Best retirement countdown apps for android to count every minute.

Updated on: March 2, 2022
retirement countdown apps

Are you willing to give up or retire from your job a few years later? well, a retirement countdown clock app can help you see your remaining retirement days, so you don’t have to recall everything on your own. Knowing that retirement days are about to come, life pumps up with the joy of spending life with leisure, and freedom to no more late-night tedious work. Life becomes as light as someone has been offloaded weight off shoulders. Before you hit up your retirement days, make sure you enjoy every day as it’s the last, nonetheless, you’re going to get retired the next day.

On the way to your retirement, we suggest you track waterwrite journals, and build some healthy habits so that you can enjoy your retiral while staying fit. Without taking any more time, let’s jump forward to know the best retirement countdown apps to make your life easier. 

Best apps for retirement countdown (android)

Retirement Countdown

When will you get retired? this is the first question you’re asked after installing the app. Once you set your retirement date, the timer will start counting the remaining days until you retire. However, you can edit a time later by going to the settings – as well customize a theme and countdown style along with a slew of options. You also get to read some of the inspiring quotes of all time that can help you push through bad times.

The app lets you create a bucket list, allowing you to add as many items as you want. On a personal note, we find ads sort of freaking us out, and we suggest you remove ads by shelling out a $1.99 for a better experience.

Countdown by vstatus

This is surely the best retirement countdown app with an intuitive user-interface, and untied support. It is free to use and doesn’t impose in-app purchases that always look awful. You can use it to create many events like birthdays, work, love, festival, entertainment, or create a custom event with any name. The app allows you to add a recurring reminder to any event, and it will go off once an event hit a date. If you have many events lined up, the app lets you pin up any favorite event on the top, so you don’t miss any special event.

The list page displays all the timer lists, enabling you to delete and edit each list at the push of a button. Unlike some shiny countdown timers, this app has a simple way of showing a time that might look a bit ordinary in look

Countdown Widget

It’s another retirement countdown clock app for your retirement days. It has a pretty straightforward user interface with no overflowing of tools. However, if you watch your timer too often, you can set up a widget on your home screen and have a watch from there without having to open the app frequently.

The app lets you add countdowns in every format, offering you tools to customize colors and numbers for free. The other options like font-style, directions, and drop shadow can be unlocked for just $0.99. Best of all, you can only select specific days; the timer won’t count days you have not listed.

On the home page of the app, all the timer lists are displayed that you can edit, delete, and share with your friends. To sum up, it’s all you need to track retirement days with the widgets sizing from small to high.

Countdown Days App&Widget

If you are looking for extensive features in a retirement countdown clock app, this has got you covered. It’s quite intuitive, secure, and easy to use. With this app, you can create your countdowns based on dates and time. The app lets you describe your title, and offer you a choice to add reminders as a one time, weekly, monthly, and yearly event.

On top of setting up events through the main page, the app also lets you create events via calendar by just tapping upon the add button or the highlighted area while picking up any specific date. Also, it has a slew of color options and a dark mode to change the look of your dashboard.

What’s more, the app lets you import Facebook events, and add public holidays from various countries straight to your dashboard. After going premium, you can also backup your data using an email address.

Time Until

For minimalistic visuals, and a timely user interface, it’s the best retirement clock app for android right now. The app is not so different than the apps we’ve already mentioned here, except it has better visuals. Unlike other apps in the field, this app allows you to add a background image to your countdowns either from a phone or online gallery.

You can add a countdown in seconds with options like image, recurring reminders, date, and time. All you need to do is swipe left and right to view your timers, or you can see them in a split mode by just clicking on a split icon placed at the top right of the screen.

Moreover, it has widgets that you can stick around your screens to display a clock. Free users have limited access to its features, so to unwrap everything from an app, you have to fork out a one-time fee of $2.99.

Vacation countdowns

As the name suggests, the app is the ultimate solution for tracking vacation and retirement time. It’s is easy to use, stuffed with many exciting options that aim to entertain you throughout the course. You can add up to four countdowns by going into the settings, and see them on the main screen. While adding a retirement countdown, you can select any theme out of the bunch, the style between two themes, and select units in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

It’s clamoring you to pay a one-time fee of around $14.99 to Unlock every background pics and provide an advert-free experience. However, we don’t recommend an upgrade.

Countdown Time 

It’s another retirement clock app that supports cloud storage and few more features. Whether you want to create a countdown of retirement, office, or anything, you can easily create as many events as you want. When editing an event, you get the option to pick a date, time, notifications, and display mode. A display mode includes lists of time formats, allowing you to select options like total days, total heartbeats, total years, and a lot more.

On top of that, you can customize the background image, theme color, and set a password to tighten up security. By going premium you can get access to the cloud storage for backing up your data, and remove ads permanently. The fee is as low as $2.49 one time.


This app takes a unique spin when it comes to theme and styling. It’s an ordinary android app with the ability to boast a retirement countdown clock with your standard time, image, note, date, and location. Unlike other apps, it lets you make your events private or public. You can see your countdown clocks displayed on the main screen of an app, and clicking on any list shows you the more detailed version of a clock.

Not surprised if it doesn’t provide a cloud backup for free, but it supports a login that connects us with friends, and the community. Apart from that, it includes a premium holiday feature that helps us see holidays around different countries, so we can set a clock directly by just picking up a date. When you upgrade to a one-time $1.99, you unlock stuff like image editing tools, flexible count values, world traveler mode, cloud backup, and an ad-free experience.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to pay unreasonably more to download the retirement countdown clock app. Many relevant apps lurking at the play store or app store are not good for a single role. Either you’d find them a bit pricey, or obsolete. We did our research and selected a group of apps that are worth trying. However, the one thing that is common in the list is cloud storage is not free in any single app. So, if you’re ready to drop a few cents, you can unpack every tool.

By ankit raghuwanshi