Doordash Promo Codes (December 2023) Up to 50% Off

Updated: January 4, 2023
Doordash Promo codes

Doordash is undoubtedly the best online food delivery service in the U.S.A., serving over 20 million active users every month. It’s the largest food delivery platform with nearly 390,000 partnered restaurants and groceries, just second to Uber, which has nearly 900,000 restaurant partners as of 2022.

Having said that, DoorDash is usually the cheaper option when you order food from certain restaurants. And if you use the promo codes or vouchers to get cashback on Doordash, you save more.

In this article, we’ll be showing you some of the best Doordash promo codes for both existing and new users.

How Do I Get Discount Codes For DoorDash?

You may find several apps and websites that offer rewards or cashback for ordering food from Doordash. Download any popular cash-back app or go to the cash-back website, search for Doordash offers, and follow the instructions to claim your discount code.

You can also scour different websites, and find various Doordash coupon codes for free delivery and discounts.

Since you’ve arrived at our site, you should look into some Doordash promo codes to get up to 50% off your first order, free deliveries, and more.

Promo Codes for Doordash (Active)

Here are all the promo codes you need to get discounts on your Doordash orders. We’ve laid out these codes in a simple text form so that you don’t have to tap on buttons and open multiple tabs to reveal a code.

For the First Order:

BJFGD4Z – Use this code to get 50% off + free shipping on orders over $20.

VJZBCFS – $10 off over $20 orders and $0 delivery fee.

aRfKr8CBaio7wvFJ – Use it to get up to 15% off.

SVLDNHX – $10 off orders of $20 or more, plus no delivery fee.

3QQ74RL – $10 Off + Free Shipping

CF21oZd0aOW2IS0Q – Up to $20 off.

CF21oZd0aOW2IS0Q – Get $20 off on orders over $25.

pIjJ6v3pVIGqC1le – $20 Off.

For All Users –

NBA15 – Redeem it for 15% Off Your Order.

YAY50OFF3 – Use this code to get 50% off on your next three orders.

15OFFDASHERS – Get 15% OFF your order.

20BEVS – Use this code to get 20% off alcohol over $35 (up to $10 off).

20OFFTWO – Get up to 20% off your first two orders over $20 (DashPass members only).

FH9yX4V8rs9lH8m1 – Redeem it for $10 off on your first three orders.

SUNNY20 – Use this to get up to 35% off your DoorDash order.

For New Users

SHIPGIFT – Redeem it to get up to 50% off.

hxj6M98mPUgfy5Er – Use it and get $30 off.

How Do You Get $10 Off at DoorDash?

You can earn cashback with the Doordash Reward program when you invite friends or family members to Doordash. When your referred users buy something from their Doordash account, you’ll get a commission on their first order, and they will too.

And if you’re a merchant, you’ll receive a one-time cash-back bonus of $250 when any business signs up for Doordash from your invitation link.

The only caveat is that you can only referer up to 25 users and receive credits from their qualifying orders.

However, if you have another Doordash account, you can send your unique invitation link to 25 more users.

Does DoorDash Have A Promo Code?

Yes, you can find promotion codes for Doordash across different sites, including ours. We’ve piled up a few coupon codes for first-time orders, existing users, and new users. Simply pick any code from this article and paste it at checkout.

Apart from coupons, you can get loads of deals for specific products, restaurants, and subtotal amounts. To get deals, download any popular and trusted app from the Google Play Store or App Store after reading reviews. Or you can go to any website that offers deals for DoorDash.

There are various such websites on Google that will help you find the best DoorDash deals.

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How To Redeem Doordash Promo Codes?

If you haven’t used a promo code on Doordash yet, we’ll walk you through the process. It’s quite straightforward, as you only have to apply a given code to the promotion box at the checkout page to get discounts and more.

Here’s how to redeem a code on DoorDash.

  • Go to the website or app.
  • Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • On the checkout page, paste a coupon code into the promotion box, and tap Enter to apply it.
  • Once the promo text has been successfully applied, you’ll receive discounts on your order.

How Do You Get Free Delivery On Doordash?

The delivery fee is really a big factor for customers who order food frequently from Doordash. However, you can get free delivery in Doordash in a variety of ways. We’ve already conjured up a few coupon codes that offer free delivery – just copy and paste them whenever you order something from the platform.

If you’re a new user, you’ll receive free delivery on your first order. You can try out the discount codes listed in this article that have $0 delivery.

Also, there are several deals that offer free delivery when you buy certain items.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does DoorDash offer a student discount?

Yes, Doordash has a student membership for U.S. consumers who are enrolled in post-secondary school or university. If you’re a student, you can sign up for the DashPass program for $4.99/month or $48/year.

Typically, a DashPass plan is a great option for users who want to save money and get free delivery for orders totaling at least $12 for restaurants and $25 for groceries.

To get verified for the Student DashPass program, you need to provide your university name, and email address, including your first and last name.

However, there’s a chance you will not see the student DashPass plan because it’s being tested for a small percentage of U.S. users.

How do I sign up for the Student DashPass Plan?

  • Launch your Doordash app.
  • Tap on the Account icon located at the bottom right corner.
  • Tap “Get $0 delivery fees with DashPass”, and select “DashPass Student Plan.”
  • Provide your personal information and tap Verify Student Status.
  • Choose your plan and select “Get DashPass.”
  • Once you sign up successfully, you’ll receive an in-app confirmation.

If you’ve already enrolled in a regular DashPass and are unable to switch to the Student DashPass, you must cancel your next payment cycle before applying for a student plan.

Can a Dasher use a promo code?

No, a dasher can’t use promo codes. If you’re a dasher, sign up for DasherDirect to get great rewards and 2% off gas.

With DasherDirect, you don’t need to pay deposit fees or wait – your earnings go straight to your prepaid debit card after every delivery.

If you’re an existing Dasher, you can sign up for DasherDirect right from your Doordash app. You’re required to provide an SSN, date of birth, a copy of your driver’s license, name, and address. The best part is that the DashDirect program has no fee.

Why Can’t I use my Doordash coupon or discount code?

If you’re unable to use the Doordash coupon, it means either a code has expired or is invalid. Make sure the code is valid and unused.

Also, avoid typing a code when you can simply copy-paste it. If you manually enter a promo text, you can make typos.

Last but not least, try to clean up the cache and cookies of your app and browser to fix any technical bugs.

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