Best Secret messaging apps (Android & iOS)

Updated: December 26, 2022
Secret messaging apps

Afraid of snoopers or worried that people might read your messages? Secret messaging apps have your back. We have put together some of the best hidden messaging apps that do not collect any record of your conversation.

And you don’t have to switch encryption mode manually to secure your chat. Also, a few apps offer peer-to-peer communication that allows you to chat without having the internet. 

Whether you are looking for a feature-packed messaging app that can replace your default messaging style or looking for highly protected multimedia messaging apps like Kik, we have got you covered. There are also the secret messaging apps that look like games, so let’s jump right into the list.

Best hidden messaging apps you can try right now (Android & iOS)

When we talk about the best secret messaging app, Signal takes a front seat. Launched in 2018, it has been installed in over 50 million devices. It is well built, lightweight, and an ad-free app that doesn’t track your conversations.

There are no ads or any hidden purchases; it is a non-profit messaging app. Unlike other messaging apps, privacy isn’t an option mode here, as it already comes equipped with it. It never listens to your talk – be it calls and messages – Its end-to-end encryption keeps your conversation secure.

Not just calls or text messages, it allows users to send videos, Gifs, photos, voice messages, and files for free. If you’re concerned about usability and anyone crawling into your chat, Signal is the best best.

To get started, all you need to do is enter your phone number and verify it. You can also restore your previous account from an old device or backup. The next step is to set up your profile and create your four-digit PIN so only you can access it and to keep information stored with Signal encryption.

However, you don’t require your PIN to open the app. Now you see the chat area where you see all your chats. If no chat there, you can start up a conversation by inviting a friend. Besides, it allows you to create new groups similar to Whatsapp, but more securely. 


  • Link devices option.
  • Users can enable/disable Read receipt and typing indicators.
  • Feature-packed chat.
  • A host of notification options to manage.

It is another secret messaging app that certainly doesn’t look like games but is quite protected. Chats using Wickr me app are encrypted, and ephemeral.

Not only it offers end-to-end text chat encryption, but also users can have fully encrypted voice calling, voice memo, file sharing, and videos. And not even Wickr crawls into your messages or contacts.

But if you control over when you want to delete your communication by setting up a self-destruction timer. You can set a self-destruction timer for deleting your chats, in case you want to recall any messages.

Besides, it has the Shredder tool that allows you to overwrite your deleted content to make communication new and more secure. Also, by inviting your friends, you can have encrypted team collaborations. 

When launching the app for the first time, you can take a tour to learn more about its features. It has a minimalistic user interface with a few options laid out perfectly. The very first step would be to invite friends to Wrinkr to shoot up a chat. Or create a room or send direct messages by just tapping down the button below each option.

Users are provided with a slew of privacy and Safety options such as auto-lock messages, lock app, location sharing, drafts, and block users. Unlike other hidden messaging apps, Wickr Me has no Appearance options. 


  • Device management.
  • Host of connectivity options.
  • Handsfree privacy and safety options.
  • Offers flexibility to control notifications. 
  • Ads-free
  • Users can create groups and 1:1 chat.

It’s a fully trusted app that self districts messages once they are read. Confide is one of the best secret messaging apps to count on for chatting with friends.

It doesn’t save your information, thus allowing you to confide freely without having you delete content manually. It offers a patented reading experience that requires you to drag your finger down the screen to reveal one line at a time.

The very feature makes it stand out from other apps that serve the same purpose. Undoubtedly, Confide is a kind of secret messaging app that looks like games. 

Since read messages are self-destructed, you may not be able to share or forward messages after they are read. For more privacy, Confide has an incognito mode which allows you to be hidden until you want to be found.

You can continue without incognito mode and allow the app to get access to your contacts with your permission. 

However, the app is not totally free, as you have to upgrade to premium to use unlimited attachments, incognito mode, nicknames, Personalized themes, and priority support. In the basic plan, users can send limited messages with a photo, video, document, or sticker.

Furthermore, the premium user can retract or un-send unread messages. Also, inviting friends to Confide increase your monthly attachment limit. 


  • One-on-one chat and Group chat.
  • Patented screen-sheild technology.
  • Appearance, themes, and notification settings.
  • Many other features in the Premium plan.

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Next up is the Messages Lite, an intuitive, yet protected SMS/MMS messaging app. Akin to any preinstalled messaging, it does not require the internet to send and receive messages. And it has more features and tools compared to any default SMS system.

You can send messages fast, display emoji, face & emoticons, and use the call feature to connect with family and friends. If you don’t like the look of your chat, you can customize it with different sets of backgrounds and themes. 

As for keeping your chats secure, it removes your messages after 30 seconds so they can’t be read or listened by others. The app is like your personal messenger, where you can customize your bubble colors and themes per contact. It offers a free press kit that houses official brand assets, logos, and guidelines, in your language.


  • Intuitive SMS/MMS messaging.
  • Users can make international calls.
  • Deletes chat after 30 seconds.
  • Personalize chat bubbles & preferred theme per contact.


Want to block spam calls, hide your secret messages or customize your chats – look no further, as Textu has your back. It is one of the best private messaging apps to secure your message box from snoopers. Along with providing encrypted messages, it lets you block unwanted calls, and change the appearance of the overall TextU chatbox.

It has a bunch of effects, stickers, bubble styles, wallpapers that can seamlessly fit into your regular Sms and call styles. Textu lets users set a password to read default SMS messages and block unwanted calls at a tap of a button.

Textu is just kind of improves your overall SMS messaging experience by providing the extra layer of security and a unique outlook. So, when a new message arrives, it needs a password to read. What’s more cooler is that you don’t need to dash for the SMS box to reply to chat- you can use the Chat head floating icon to fast reply anywhere anytime. 


  • Hide SMS messages with a password.
  • Block Spam calls.
  • Modify SMS chat with various backgrounds, gifs, emojis, and more. 
  • Shortcut floating icon to reply fast. 

It’s another secret messaging app that leaves no trace in clouds. It offers peer-to-peer communication between devices, which is more secure than any server-oriented application.

With Twinme not only can you have a text chat, but also you can connect with friends through high-definition video or voice chat protected by design. The app looks quite minimalistic by design, decluttered with fancy stuff and ads that tick you off. 

While Twinme is a peer-to-peer messaging app, you don’t need to have access to the internet to chat with friends. Besides, you can go without any phone number, registration, or address book – just chat with any name you want. To sum up, it is one of the best apps if you don’t want to be discovered by unknown people. And it is kids friendly too. 


  • Peer-to-peer messaging.
  • Users can chat without registration, phone number, or address book.
  • Protected Voice/video chat.


That’s all there is to it, we have rounded up the best secret messaging apps to help you chat confidentially. Download any app that fits your need, sign up if required and exchange information with no traces in clouds. There is no need to share your location, contacts, or anything that increases the chance of being tracked. Of course, the listed hidden messaging apps are completely secure and free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best secret messaging app that looks like games.

Confide has a patented reading that reveals messages in a fun manner.  

Which secret messaging app offers peer-to-peer communication.

In our list, Twinme provides peer-to-peer group and one-on-one communication. 

Which is the best hidden messaging app to block spam calls.

Using Textu you can block unwanted phone calls.

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