7 Best text to speech apps for android

Updated on: March 2, 2022
best text to speech apps

Apps are excellent tools to carry out complicated operations in a short time interval. Globally, every one person out of five would be using an app at this moment; any smartphone is obsolete without apps. So, if any app that comes into your mind, there is a chance you can find it online. Millions of Android and iOS apps are there to meet your calls, giving you full liberty to use without having you to fall into other policies. In this article, you will be going to know the best text to speech apps for android, so be tuned in.

As we know that the Android Play Store can also help you find any best text to speech app, but the dazzling ratings or fake reviews might trick you into downloading apps that can turn out to be a blast for you. So without further ado, Let’s jump into the best text to voice apps for your android smartphone.

Best text to audio apps for android 2020

Google Text-to-Speech

Google text-to-speech for android-min

It’s one of the best text to speech app you can install on android. The app already comes installed on many android devices, and primarily it was developed especially for iterating google playbooks, but users can bring it to use for many stuff. It supports the dialect of languages and has different tones of voices, including male and female – You can download and set.

Using this app, you can adjust the speed of the speech rate, thus making voices so real that it hardly sounds robotic. After downloading, users have to set it as a preferred engine to do this go to settings/language & Input / Text-to-speech output. To this date, it has been downloaded over 5 billion times at an android play store with the 4.3 ratings.

Android | Free

Narrator’s Voice

narrator voice app

The narrator’s voice app is the perfect choice of YouTubers or who are trying to save the text audio the narrator is uttering. This apps lets you read texts a loud by copying the selected texts, making it the best realistic text-to-audio app for android. You can make it read as much as you want, as it doesn’t require a fee, but changing over to a different tone of voice might cost you a bit.

It has a couple of unique features you can play around with – users can give voices a bit of effect, and translate texts into several languages. With this app, you can listen to all the saved files offline, allowing you to share with friends. Unlike the Google TTs app, it doesn’t read texts straight out by just copying; firstly, users have to copy texts into the app, then it works out. It has been download over 10 million times and being liked all over the globe.

Android | Free

T2S: Text to Voice – Read Aloud

T2S Text to voice app android-min

This app reads texts aloud, highlighting them when selecting texts that you want it to interpret. Moreover, users can paste the texts into the app’s editor and hit the play button to start reading. It seamlessly integrates with the google Text-to-speech engine to give you a variety of voices that adds realistic touch in the reading.

The app is nothing sort of an alternative to the google T2S app, but better in terms of settings, and the options it offers to manage within the app. Once you finish up pasting the texts, you can easily export it into a file and save it in the device. It’s free but asks for the one-time fee for removing adverts.

Android | Free

Talk FREE – Text to Voice – Read aloud

talk free text to voice app-min

It is a free text to speech app that candidly speaks words without being too unpragmatic. To use this app, all you have to do is to download, and the rest will follow. There is no signup required using this app, even though it automatically saves all the audio, which you will be able to export locally in a WAV format.

It allows changing voice’s pitch, speed, and it also works with the Google TTS to offer more of a service for free. The app hovers over the sentences it reads so that you won’t lose sight of what you hear. It’s a pretty decent app, as you don’t see many ads floating around, entangling you into havoc. Currently, it has garnered 4.4 ratings at google play store and has got downloaded over a million times.

Android | Free

@Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)

@voice aloud reader android-min

This app goes completely different routes offering different sets of features to make reading so real. Similar to other apps in the field, it also has a host of settings that allows adjusting the voice of narrators. It’s a free text to speech app for android phones that you can use to read books, paraphrasing articles, or send the texts.

The app is highly customizable, offering a host of themes and modes to make the reading interesting. Also, users can enlarge or reduce the text size depending upon the users’ intent.

Android | Free

Best Speech to Text Voice Note Dictate & Translate

best speech to text voice android app

As the name suggests, it’s one of the best text to speech app available for download at the android play store. Using this app, you get the best TTS voices that narrate text as any human does. Best of all, it’s free and contains no ads.

Though it’s free to use, the app doesn’t comprise the features, therefore giving you all the functionality a premium app can provide. Whether you want to save files locally or share with social media, it’s easier to do so using this app. This app allows translating languages, with reading them aloud, either through copy-paste, type, or recording.

Android | Free

Voice to Text Text to Voice FULL PRO

text to voice app for android

It’s another viable text to speech app lurking at the google play store for around $3. We haven’t tested this app, but the quality of the features and the positive ratings it shows, making it the best text to speech app you can count on.

For the number of reasons, it differs from the rest of the apps listed here. It supports multiple formats like PDF, EPUB, Html, and texts, letting users save the speech in a file and audio format. Apart from that, users can switch to any language and change the tone of the voice, depending on the motor engines of the smartphone.

Android | $2.99 

By ankit raghuwanshi