Do you know how many glasses of water you ingest a day? You probably have no idea. We have studied that water is the living source of any living being, and our body consists of more than 70 percent of water than other elements on the earth. Given that fact, we don’t seem to consume enough water, and if we do, then don’t know how much. To ease things out, we introduce you to the best water reminder apps that you can use to monitor water intake and organize other water duration.

The whole water tracking thing might sound like little in the big world, but if all take this seriously, the world would be a better and healthier place. So let’s jump into the best apps for tracking water. 

Best water tracking apps for android and iphone (2020 edition)

Drink Water Reminder - Water Tracker and Diet Free+

Drink Water Reminder - Water Tracker and Diet

By: Ascendik

It’s a flexible and clean app for tracking water. To monitor water with this app, all you need to do is add water units or create your custom units in oz or ml. You can set a reminder every 90 minutes or any interval you decide, also letting you set up a no-disturb reminder for your sleep. Apart from water tracking, you can also set goals and put action widgets on your home screen. 

The app lets you visualize monthly in-depth stats, and show you the net percentage of your tasks done with a number of streak per week. Above all, It includes rewards as badges to keep the momentum going. Hopefully, the app is free but contains ads that you can remove with premium.

Drink Water Reminder & Water Tracker - Hydro Coach Free+

Drink Water Reminder & Water Tracker - Hydro Coach

It is one of the best water reminder app that keep your H2O level in check. If you don’t like tracking alone, then you can invite friends to challenge you. The app has the title of the top hydration app of 2019 and has over 2 million influencers at the time of this writing. With it, you can set a reminder according to your resolution, add the amount of water you want to drink daily, and keep tabs on it from the home screen. 

It gets easily integrated with Google fit, Samsung health, and other smart wear, allowing for tracking water intake without having you to keep a smartphone. The app is quite user-friendly, intuitive, and has meaningful statistics to wrap your head around.

Water Drink Reminder Free

Water Drink Reminder

By: Veev Apps

It’s undoubtedly the best app to track water intake with an animation. The water level also elevates while you drink your water, thus showing you a proper animation with the actual amount of h20 left. The best part is that it suggests an optimum water intake for you by measuring your parameter, and allow you to pick different sizes of cup, for instance – 200 ml a teacup or 500 ml bottle. 

The app lets you set up a few reminders in a time interval when you will want to drink water; the other time, the alarm doesn’t go off. Well, with charts, you can monitor how much percentage of water you are consuming in a month, along with a daily frequency.

iOS –

Waterly - Water Drink Reminder, Hydration Tracker Free+

Waterly - Water Drink Reminder, Hydration Tracker

We have never come across such an elegant app for water tracking. Not only has it an attractive UI, but it’s also filled with intriguing features that you would love to the core. On top of that, it is free, easy to use, and secure. Like other apps in the field, you will be able to add as many reminders as you want and monitor your progress throughout the year.

What’s more interesting is, with water, you can track a host of beverages, and keep track of them in the stats. The water bottle is undoubtedly a cherry on the top as it gets filled each time you consume water. Lastly, it has a weight tracker feature that gauge or assumes your weight with the help of your BMI ratio.

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Water Drink Reminder Free+

Water Drink Reminder

This app is a one-stop solution for your water tracking need. It comes with a clean and feasible UI to help you add and track goals more flexibly compared to many relevant apps. The app has all from switching cups to set multiple reminders, and much more. You can still integrate it with other wears and monitor straight to your wrist. Just to let you know, it has been picked up in google editor choice, preferred by many tech entrepreneurs as well. 

Surprisingly it’s the best water tracker app as it has garnered more downloads than any app in the field and is topping up the chart. Though it is free for most of its features, it is likely to demand some fee to unlock everything. 

‎Plant Nanny Free+

‎Plant Nanny

Plant nanny is the best water tracker app for iPhone and Android both combined. The amusing gamely interface is what makes this app stand apart from the crowd. Unlike adding, or tracking water intake, you need to take care of your health by drinking water so that plants can grow, otherwise, they die. As you complete your daily water task, you unlock other creatures and nurture them. Apart from this fantasy world, you can set reminders, and keep tabs on your whole progress in brief.

Currently, plant nanny sets the bar high with over 10 million downloads worldwide. The app is freemium, meaning, you can use it for free or loosen up your purse to unlock items.

Android –

Wrapping Up

Let’s put this article to an end. We have already listed some of the best water reminder apps after long hectic hours of usage. Every water tracker app allows you to set reminders that you see common in all. They are best rated, loved by many users, and add proficiency in life by saving time and providing peculiar tools.