Looking morphed or swapped is fun, isn’t it? There are tons of tools online that can change your face with anyone you tell. Out of the bunch, you will find a few apps worth downloading, and the rest is just trash. After peering into lots of face changing apps, we’ve come up with a handful of free yet effective apps that worth your every penny. With such apps, you can do whatever you like. Whether it’s about applying age filters on your face, growing horns on your head, or transforming your look to a whole new display, it’s all possible. Before, we barge forward to find you the best app for face swap. We’d like you to acknowledge that we’re unbiased on this, and we’re listing such apps only after assaying them for hours. 

Best free face swap apps for android & iPhone (2020 edition)

FaceApp - AI Face Editor Free+

FaceApp - AI Face Editor

It’s one of the top gun apps for transforming your phiz with so much precision. It’s quite easy to use, highly intuitive and works on real high-end hardware. In the past, the app has been accused of selling data to a third party, but it later cleared the air on the fact that data gets removed on its own after a few hours. With FaceApp, you can almost disguise your look, and make people believe the way you look. You can simply grow a fake beard, add realistic facial impressions, change hairstyles, change backgrounds, make yourself young & old, and apply a host of color filters. It’s undeniably the best app for face swap that is free, and backs by artificial intelligence for finding the best style for you.

Faceapp is prominent among all face changing apps, having a behemoth user base of around 1 billion people. It’s a freemium app; you get all the basic features for free. To unlock more features on the way, just jump for its premium subscription. 

Key features: 

  • Works on real-time A.I for a more accurate and realistic approach. 
  • Changes beard, hairstyles, background, age, and more.
  • Suggests hairstyles and beards based on your looks with the help of an A.I.
  • Secure and has a prompt user interface.  

iOS here

REFACE: Face swap videos and memes with your photo Free+

REFACE: Face swap videos and memes with your photo

Want to deepfake your personality with celebrities, and share to friends to amaze them? Doublicat has your back. Using this app, you can swap your face with Gifs or video by clicking a selfie picture, or uploading an image, and the A.I. will follow rest. You can also use more than 1000+ gifs from a meme library, and make your favorite Gif memes personal. It uses some sort of A.I functionality that adds incredibly realistic touch on a swap. It’s a kind of app that changes your face to a celebrity at a tap of a button, allowing you to download, share your personalized Gifs socially. Once you have your phiz set on a gif, you can reface it in an editor until a look perfectly fits in. Apart from that, it has an amazing funny picture roulette game for guessing celebrities out, and a lookalike game to find whether a celebrity, and you look alike. 

Doublicat has been here for quite a while now. It’s another smartphone application using A.I for phiz swapping after the Faceapp. So far, it’s has racked up almost a million downloads with over a 4.3+ Playstore rating. It comes with a $2:99 to $29 in-app purchases for every single item you pay for.

Key features: 

  • Lets you make memes of your own.
  • Includes funny picture roulette game. 
  • Has a funny reshape editor. 

iOS here-

Face Changer 2 Free+

Face Changer 2

By: Scoompa

If you want to change your face to celebrity, then it is the best face swap app that you can use for free. It has an intuitive user interface built in a way that anyone can easily adapt to it. It’s unlike any of the two apps mentioned above, as it allows you to replace your profile with anyone with ease, drag you around in any background you upload, applies more than 500+ stickers, and much more. It’s packed with a loaf of morphic effects Smudging, distorting, or reshaping a face into a funny character. Without putting your head around photoshop, you can easily fuse yourself into different backgrounds, place your photo at the beach, or anywhere. Moreover, it lets you draw & drop texts on your picture and add stickers, makeup, and clones using the clone tool. 

When it comes to following, it is already up in the game with more than 50 million happy members. It featured on a few well-known publishers for “the top trending app for a global app”. If you want to try out its every feature, you have to drop $2 out of your piggy bank for each item you buy. 

Key features

  • Has 600 stickers that you can use on anywhere. 
  • Swap faces to celebrities, friends, or anyone. 
  • Applies morphs effects on faces.

Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo Free

Cupace - Cut and Paste Face Photo

By: Picmax

Cupace takes a unique spin on facial swapping. It’s a cut paste editor app for face swap. To change your facial look, all you need to highlight the path on an image using a magnifying glass and cut it in to replace your face. It’s has got an intuitive U.I that only zeros in face-swapping the better way. Every part of image that you cut is saved to a specific face gallery folder so that you can reuse any face in the future. On top of that, Cupace also allows you to add frenzy stickers & texts to images, creating memes, quotes, and more. Above all, the most important thing is it’s free.

This app has a massive user base, launched in 2018, been downloaded over a million times alone at play store. You might get vexed by ads, though it’s free of any in-app purchases; it’s still worth downloading.

Key features

  • An app that changes face to celebrity, your group friends, or anyone.
  • Allow you to add texts, and stickers to image.
  • Lets you reuse used faces. 

Wrapping up

Playstore is overflowed with copious of relevant apps promising to have the best features to be able to swap face with much accuracy. However, despite jumping on to every app that shares the same features, we muscled our way into finding the best face swap app that actually does what it says. Each app is different, as some are more prominent, and some are still a baby, but all are useful in changing a face.