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Updated: January 19, 2024
Idle heroes simulator codes

Idle Heroes Simulator in Roblox is one of the best clicker games loaded with adventure. The game is quite clean and easy as it doesn’t have any boss or hardcore levels requiring a brilliant mind.

The whole plot of Idle Heroes Simulator revolves around killing targets with a weapon. You have to keep tapping to swing the sword, which is the most monotonous part of this game. However, stagnant monsters can sometimes make you think about getting out of the game.

The best part about the Idle Heroes Simulator is that you can redeem codes for free boosts. With Codes, you can boost coins, gems, and diamonds, avail auto clicker, increase damage, and much more. You can also opt for paid boosts, which we don’t suggest.

Why should you use Idle Heroes Simulator codes?

The game evolves harder and harder or more typical as you play it. You might be bored of swinging the sword when you don’t use codes or boosts. The levels take a long to complete because monsters become powerful, needing more swords to get killed.

Also, it is more exciting to reach higher levels, and the codes make your job much easier. However, if you’re an avid fan of this game and want to play it without any boost, you may still yearn for an auto clicker because you may feel your thumb numb in late rounds.

On a lighter note, there is no problem using codes to enjoy the different dimensions of this game.

How to use codes in the Idle Heroes Simulator game?

Using the codes is easy as you may think. You just need a valid code and paste it into the redeem box. Make sure you didn’t use the code before, or it will not work. You can use multiple codes, and there is no limitation as to how many different codes you can use.

Here’s how to use codes –

  • Launch Roblox, and play Idle Heroes Simulator.
  • Tap the “Twitter” icon, which is on the left side of the screen.
  • Now, paste a code (you’ve copied from here) into the Redeem box.
  • Once it’s successfully applied, the reward will be activated.

New all working codes for Idle Heroes Simulator

You can use these codes to receive rewards like Coin boosts, 2x deal Damage, and Chest rewards, including other gifts.

Codes can be used only once, so do not make a spelling mistake when pasting them into the box. For more active codes, join Roblox groups or follow the Idle Heroes Simulator Roblox page.

Copy the codes here – 

  • Release – You can apply this to get a free boost.
  • Hero24 – This new code will give you a 2x Rewards Boost, gems, and coins.

Expired Idle Heroes Simulator codes

There are no expired codes as of now. It is because the game hasn’t lapsed any code ever created.

How to get more codes for Idle Heroes Simulator?

Codes are released occasionally by the Enclamatic Idlers, the gamer who built this game. Not anyone can create codes except the owner of this game. However, certain groups and websites post Roblox codes that may or may not work.

We’ve tried over 10 codes on our own and found only two of them working that we’ve already shared in this article.

Idle Heroes Simulator Social page and groups.

-Twitter page – https://mobile.twitter.com/istaridium?lang=en

Roblox Simulator Page

How to gain free coins in Idle Heroes Simulator?

There are a few ways to earn free coins in the game – Killing monsters is one of them. You also get free daily coins, and double coin boosts every 45 minutes.

You can also unlock Treasure Chests and win the chance of winning Coins and other stuff. And to earn coins (50K), including a weapon and other items, you can buy a Starter pack available every 24 hours.

Killing monsters is one of the best ways to rack up coins and level up the game. However, to kill powerful monsters, you need a stronger weapon, say, Skull Saver – Unlock Silver Treasure Chest, to upgrade your weapon. Beat the Mega Monster after every 5 levels to boost your coins by 25X.

Gettings coins after 10 levels become quite easy, as you only need to click once to kill monsters with your powerful sword. Your heroes also earn coins when you’re away from the screen.

Tip: Don’t start a new level after beating a dragon monster. Keep earning coins for atleast a minute or two.

How to get free Gems in Idle Heroes Simulator?

Gems are an essential part of this game. They allow users to purchase Treasure chests and give them a chance to win exclusive weapons and other tools.

You have to clear certain tasks in Achievements to get free gems and claim rewards. In higher levels, you can earn hundreds of gems.

Another way to get free gems is via selling unwanted items. If you’ve any item that you no longer need in your inventory, you can sell it for half the gems. For example, if you unlock a pet for $10, you can sell it for $6, and sell $100 items for nearly $55.

Apart from that, you can trade your items with your friends for gems. Also, you can spend some of your Robux to buy gems, which is not recommended.

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Is there any code to upgrade Weapons?

No, There is no particular redeem code to upgrade Weapons. To upgrade, you have to buy a Treasure chest. You can use your gems to purchase Treasure Chests and unlock different items, from powerful Weapons to damage boosters.

Treasure Chests start from 10 Gems and go to the 2000 gems. The more expensive Treasure chest you buy, the more powerful weapons you can unlock. So basically, more powerful upgrades are the only requirement for higher levels to defeat monsters.

How to get free boosts in the Idle Heroes Simulator?

In this game, you earn free boosts every 45 minutes. With boosts, you rack up 2x coins when killing monsters and double your weapon’s damage. Boosts are helpful as they perk up the game’s performance and turn a monotonous lonely ride into an adventure.

You can also get free boosts with Codes that we’ve already listed in this article. Redeem the code “Release,” and you’ll get a free boost. But the problem with codes is that you can only use them once.

How to level up the game faster?

If you want to reach higher levels, you’ve to kill as many monsters as possible. Normally, you’ve to kill 10 monsters each round. But if you use a Beginner Blade or Frost Slayer, you can’t kill mega monsters which come after every five levels.

In order to complete levels faster, make sure you have a powerful killing weapon that you can upgrade by unlocking a Treasure Chest.

With a more powerful weapon, you don’t tap again and again to kill your targets; just a few clicks is enough. Remember, the game becomes more difficult as it evolves. Keep collecting gems and upgrading your weapons. 

Another way to level up your game is to skip to the next level. For that, you need to spend a few Robux or real money.

Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQs)

Can I use codes in a private server?

Yes, you can use codes in a Private server also. When connected to any private server, put the code into the text box and enjoy your rewards.

However, if your code is expired, you can’t leverage benefits.

Why it says, “Can’t redeem this code?

When you encounter an error message saying “Can’t redeem the code, ” it means the Textcode has expired and cannot be applied. Ensure it doesn’t happen, check the active textcodes, and apply them to the box wisely.

Wrapping it Up

That’s the end of this article. Idle Heroes Simulator game doesn’t offer plenty of codes. It has a few codes that work fine, but most are not applicable. You can boost gems, coins, and 2x deal damage using the listed codes.

To get to the higher levels faster, you need to upgrade your weapons and kill monsters. To earn gems, you have to complete Achievements or certain tasks. And there are other perks in this game to boost your progress.

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