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10 best lie detector apps for Android you must use for fun

Updated on: March 2, 2022
lie detector apps

If you think an app can be a real lie detector, then here is a caveat, they actually can’t – probably not so far, but maybe in the future. Lie or truth detecting is not as easy as it sounds. If you already know, experts use a polygraph tools that needs to be paired with our nerves all over the brain to assess truth and lie by analyzing signals on the monitor display. If that sounds legit, then lets barge forward to jump into the virtual fake reality.

The truth is, there is no such app, nor any machine that has an ability to detect our deep desires or innermost emotions dumping Intricate puzzles. However, there are a few lie detecter apps that you can use to play a prank on your friends before they know it’s fake.

How do such apps work?

Such apps come with a unique strategy, and graphics to help you test bait lie detection on your friends in order to have fun. There is no special set of skills required to employ such apps except a developer who has to put a line of codes for making an app look as real as they can. Every lie detector app works in a way that you need to play a trick with the buttons while having a friend click or scan who is giving a test.

Best Lie detector apps for android

Lie Detector test prank

Have a friend to prank on? Well, you can trick your friends into believing that it’s real. This lie detector app has a fingerprint scanner, indicators light, control button, and display panel, giving the real texture graphics as if you’re operating any machine. Through this app, you certainly can’t know who is telling a lie or truth, but can get others believing it until they know it was a prank. To start the real game, the prankster needs to ask a question to a friend, and then a friend has to put a thumb on the displayed fingerprint scanner to know the result. Meanwhile, a prankster can hold down the volume up and down to show the “truth” and “lie,” respectively. 

The app has been downloaded over 5 million times alone at the play store. It contains ads, but you’ll likely find any pop-up ads while testing a prank. 

Lie Detector Simulator

It’s another run of mill app to detect a lie. It has straightforward controls and graphics, allowing you to disclose untruth using your fingerprint. Though this app displays result randomly, as you cannot play a trick to your friends, most of the time assumption get right, and it’s really fun to use it. Apart from knowing the lie, and truth, it also has a “Maybe” option in response to the question. However, every option is fictitious; they don’t hold any truth, so if you think it actually works, then think yourself twice. The app has clocked over a million downloads with 3.8+ ratings – even a 3+ rating for this kind of apps is pretty decent. 

It’s worth noting that you will not know if a person is telling the truth by just pressing your thumb or any app can do that. For the best shot, you can use it for fun, and we’ll keep saying that. 

Voice Lie Detector (Prank)

Do you know how does a real lie detector machine depicts whether a person is telling a lie or truth – through liner signals any expert can read. Well, the same thing you see in this app. While you’re scanning a test using a fingerprint, the signals oscillate alongside, shows a signal more shattered when somebody is telling a lie, whereas, the unstirred signal shows a person is right. All stuff is just a part of the prank, as it doesn’t detect any result on the basis of facts. However, we like the graphic and the signal part as much as any other app. 

Even though you’ll see random results, you will never get bored of it. The worst part about this app is that ads show up after every test, and there is no paid way to remove them. 

Truth and Lie Detector Prank 🖐

This lie detector prank app is one of the best apps you can use to assess lie. If you’re not scared knowing the truth, then it’s for you. It has pretty beefy graphics, unlike any other relevant app. It’s about 100 MB, and all you need to do is tap two fingers (index and middle), and say the question, that’s it. The scanner displays truth right after you put your fingers off the scanner. It has some realistic computer voice you get to listen to throughout the test, such as – “We’re scanning or Now remove your fingers.” 

It’s a paid app as you require to drop about $1 for unlocking a voice feature and remove ads. A premium feature analysis what you say, whereas free feature only shows the rigid lie detection. So much so that You’re going a get wrong result anyway, so it’s better to skimp a premium. 

Lie Detector prank

It’s another prankster lurking at google play store. So what distinct feature it has to stand apart from the crowd?, A x-ray laser. When you scan your fingerprint, A laser has got you for a few seconds. Unsurprisingly, The lie will be random, and that’s the beauty of such apps. You sometimes get caught up in the state where you start believing the result, even if you knew it’s a hoax. Well, we not all are the same as some are more sceptical than others. There is just three stuff you see in this app, the steel background, fingerprint scanner button, and the text display panel. 

Now comes the main bummer, the ads. You’ll likely not see any advertisement while testing a prank, and what hits hard is that we can’t get rid of them. It’s free to use, and may later have an option to exclude adverts. 

Finger Scan Lie Detector Prank

Unlike many, this app allows you to perform a speech lie detection prank. While scanning through fingerprint, you can say some words aloud and expect a result randomly. It’s a bit-sized app built of two indication light, a fingerprint scanner button, and the display panel wired to one another. You see the light on the fingerprint scanner moving up and down – the capsule sized buttons get fired up red and green, depending on the person telling the truth. There is also a display panel that features results in a digital text.

It’s a fantastic app to have for playing a prank on friends, or anyone. It has got installed over 50000+ times, boasting 3.7 ratings on Google Playstore. 

App deleted

This is one of the best lie detector app we have come across. Though it’s not a real lie detector test app, it lets you ask questions, and that’s the best part about it. While scouring through reviews, we found that the app detects lies with up to 50% success, and that’s because it often displays truths irrespective of the question. Some users have had experienced truth whenever talking fast. To expose the reality, you can throw two same questions at it, and it likely says “False.” Putting all the vulnerability aside, use it at a party, and have fun.

The app is entirely new as it only got installed over 1000+ times, and has garnered an impressive 4.2+ ratings at Playstore. If you love asking a question while scanning, then it’s the best app out there. 

Polygraph Lie Detector Test Simulator

 Do you know how it’s like to be tested in a real-time polygraph lie detector machine? Well, now you have got a chance. The app is all a polygraph, designed to give you a life-like feel. It’s another prank tool with a real-life feel, allowing you to scan through any finger to know the truth. Best of all, it lets you control a truth or lie by holding down a volume up and down button. Given that, it not detects results randomly, and if no action was taken while scanning can cause a result to abort. 

The app is lightweight, integrated with ads, but free to use. You don’t need to pay to remove ads cause there is no option available. You can plunge for it for the sake of a polygraph. 

Lie Detector Test Prank

Its refreshing artificial lie detector layout swayed us away. Unlike similar apps, it provides guides, so you learn how it works. What does stand it apart is a graphic and the way it investigates the truth (Fake, though). The very first impression you see is the start and the guide button along with a stationary fingerprint image. The start button leads you to the artificial scanning page, allowing you to scan your fingerprint while messing you around with the volume buttons. A prankster decides an outcome anyway that might give hangover to a person who is being pranked. 

Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t back a voice scan. Gladly, the app is free to use, also includes ads as its main payroll.

Lie Detector Simulator Fun

It’s one of the best apps to detect lies both randomly and as a prank. You have given the options to pick any modes you want – A game mode (Prank) lets you present an answer beforehand. If you’re going to discern random truth, just cancel all the settings, and it goes out of the wrack. As for Graphics and features, it’s quite a straightforward app with a simple fingerprint button coupled with a game look like a semiconductor background. When you want your kids to tell the truth, you can make them think it detects a lie, and it’s a fun way to reveal the truth. 

The app has a behemoth as to downloads as it has clocked over ten million already with a 3.5 plus rating. The best part is that it works both ways (random, prank), having the edge over other relevant apps. 

By ankit raghuwanshi