8 Best Outfit Planner apps for fashionistas

Updated on: September 23, 2022
Outfit planning apps

Christman is around the corner, and we all are excited to behold the beauty of dazzling lights wrapped all over a Christmas tree, and more importantly, what to wear. Why not organize your closet and share with friends using an outfit planner app?. We have piled up some of the best apps you can use for organizing a wardrobe and keep up with the latest trends and style ideas. 

Using such apps you can pick any item straight from virtual closets of stylists, fashion designers, and other fashionistas. Also, you can categorize items into specific colors, seasons, quality, and more. What’s more, you can shop for dresses, hats, glasses, or anything you put in your closet at the same or discounted prices. 

So without further ado, let’s barge forward to the outfit planner apps. 

Best closet planner apps to organize outfits. (Android & iOS)


If you’ve not downloaded the XZ closet, you’re missing on latest fashion trends and style ideas. If you have lots of clothes lurking in your closet and don’t know what to wear, then this app is for you. It suggests some outfits based on your shopping preferences or what is in your wardrobe. Simply upload your apparel items to your digital wardrobe from suggestions, without leaving the app. Further, trim down an item or remove the background for a more beautiful look. 

With the XZ closet, you can organize and plan your clothing via the calendar or specific festivals. Its cloth matching feature allows users to mix and match outfit ideas in 3 seconds, thus simulating clothing ideas with items you already own.

People who don’t wear used clothes daily or people who can’t decide what to wear in the morning, or on a special occasion can find this app helpful. It supports over 20000 popular brands like Diesel, Edwin, GAP, and many more.

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What to wear Today

As the name suggests, it’s solely an outfit planner app. Using it you can upload items by taking a picture or via local drive. Under the “My cloth” page, just categorize your item, set weather conditions, or hop in other details. You can update an item anytime after posting.

Unlike relevant apps, it doesn’t suggest items or has no shopping page where you can collect style ideas. So if you’re only looking for a closet planner app, this fits well into your need. Note, it’s a free app, and it doesn’t ask for any fee for uploading items. 

StyleBox – discover and dress your style

Got any style ideas to share? stylebox has your back. It’s an intuitive and free app that puts similar clothes together for you based on your feeds. Besides, it lets users upload items and browse through outfits shared by others. Toss whatever you like from similar items into a wishlist and purchase via popular stores at a much affordable price. 

This lookbook app has stylists and fashionistas sharing all types of wardrobe items to help you discover the best outfit for you. On top of that, you can slide through the main homepage to collect more style inklings. To sum, Stylebox is one of the best apps to discover similar items and to follow up on style trends for men and women.

Vispo – What to wear, shop clothes & outfit ideas

A well built, and amazing app for planning outfits for your wardrobe. Despite having no community, it’s still a perfect destination to organize a closet. Vispro takes you to the Shien and Zara, the popular fashion websites when taping on any product within the app. Well, in here, you get a wardrobe, an outfits panel, and our picks page where it boasts a bunch of fashion stuff for shopping.

To give you a hint, you get a wardrobe crammed with Knitwear, shoes, accessories, trousers, t-shirts e.t.c, which you can manage by pressing on the ”+” button. While putting in your first item, you may add a category, material, colors, and type. Also, assign occasion to your items such as the weather or a season.



It’s the most popular outfit planner app as well as the shopping destination. It supports more than 50+ stores and 1000+ brands. Its user interface is straightforward, thus making it easier to navigate around tools and tabs. With a community of over 2 million users, you may find what to wear ideas and then shop accordingly. Whether you’re looking for a hat, shoes, skirt, jeans, or other accessories, you’ll find them all here. 

Apart from creating a virtual wardrobe, you can also create a challenge with your own rules and topics and stack up against combyne users. Whose outfit collage stands out from the crowd will receive more likes and shares, therefore win the competition. 

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Your Closet – Smart Fashion

Another outfit planner app coupled with a few more features. It can be your go-to app for matching clothes with colors, organizing outfits, and shopping. Besides, it’s an app that tells you what to wear, enabling you to arrange items in the calendar. Whether you’re packing for a party or traveling, the app will help you organize your outfits for each day or the entire month. Moreover, it allows you to arrange your outfits into categories and subcategories. 

Unlike Combyne, it has no community, so you won’t be able to share your style ideas and peep into others’ wardrobes. While browsing an online catalog, select out outfits you want to see inside the closet. Further cut, crop, rotate, remove the background with the tools for a well-defined look. 


STYLICIOUS – Closet Organizer

Another cool app to pick out outfits. Stylicious supports all sorts of outfit fashion stuff: Bags, Accessories Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, and Intimates. It lets you plan your fashionable items, and arrange them into seasons and calendar. While shopping, just wishlist items and shop them back later. Best of all, in the lookbook, you can mix, match, play, and create amazing outfits in a snap. 

To organize your closet, you can float over to the “Camera” picture to add fashion stuff, either from a gallery or camera. On the flip side, it doesn’t include an option on the shopping page for adding outfits directly to your closet. Stylicious also displays style tips and ideas curated by stylists to help you stay ahead of the curve. As to security, it allows users to back up and sync data so that they don’t lose data when switching to another device.



To polish up your style ideas, and to create outfits, this is an amazing app to have. Not only does it helps you put clothes together, but it also a great platform to showcase your style and get real feedback from real people. Just snap a picture of an item from anywhere that you find worth having in your closet, remove the background and that’s it. 

Using Trendblog, you can engage with your peers or scour thousands of outfits created by users – rate, comment, or follow the styles you like. Best of all, the app rewards activity coins that can be redeemed for better discounts while shopping.

Wrapping up

We have put together all the best outfit planner apps to brush up your fashion sense and organize your wardrobe. Now you can decide what to wear based on any occasion or season, or color. All you need to do is figure out items that you want to collage, and the apps manage everything for you. Besides, a few apps have a community to discover, share, and get valuable feedback on style items. 

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