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Updated: November 11, 2023
Games like afk arena

As we know, the AFK arena is one of the best RPG games you can play in a while. The strategies, rewards, artistic beauty, no intrusive ads, and loads of heroic characters add more adventure and make the game worth playing.

The game was launched with a boom back in 2013 and has garnered over 15 million downloads worldwide while being promoted by the notable Gamer “Markiplier”.

There are a few games like AFK arena that let you embark on a voyage of wonder, sink into an artistic beauty, and wind down on the flow. 

AFK Arena comes with caveats. If you’re a guild master, you’ll get dethroned automatically if you’ve not played it for three days. Well, it shouldn’t be the problem for many folks, except for the few who are dead busy.

To make sure such a problem doesn’t follow through with other phone games like AFK arena, we’ve scraped each game before lining up here. 

Mobile Games like AFK Arena|Top alternatives

Summoners War

summoners war

Now awaken thousands of monsters to compete in the sky arena. Build guilds, fight other dungeons monsters, and play real-time battles with over 100 million Summoners around the world.

This game is an action-packed high-end Role-playing game loaded with surprising artifacts and a unique story plot, whether it’s a dazzling display of monsters skills or the ancient architect. 

Reveal your unique strategy with every monster while stacking up in real-time PVP fights.

Best of all, you can assemble as many monsters as you can, and enhance their power using artifacts. Along the way, be a guild master in the isle of conquest and explore the Tartarus’ Labyrinth with Guild Members.

The game comes up with updates so often, enhancing the experience while removing pesky errors and unlock the new identity.

Website to follow: www.solitaire-masters.com/


afk arena alternative

Are you ready to take a stand against the inner demons of society with the mysterious mask on?, then play Musketeers. It’s another game like AFK arena where you assemble and explore different types of characters, adorn them with powers while enjoying the elated beauty of the game.

Every character further pushes a boundary has its skills and rewards, unlocking more masketeers and rewards along the way. 

Making headway you can collect legendary masks, and allow the masketeers to perform at their fullest flair.

On top of that, its Orbs matching feature chooses the best players for you that can charge towards victory. On the whole, it’s a great RPG game that can soothe you down. 

RAID: Shadow Legends

raid shadow

Raid allows you to step into the 3D world of Teleria, the world of light and dark. You develop a team of champions and train them to fight together, to kill over 20 killer bosses, and compete fiercely in PVP arenas head-to-head with other talented players.

In a fight, You can go as strategic as you can, and after all, your audacious skills will only help you come out of an arena.  

Akin to similar games like AFK arena, just develop your fortress to train your warriors to fight for arena battles, dungeon runs, and map campaigns.

Apart from brawling in arenas, the game has 12 autoplay map location filled with voice story and dark fantasy. The game sizes around 116 MB and has notched up nearly 15 million downloads alone at the play store.

Ode To Heroes

games like afk arena

It’s Another game that takes you on a fairyland treasure adventure. It’s a straightforward game that lets users line up the strongest ancient sage and celebrities for strategic battles against global players.

It has a wondrous plot of a heroic adventure buried in the fairyland treasure that you can enjoy with idled gameplay. In the game, you collect and forge artifacts and match them strategically.

There are many surprises in the way awaits for you.

While offline, you can switch to multiplayer mode and manage other activities that needn’t an internet.

There is a rule of thumb to calling a summon; you spend 10 points for 10 summons, whereas a single summon is free. Ode To Heroes has around 10 million downloads as of 2020, with a net 4.6 rating alone at the play store.

Dawn of Titans: War Strategy RPG

dawn of titans

For console-level graphics and epic 3D battles, this game is for you. It has everything that makes it the best RPG game- be it a kingdom, huge collections of titans, real-time battles, or events.

With every story line up, it unfurls a host of rewards that you need to reinforce your army.

Just master your battlefield strategy, equip relics of titans like Zeus, or Thor and explore a whole new world while sitting on your couch.

Thousands of people around the world take part in PVP live events to dominate one another and shine on the leaderboard. This award-winning game is free to join, has a great story, and much better in graphics compared to the AFK arena.

Best of all, the game offers free as well as pay to play option for users. A pay option just speeds up the game, but not hones someone’s skills, so we don’t recommend it. Surprisingly, Dawn Of Titans has sized around 58MB and is sitting at over five million downloads at the android play store. 

Almost a Hero – Idle RPG Clicker

almost a hero

Want to march on a daring adventure with a bunch of idiots? Don’t look further this game is going to sway you away.

You start with naive players and later on mold them into legendary warriors who save the world. While playing a game, you develop ancient magics, turn tryhards into heroes, and get killed a lot. Sounds amazing?. 

Apart from that, it has an alchemy lab to help you manage your stats, so your players come up stronger the next time they step into an arena. You don’t need to lose sleep because the players keep the momentum going even when you’re not playing.

Here is the bummer, it’s an idle clicker game, that means, the beginning is always going to be tedious until enough in-game cash flowing in. Unlike other games like AFK arena, it’s not bombarded with ads and doesn’t need you to pay to advance quickly. 


games similar to afk arena

Now it’s time to neutralize the dark power of Lord Karnon and his goliath monsters. It’s a rich-fantasy RPG game we swear will be the best time killer in a moment of coronavirus.

After launching the game, you create your knight and start your action-packed adventure from Midoki. Battle with Edward Drakeson through your first trial. As you delve deeper, unlock the most powerful relic – The Gauntlet awaits you in the Order of Rage to unlock the adventure in Astella, the colorful fantasy world.

Recruit the best ancient heroes, adorn them with powers and prepare them to clash with more vicious characters like Goblin and beasts.

Fight your way to the top by calling upon your heroes and leverage the best RPG tactics to win a battle. Knighthood mobile game is free to play but needs the internet to access and you may have to shell for optional items.

Wrapping up

Is this the end of the list? of course not. We’ll add more games like AFK Arena sporadically once we find any better alternative. However, some suggested games are free to play and freemium. That said, you’ve to pay for some optional items and to advance the progress, depending on which game you’re playing.

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