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Best Plagiarism & Paraphrasing checker apps for students

Updated on: April 3, 2022
paraphrasing apps for students

Many applications and online tools surround us, so; it is not wrong to say that these tools are crucial in any writing sector.

When writing assignments and tasks related to the educational sector, you need to use some tools.

Fortunately, we have a variety of tools available on the internet that can help you in this regard, but first of all, you must know why we need these tools?

So, plagiarism checking and paraphrasing applications are the most significant in the educational sector.

But many people may be confused about plagiarism and paraphrasing, which is why we are writing this blog.

You can have a look below.

What is plagiarism in actuality?

Before writing your assignments, you must understand the concept of plagiarism and why we need to avoid it.

Plagiarism refers to copying data from outsources, and Google and the audience too dislike it.

But it is also an arduous task to make it unique when you are repeatedly writing on the same topic, but we have a solution for you.

Uniqueness always gives your audience an instant appeal, and if you are a student, then it is unavoidable to maintain uniqueness in your tasks.

Should we care about plagiarism?

As we mentioned above, the audience disliked plagiarism, so you should care about it and minimize it in your content as much as possible.

In the domain of education, there can be many building blocks, but uniqueness takes the front seat, and you must not avoid it.

Sometimes, we are just concerned about the words, but we ignore their uniqueness, which we are doing wrong.

What is the term “paraphrasing”?

Some people thought that it is also a type of plagiarism, but it is not a fact. We have the straightforward concept of paraphrasing and paraphrasing tools as well.

Paraphrasing refers to a process that involves changing words into their synonyms to make content unique.

We have many available tools and android applications for educational sector on the internet, and these tools can easily rephrase your content and make it free from plagiarism.

But few more things must be considered while rephrasing your content.

Is paraphrasing being legal?

As mentioned above, some people thought that paraphrasing is plagiarism, but it is not a fact.

Paraphrasing is legal, and some institutes refer on their own to rephrase the assignments, research papers, and thesis reports.

So, how can it be illegal? First, you can easily use paraphrasing tools, and we can say that these tools are easily available and accessible.

Choosing a suitable and authentic tool can be a hectic task, but we are here for this. We have come up with some of the best tools for you.

Top paraphrasing and plagiarism checking apps

The reason for discussing paraphrasing and plagiarism checking applications together is because they are interconnected.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight towards these applications.

Paraphrasing app by SIYP

best paraphrasing app for students

It must be cleared now that changing the words into their synonyms to make a new or unique content is known as paraphrasing.

We have two options; one is to go for online tools for the web, and the second is to use mobile applications.

This Paraphrasing app is one of the best free applications available on the play store. 

But being free is not the only thing to consider; you need to focus on many more things that should be prioritized over price.

Luckily, we have all the features available that make an application best in use and authentic.

How does it work?

  • You can use any of the options between two, i.e., copy the text or upload a file.
  • Press the “paraphrase” button.
  • You’ll get the rewritten text in the output field.

Why this tool?

  1. No registration required.
  2. All set to use.
  3.  Authentic. 
  4.  Safety and security.
  5.  Easy-to-use interface.
  6.  Free version available.
  7.  Easily accessible.
  8.  Preservation of central idea.
  9.  Multiple file formats.
  10.  Suitable for students, bloggers, writers, and freelancers.

Paraphrasing app by

Paraphraser by io

If you are a student, you must need accuracy, and if your preference is accuracy, you must go for this application.

Few paraphrasing apps help you in rewriting content with 100% accuracy and effectiveness on your android smartphones.

The good thing is, you don’t need any professional hiring when you have this app available so, that’s a great opportunity.

And getting the hang of this app is very easy, as you don’t need to wrap your head around any technical knowledge.

We also have three modes available in this application: fluency, standard, and creative.

All you need is to head over to the google play store and download this application for free, and you are all set to rewrite your assignments, research papers, and even thesis.

How does it work?

  • Copy the text and paste it into the input field.
  • To get your results, click on the “paraphrase” button.
  • You can copy the rewritten text to the clipboard.
  • And you can also save the results in this application for later use.

Why this tool?

  1. User-friendly interface.
  2. Free of cost up to 5000 words.
  3. Uniqueness.
  4. Plagiarism-free content.
  5. Generate readable content.
  6. No need for any modifications.
  7. Available on play store.
  8. Save results for later use.

Paraphrasing by Prepostseo

If you are worried about rephrasing the unlimited content, then this application has your back.

With this app, you can rephrase unlimited content with a single click without any fee.

Especially if you are a student, you must give this app a try – it is up for download on the Play Store.

Due to its highly advanced algorithm, the manufacturers assure the accuracy and speed, but it also has some advanced features.

When you have an advanced algorithm in your application, the speed will improve, and the app becomes more effective.

Features are what stand it apart from the other relevant apps. 

How does it work?

The working of every tool is almost the same but still, have a look at it.

  • Copy-paste the content you want to rewrite.
  • Select the mode.
  • Click on the “paraphrase now” button.
  • You are all set to get the results.

Why this tool?

  1. Advanced algorithm.
  2. Plagiarism-free content.
  3. Free version available.
  4. Generate SEO-friendly content.

Plagiarism checking app by Prepostseo

plagrism checker app

Prepostseo is one of the finest and top-notch platforms for providing Seo and educational tools.

Here we are talking about the plagiarism checking app of Prepostseo, which is quite helpful and cost-efficient.

Thousands of students already use this android and iOS application, making their assignments and other tasks unique and readable.

This platform is not limited to plagiarism checker only, but we also have many more tools that are helpful in every aspect of education.

Prepostseo plagiarism checker app is free and easily downloadable. It is lurking on both iOS and Android.

  • You can insert text from your laptop.
  • You can also copy-paste.
  • Also, you can scan images to retrieve the text.
  • Please select a file format because we have multiple file formats.
  • Click on “check plagiarism,” and you’ll get the results.

How does it work?

Just like any other listed application.

Why this tool?

  1. Quick response.
  2. Authentic and safe.
  3. Accurate results.
  4. Preview sources.
  5. Multiple file formats supported.
  6. Show results sentence-wise.

Wrapping it Up

Having online tools can be a good choice, but having free tools can be the best opportunity; these all apps are free of cost.

But having a free version is not the only thing needed; we have many more things to follow and focus on.

We have discussed all the details about plagiarism, paraphrasing, why they are needed, and we also discussed the authentic and best applications.

By ankit raghuwanshi