Monkey Mart Unblocked – (100% Working) Play & More

Updated: April 5, 2023
Monkey Mart unblocked

Well, Monkeys are the smartest creatures that ape most human characteristics. But is it possible that they run a shopping Mart from scratch? Well, not in the real world yet, but in the Monkey Mart, you see amazing gameplay where money or a farmer kicks off a shopping business.

It is not only the smartest farmer but also so hardworking that it doesn’t doze off a bit. If you haven’t played the game yet, you must try it out.

Well, with perseverance and hard work, the farmer has an opportunity to grow his business and open new marts as possible.

Anyway, if you’re a student, you must play this game in your free time. But what if your school staff has blocked all the popular game sites? You must be bashing your head against the brick ball, right?

If you’re an avid Monkey Mart fan, you can play the unblocked version on a browser. There are some trusted sites and platforms that allow you to play the unblocked or unrestricted version of this game. So without any further doing, let’s jump right into the article.

What is Monkey Mart?

If you’ve landed on this site, you don’t need any introduction to this game. It’s a great time killer and a decent business game for kids to learn how to run a shopping Mart.

Monkey Mart is one of the most-played games on Poki.com, with over a million likes. It was created by Tony Dobbins studio, the most popular web game developer since 2008, serving games to Poki, Jess, Spilgames, Kizi, and more.

The game starts with the Famer Monkey, who has some money to run his business. Initially, he purchases a cash register, where he collects cash given by the customers.

Next, he unlocks the banana stand and field where he harvests bananas to sell to the customers.

As he collects more money, he can purchase more appliances and upgrade his assistants’ speed, stack, and stamina.

When the game takes off, the money starts to pile up much faster, and his workload is diversified.

He plants, harvests, and sells a wide range of food items, almonds, wheat, banana, popcorn, ice cream, cookies, corn, and more.

His main goal is to expand the business with the help of assistants and appliances.

What is Monkey Mart unblocked?

This is the same game but not restricted by any server. Students who cannot play this game at their schools or colleges can play the unblocked version.

Basically, the official Monkey Mart is available to play on Poki.com, which has a large number of online web games. If a proxy or your school servers block the Poki website, it isn’t easy to launch it.

So, to resolve this problem, freelancers or developers have built the unblocked version so that you can play the game from anywhere on any computing device.

That does not necessarily mean you’ll get an exorbitant amount of money to buy stuff or everything unlocked. You can simply access the game without any hassle.

Anyway, Monkey Mart unblocked can be played on your Chromebook, Android, or iOS device. In this article, we’ve also rounded up some of the best ways to play his game safely and without any restrictions.

Where to play Monkey Mart unblocked?

Undouedtldy, that’s what you’re here for. Your head of the school or college has blocked some of the most popular gaming websites so that you can focus on your studies. But having a little fun after studying too much is not bad. After all, gaming is really good for your brain, as it increases grey matter and stimulates brain connectivity.

However, prolonged gaming may also harm your mood and irritate you all day. So, play in limit.

Some websites and apps allow you to play Monkey Mart, apart from Poki.com. And you don’t need special access to launch the game – All you require is a PC and an internet.

Here are the best sites to play the Monkey Mart Unblocked – 

Google Site Games 07

Monkey Mart unblocked play

Google Site Classroom 6X

It’s one of the best websites to play Monkey Mart unblocked for free on your Chromebook. The site is known by the Classroom 6x, which has a wide range of games, including American football, Armour clash, tic tac toe, fleeing, three goblets, theme hotel, scrape metal 3, rolling ball, and to name a few.

The site looks like a classroom blackboard, and on the left side of the screen, you’ll see hundreds of amazing games to amuse you.

You simply have to tap “Play on Classroom 6X” to launch the game. You can also run the game on full screen.

Gamepluto.com – 

Gamepluto is another website that allows you to play the Monkey Mart on Chromebook, iPad, or any other device. The website houses some of the most popular games across multiple categories: arcade, adventure, action, 2D, 3D, strategy, multiplayer, and more.

Simply head over to this website, and start playing the game as usual. You don’t need to create an account or verify your identity – just open the webpage, and the game will be loaded successfully.

You can play it on full screen and with a night mode if you don’t want bright daylight.

PapaGaming.com – 

Well, this website may have a strange name, but it’s quite an elegant-looking web with not so many ads floating around. If you’re a design geek, you might like its logo and the italic font style.

To play Monkey Mart on this web, simply tap the above link and start moving your fingers around the screen or click the arrow keys to kick off your shopping Mart in the jungle from scratch.

The website lets you play on the full-screen mode, but somehow we couldn’t find it working on our iPad – maybe it’ll work on larger-screen devices.


Launched in 2013, Hihoy has been serving users its users with all sorts of browser games that are discontinued or blocked. It has several games to uplift your mood, including Among us, the milk cow, craftnite.io, stick bar infinity duel, and more.

To start your Monkey Mart business here, simply play the game by visiting the above link. Once it’s fully loaded, play it without any restrictions.


Another web to fulfil your demand for playing unblocked games is Slopegame. In our list, this website has the most unblocked games that can keep you glued to your screen the whole day.

Some of the best games you can now play on this web are Backrooms, Curve ball 3D, Dino game, Flappy bird, Madalin stunt car, Subway surfers, and many more.

The site supports full mode, and users can also know how many rating the particular game has received.


With the help of the GitHub pages, users can build a website from scratch or their Github projects. We have found one Github user who built a page around the Monkey Mart game.

So, it’s another platform where you can satiate your game cravings. The website has hundreds of unblocked games you can play on your web browser for free. The game starts running once you click on the link. You can run it in full-screen mode. To revisit the website, bookmark the page so you don’t have to google it the next time.

How do you play it?

Playing Monkey Mart is easier than you may think. To play this game, you only need an internet connection and a PC (Windows or MAC). You can also play this game on a smartphone, depending on the performance of your device.

  • So, to get started, firstly, you’ve to launch the game.
  •  You get 35 dollars that you’ll use to unlock the banana field and then use the rest of the money to unlock the banana table and cash register.
  •  Now, you’ve to keep bananas on the table and wait for the customers to grab some of them.
  •  When they head to the cash register, you can jump over there and collect your money.
  •  This is how the game works. You keep on purchasing stuff and upgrading your ability to streamline your game.
  •  You’ve to keep serving your clients to get more cash.
  •  Once enough cash and all the items in a mart have been acquired and upgraded, you can unlock the other mart and keep doing your job.
  •  In the middle of the game, you’ll see many strange things, such as a strange sweeper who always mess up your items, a beautiful money-yielding bird, and machines breaking down.
  •  The most annoying part could be your employees sleeping during active hours. Frankly, that’s where you can really be frustrated if you are in a rush.
  •  Luckily, if you manage to handle all these events, you’ll surely see a pile of money on the table.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Who can play Monkey Mart? Is it suitable for children?

There is no cap. Anyone who knows how to use keyboard arrow keys or touch their fingers on the screen can play this game.

Can I play the game on my Chromebook?

Yes, the game can be played on any device, including Android, iOS, Chromebook, Windows, or Mac. All you need is an updated browser to run this game properly.

Can I save the game on my device?

The game has no saving feature, but these listed websites may use cookies to save your progress. We advise you not to clear your browser cache to maintain your game’s progress.

How to hire a new assistant in Monkey Mart?

Through money. As the game levels up, you can buy assistants to help you on your way to managing your business.