8 Best Music apps for kids parents must download

Updated on: March 2, 2022
Music apps for kids

Looking for the best music apps for kids? We’ve got you covered. Unlike grown-ups, children do not understand complex musicography the way adults can do. However, some apps allow minors to learn and play instruments with fun. Such apps are well-built, have a gaming structure that keeps minors glued to the screen so that they can enjoy while learning. 

Children can play any instrument, whether it’s a piano, violin, drums, or saxophone. With friendly tutorials, they’ll be able to grasp the basics of music quite effortlessly. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the free music apps for kids for both iPad and android.

Best Kids friendly music apps (iPad & Android)

Baby piano by Bimi Boo

Who said learning a piano needs input, focus, or training, Baby piano is the simplest way to go. If your kids get bored with a virtual piano, this music app helps them play the piano joyfully. It’s a free application with easy to use interface designed for minors up to 8 years of age. Unlike other piano apps, it is fully automatic. That means, it plays melodies in rhythm even if anyone doesn’t tap keys in order. They get to listen to different melodies with different animations at the top. When a kid stops pressing the piano keys, animation and melody stop.

So to keep a piece of music going, you need to roll your fingers on the virtual piano. There are more melodies to select for free, and more can be unlocked with a one-time payment. However, this app is a good platform for beginners.

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Kids Musical Instruments by Kidstatic

Next up in the line is Kidsmuscialinstrument, This is one of the best classical kids music apps that help develop soft musical skills. It is straightforward to use and has an on-sleazy user interface. With this app, minors get to play a piano, triumphant, saxophone, drums, and guitar. However, only a piano is a free instrument to play. Besides, children can turn on beats while playing an instrument.

It doesn’t include any tutorial, as it’s a simple instrumental application built to entertain children. In case you want a more practical mobile application that helps children learn playing an instrument, let’s proceed further.

Baby Games by RV Appstudios

Playing instruments has never been more joyous. This app houses more than ten instruments including, Piano, Guitar, saxophone, trumpet, violin, etc. Best of all, all are free. Unlike other relevant apps, you don’t have to shell out to unlock instruments or try out a trial to test-ride everything. 

Apart from musical instruments, it offers different types of kids activities, helping them learn the alphabet, numbers, and more. If you’re looking for a mobile application that houses various musical instruments for free, this is the perfect option. It has multi-touch support, meaning, you can play by pressing more than two keys simultaneously – it gives a realistic touch to any instrument.

However, it has no tutorials or it does not teach how to play instruments, so it won’t help kids in learning instruments. However, it’s a decent platform allowing minors to play and know how different instrument sounds. Currently, it is available at AppStore for free.

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As the study puts it, kids learn better with music, so Kidoland helps kids learn everything elementary with music games. It has one of the best gaming melodic instruments helping kindergarten learn colors, ABC, numbers, fruits, birds, shapes, and to name a few. Not only has it a plethora of educational content, but it is also one of the best kids’ music apps recommended by parents. Unlike other applications with full-fledged artistic instruments, Kidoland Offers educational stuff blended into melodies and clicker games.

It has plenty of games to play for free. To get access to everything over 3000+ rhyme, songs, stories, and games, you can choose a plan – $5/ monthly or $75/ yearly. 

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Melody James

Melody jams is a blend of artistic beauty and melodies. It allows kids to become a rockstar, allowing them to create their own music by mixing and matching their favorite characters in fun combination. The characters it offers are well off with different animations and instruments like guitar, piano, drums, and violin. Characters can be mixed around to create music, while you can jump in and play along. 

Not only has it animated characters, but it also has different arenas to explore like “The Garage”, “The Big show” and “The Mars”. Melody Game is not a free music app for kids, as it costs around $5 to unlock everything, without any surprise in-app purchases. We think, spending such a small amount to make children feel incredible is actually a good idea.  

Baby Piano by 22Learn

This amazing app is packed with music games for kids. Developed by 22learn, it has been featured in many well-known publications and loved by parents worldwide. If children age between 3-8 can use this app to play piano tunes. There are also other instruments to play. However, it doesn’t include any musical notes because that may seem quite hard for minors to follow. Instead, it plays the melody first by pressing down the keys that kids can repeat to play the right tune. 

It has a slew of games like animal music, memory music, drums, where minors need to place the right shapes in place to unlock and play instruments. Also, they can record while playing. To unpack everything the app offers, you can try seven days free trial.

‎Music Learning Lab

It’s one of the best apps that allow kids to play and learn fundamental principles of music for free. It is an intuitive, yet fun iPad app jammed with interactive instruments helping children create their own tune. It has been featured in many popular publications and is a highly recommended app by parents. Best of all, it is free. With completed each level, it unlocks more instruments and characters. As we can guess, such characters are equipped with different melodies and can be put in a different order.

It has the Learn area where users acquire new music skills, and it has the Play area where users put all the knowledge to use with three mini-games. Besides, Users can create musical pieces with funny characters in the Create area. Every area when completed unlocks instruments and backing bands. It has the Trophy area too that shows trophies earned, showing achievements in fun animations. 

The free plan provides access to limited tutorials, instruments, and backing bands. If you want to get the most out of the music lab, then go for its pro version. We do recommend pro if kids are used to gaming on iPad.

‎Kids Music Factory Lite

This is one of the best music apps in the kids category for iPad. It has heaps of songs that minors can learn to play on various instruments like classical piano, guitar, or violin. Apart from that, similar to Melody James, it has characters that get mixed up with fresh new sounds. With characters mode either you can play your own tune along with characters, or you can create your own melody without the characters. 

This music app allows children to learn over 20 songs with interactive tutorials. Each tutorial is easy to follow. So if you’re looking for an app that teaches music for children, this application is the ultimate choice. While playing, you can record your own melodies and share them with friends. Again, the app comes with the cost of $5 to have access to everything. 

Wrapping Up

That’s the end of our list of the best music apps for kids. We’ve scoured through Appstore and Playstore to get you the free + paid kids-friendly music apps. There are loads of similar apps lurking at digital stores, but what we’ve mentioned here falls under the best kids category. These apps would help minors play different instruments and know the fundamental principles of music in fun animations. 

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Is musical ly app safe for kids doesn’t fit in the kid category. It supports all kinds of content so it is not safe for children. 
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