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Dollar General App Not Working | Reasons & Solutions

Updated on: May 5, 2022
Dollar General not working fix

If you’re a fan of the Dollar General app, We feel your pain! In fact, We were about to write about the same problem ourselves in this article. So, if you’re having trouble with the app and want to know what’s going on with it, you’ve come to the right place! This article will share everything you need to know about why the Dollar General app is not working and how to fix it!

What is Dollar General

Dollar General is a discount retailer that sells everything from groceries to household items. It was founded in 1955 by Calvin T. Scott and has steadily grown, with more than 18,216 stores in all 46 states as of December 2022.

The company’s success comes from keeping costs low and prices even lower through its small-scale DG stores, where you can pick up items ranging from toothpaste to diapers at bargain prices.

You can also save money online using coupons or shopping deals available on their website. Best of all, you don’t need a membership card to shop there, but you do need a bank account, Paypal, or Credit or debit cards—no prepaid cards are accepted.

You might also want to take advantage of their mobile app if you don’t want to deal with carrying cash or your wallet while shopping.

Why Dollar General app is not working?

If the app is crashing, freezing, or not responding as it should, you need to troubleshoot it. There could be a host of reasons why Dollar General is not working.

Your smartphone’s software may be clashing with the app, or the company has recently rolled out an updated version that is causing an issue.

We’ve compiled a few reasons with solutions to help you resolve any issue that you face with the DG app.

Delete cache

Sometimes, purging your app’s cache and data can help the app operate more smoothly. A cached version of an application is stored on your device so that it doesn’t have to download every time you open it up.

While cached files are usually helpful, they can sometimes cause issues with performance and stability—especially if they grow out of proportion.

When troubleshooting an issue with your smartphone, one quick way to fix some issues is by deleting an app’s cache files. This should solve most minor issues that come up with how fast or slow your phone operates when loading applications.

Here’s how to delete DG app cache

On Android

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap Applications and Manager.
  • Tap App manager.
  • Select DG and click Internal storage.
  • Hit Clear data and Clear data.

On iOS

  • Head to the Settings.
  • Click “General”.
  • Scroll down to the “Transfer or Reset iPad”.

Restart your Smartphone

If you’re having trouble with your phone or the DG application freezes, try restarting it. Shut down your smartphone and leave it off for about a minute. Turn it back on to see if that resolves any freezing issues.

Rebooting is one of the easiest ways to fix most issues with smartphones. And while it might seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people don’t shut their phones down when they start running slow or freezing.

Rebooting is only effective if a specific app has frozen your device; otherwise, rebooting just temporarily solves whatever problem was causing your phone to run slowly in general.

Update the app

Developers put a lot of work into making sure users are experiencing the best out of the app, so they often release updates. If you don’t update the app, you not only miss extra features benefits, but also invite uncessary crashing issues that go with updating the app.

Often, this tactic moves the needle, but there can be other reasons why your app is not working.

Reset network settings

Resetting your network settings may solve whatever bug is causing you to have trouble with your app.

You would want to reset your network settings because they are corrupt or damaged somehow. Corrupted or damaged network settings can cause issues on your smartphone and even prevent it from connecting to cellular data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Restoring network settings will allow your device to rebuild settings from scratch. This is a relatively simple process that only takes a few minutes but could save you hours of troubleshooting time.

Check your Internet connection

One of the major reasons apps might malfunction is a bad Internet connection. If the app is not loading the way it should, try to switch between your Wi-FI and mobile data.

If that moves the needle, try switching to a different Wi-Fi network or even turning off Wi-Fi completely to see if that fixes things.

Factory reset

Sometimes apps stop working, and there’s not much you can do about it. That’s where Factory reset comes into play.

When you factory reset your device, any data stored on it will completly be wiped out—but don’t worry, anything synced with a cloud service will still be safe. The main purpose of factory resetting is to fix issues with software and apps.

Factory reset on Android

  • Navigate to the Settings.
  • Tap System Management.
  • Tap Backup and Reset.
  • And Erase all data.

On iOS

  • Launch Settings.
  • Access General.
  • And Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone

Log out and log in

If you’re having trouble loading anything in your app, try logging out and logging back in. This should restore access to your account. If it doesn’t work, you may sign up with a third-party site to log back in without giving them any information from your DG account.

Simply use their tool to sign into your account on their website, and you should be able to get back into your account through there.

Clean up storage

Do you know heavy storage can slow down your app performance?. You should ensure that your smartphone or tablet has enough storage space to download and run apps smoothly.

You can clean up your app’s data before simultaneously emptying large chunks of media or document files.

If that doesn’t work, delete unwanted space from your smartphone and run the app. Heavy storage might affect everything on your smartphone, not just a few apps. So it’s very crucial to weed out obsolete data from time to time to run your smarphone faster.

Delete and re-install the app

You don’t need to cope with several issues simultaneously, as it’s quite overwhelming. The simple solution is to delete your app from your smartphone and then download and reinstall it again.

In many cases, this simple fix has done wonders. It resolves many minor bugs responsible for crashing, freezing, and slow loading in the app.

Deleting the app is as easy as you may think. Just hold down the app icon from the home screen, and once it shakes, tap on the delete icon. This will remove the app completely from your smartphone. To use it again, download it from the Playstore or Appstore.

Contact support

After hustling a lot, if nothing seems to work, Dollar General support staff will always be there to help you out. Not only they’ve large chains of stores across the United States, but they also have a robust support team that answers and resolves users’ issues.

The company has separate customer support for In-store, Online shopping, and digital services, making it easier for users to contact with specific problems.

However, the company lacks live chat support, Also, note that they would only solve questions related to the DG app, not smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Dollar General coupon not working?

If your coupon is not working when applying through the order page, you are either using an expired coupon or the wrong one. The site offers coupons to first-time users, with a limited avail time. If a user doesn’t avail of the coupon in a given time, it is no use.

Also, existing users get coupons to shop in particular stores. Likely, The company is not processing your coupon because the coupon is assigned to a different store, brand, or category. The only solution is to read the details of the coupon before applying it. However, if your coupon is authentic, you may head to the contact support team for further assistance.

Why Dollar General error processing your request?

If you try to access your account or redeem a reward and get an error message that begins with Error processing your request, your web browser may be freezing up. In this case, we suggest you delete the browser cookies and cache and then try again.

Why my Dollar General app is not loading?

Mobile apps are designed to make your life easier, but that doesn’t mean they always work properly. The application was plagued with issues early on, and it took a while for them to get things running smoothly.

If you find that your app is freezing up or not loading when you use it, try to clear up some space on your phone and reload. First, uninstall any other apps that could be causing problems.

Why Dollar general app not scanning?

If the app is not scanning, you’ve not permitted it to access your camera. To allow it to scan items in-store, make sure you’ve granted it the permissions.

  • Go to the settings and tab Apps.
  • Tap the DG”.
  • Tap Permissions and see if you have denied permissions.
  • Allow Permssions, and that’s it.

Or maybe the company has maintenance going on, so wait a couple of minutes and then try again.

Why DG sign in not working?

Clear the app cache and data in such a case, and try again. If it still doesn’t work, update the app (If available). This should resolve the sign-in problem.

By ankit raghuwanshi