like phone numbers lookup, report unsolicited numbers, fetch caller ID in U.S, and Canada, and filter spam calls. Unlike other similar apps, you will find this app easy to use despite having such impressive features draped into one app. It automatically blocks spam calls that you receive, and mark calls with hidden details as a warning, so you can be alert the next time you deal with such potentially harmful numbers. You can also block the unwanted range of numbers, or a single number manually from contacts.

Other features come with the premium monthly sub criptions, Giving you full access to the app, and unlocking everything it has. It’s undeniably the best app call blocker app for iPhone owners to impede all unsolicited calls, and lookup number details, including other stuff. 

Key details:

  • It Fetches caller id and number details of U.S.A, and Canada. 
  • Blocks highly risky calls automatically. 
  • Lets you block numbers in stock, or individually. 
By ankit raghuwanshi